Is mount Bourne easy to train

       Bernese Mountain Dog

       Although born strong, obedient and fearless of difficulties, Bern mountain dog is also very curious and lively in its infancy. The most critical period for training a Bernese mountain dog is 2-6 months.

       The natural working gait of the Bernese Terrier is a slow trot. The forequarters are well extended and the hindquarters are driven strongly, keeping the topline level. There’s no extra action. The corresponding front and rear legs always move in the same plane. As the speed increases, the legs will close to the center line.

       For Bernese mountain dogs, the principle of training is more praise, less reprimand, and the training time should not be too long. Before training Bernese mountain dogs, we should first understand the dog’s personality characteristics, and then train them to get twice the result with half the effort. In training, it is better to cooperate with voice and gesture.

       The most important breeding period of Bernese mountain dog is 2-6 months old, which requires free movement. If it is trapped in the cage for too long, it will affect the development of its skeleton.

       It’s better to have other dogs play with it, so that his limbs can develop freely. During this period, the nutrition of food is also very important. Because its fur is black, if it is exposed to the sun for a long time, with the heat stroke, the black hair will gradually become pale and hoarse, very ugly.

       Water is an important source of life for Bernese mountain dogs. If you raise them, you will find that they will be thirsty easily and drink a lot of water. Don’t cut their fur short when summer comes, because their hair is used to resist ultraviolet rays. The following nine kinds of food are delicious for human beings, but they pose a threat to the health of dogs. They should not be fed or fed less:

       1. Chocolate (fatal)

       Theobromine in chocolate reduces blood flow to the brain, which can cause heart disease and other potentially fatal problems. The higher the purity of chocolate, the higher the content of theobromine, the greater the risk to dogs.

       2. Onions and shallots (dangerous)

       Raw or cooked onions and scallions contain disulfide, which is harmless to human body, but can cause oxidation of red blood cells of cats, dogs, sheep, horses and cattle. May cause hemolytic anemia.

       3. Raw or cooked (dangerous) a small amount is good for dogs, but excessive amounts can cause problems. Because the liver contains a lot of vitamin A, can cause vitamin A poisoning. About three chicken livers (or the corresponding amount of other animals) a week can cause bone problems.

       4. Bones (dangerous)

       Broken bones, such as bones, may pierce the dog’s throat or cut the dog’s mouth, esophagus, stomach or intestines. If you want to feed bones, use pressure cooker to boil them down, * * * is an excellent source of calcium, phosphorus and copper. Gnawing big bones helps to remove dental tartar.

       5. Raw egg (dangerous) raw egg protein contains a protein called ovalbumin, which depletes the dog of vitamin H. Vitamin H is an indispensable nutrient for dog growth and fur health. In addition, raw eggs usually contain bacteria. Cooked eggs are perfect for it.

       6. Raw meat and poultry meat (dangerous to fatal)

       The dog’s immune system cannot adapt to poultry and meat raised in captivity. The most common Salmonella and bacillus are very dangerous to dogs.

       7. Pork (not recommended for feeding)

       Fat globules in pork are larger than other meats and may block the microvessels of dogs. Avoid pig products, especially bacon with sodium nitrate.

       8. Milk (not recommended)

       Many dogs have lactose discomfort. If the dog has flatulence, diarrhea, dehydration or skin inflammation after drinking milk, they should stop feeding milk. Dogs with lactose intolerance should eat milk without lactose.

       9. Mushrooms (not recommended – fatal)

       The edible mushrooms and mushrooms sold in the market are harmless to dogs. However, we should avoid letting dogs eat them to avoid the habit of eating mushrooms and eating poisonous mushrooms in the wild.

       Don’t listen to what is said on the Internet about the best training time. The most basic requirement of training is that the dog’s personality is suitable, which involves the selection problem. I have delivered a lot of Woburn mountain puppies myself. The personality is something that I was born with. If you don’t have one, don’t copy and paste it on the Internet to influence others. If you want a good training pup, you should first choose a stable and not timid pup. Training will not be affected at any time. There are genetic factors in the character. So it is better to choose pure blood dog puppies with more than three generations of certificates and chips. I will keep it here and do everything with half the effort.

       The Bernese mountain dog’s IQ ranking is 22nd. According to the explanation of the dog IQ ranking list, it seems that it takes 5-15 times to learn a task to learn simple instructions. The probability of them following the first instruction is 85%. Sometimes, the reaction to slightly complex instructions is a little delayed.

       In fact, this is only the result of official research and interpretation. In many pet dogs, IQ can rank 22nd is also very valuable. On the contrary, in life and contact with Bernese mountain dog more, you will really find that it is a smart and alert dog, not only suitable for raising as a pet dog, but also has a strong sense of human nature.

       Bernese mountain dogs have a strong desire to communicate with their owners. It has also been proved that almost every Bernese mountain dog has a strong sense of this aspect. For this reason, Bernese mountain dog is also given a very unique style and a high degree of intelligence dog breed.

       Many people buy Bernese mountain dog after some problems, personal advice, the simplest to go to Baidu to understand ah, the most basic sentence did not understand, Bernese mountain dog big Swiss mountain dog, apenzer mountain dog, ante buck mountain dog, Switzerland four kinds of mountain dog, not Bernese mountain dog. See?

       After buying back, I feel that there is a problem with feeding in addition to small ones. Do you only look at the price but not the quality when you buy it? If you think that as long as the color is like, then I don’t say.

       There are also personality problems, such as aggressive behavior, which is different from the character described on the Internet. It’s not quiet at all. It’s like a madman. This is a good explanation. The biggest problem of personality is education. Find out the reasons by yourself. The next is personality characteristics. This is inherited by genes. If you are interested in the online description of Bernese mountain dogs and personality characteristics, it is recommended to buy three generations Pure blood dogs with the above dual blood band chip.

       There is also the problem of body odor and saliva volume. If you have one, open your ears to see if it is dirty. First of all, ear mites are easy to cause smell, and the second is to take a bath regularly. The problem of saliva is that Bourne mountain dogs are afraid of heat. When the weather is very hot, they will certainly have a mouth. It is not like many other dogs with too much water I usually have a lot of saliva, so when it’s hot, I rely on my tongue to dissipate heat. If I can’t accept it, don’t raise it. I usually drink more water. When it’s hot, don’t cut off the fresh and sanitary water.

       Bernese mountain dog is bigger, but it has a good temper and good training. It is a good dog to raise.

       To feed xiaobern mountain healthily, it is necessary to eat less and more meals, and to feed with puppy dog food. When changing food, you should not change it directly, but step by step. Eating habits should be done well.

       Usually adhere to good feeding habits, daily to do a fixed number of fixed time to feed the Champions League dog food, in addition to eating time, in addition to training, do not give dogs snacks.

       You can’t give it chocolate, onions, grapes. Bern Hill puppies less than three months old should not be fed meat and bones.

       The price of Bernese mountain dog in Shenzhen is about 3000 ~ 6000! It is a kind of shocking variety. With black, white, yellow tricolor, long legs. He is firm and harmonious. He is smart, strong and flexible. The male is strong and the female is gentle. Bernese mountain dog is an excellent and popular breed. It is one of the four existing mountain dogs produced in Switzerland. At the beginning, it was developed by drawing goods, cheese and weaving shops in Bern, Switzerland. Care method: when a mountain dog grows from its infancy to its infancy, the upper and lower ears of the Beagle do not change. Therefore, the owner needs to cut off the hair with scissors. Bernese mountain dogs basically have no body odor, except for the period of hair changing, they seldom lose their hair. It is enough to brush them with a brush or take a bath with shampoo occasionally. However, they are drooping ears, so regular examination of ear canal hygiene is not negligent character. Generally speaking, the growing Bernese mountain dog is a very polite, polite and generous loving dog. They have the following advantages: strong, obedient, confident, not afraid of difficulties and never wild. When they are puppies, they sometimes appear curious and lively, but they are not obnoxious. There are many growing Bernese mountain dogs, will become very quiet, will not pay attention to strangers, but to familiar people will appear very excited, often climb on other people’s lap. The characteristic of Bernese mountain dog is that it is very gentle to children and other animals, which makes it a master of taking care of children and other animals. They have a strong sense of human nature, so they are also a perfect family dog. Bern hill is loyal to his master, stands firm in front of strangers and keeps calm. He is the best working dog. What is very different from other breeds is that they have a strong desire to communicate with their owners. Although there are some similar breeds in other breeds, almost every Bourne mountain dog has a strong sense of this aspect. Therefore, Bernese mountain dog is regarded as a dog with unique style and high intelligence. Never be trapped in a cage or in the back garden alone. If you really want to raise a Bernese mountain dog, you are prepared to pay your patience and time to live with this extremely intelligent dog, communicate and share the fun of mutual company.

       Bernese mountain dogs basically have no body odor, except for the period of hair changing, they seldom lose their hair. It is enough to brush them with a brush or take a bath with shampoo occasionally. However, they drop their ears, so regular inspection of ear canal hygiene is not negligent. During this period, Bern Hill puppies were most likely to cause enteritis, canine distemper, coccidiosis and other diseases. No matter where the Bourne Hill pup comes from, avoid some external stress in your first week. There are many possible reasons for the urgency of Bern Hill puppies, including bathing, changing environment, feeding, or improper injection of preventive needles. Many Bernese puppies already have potential diseases, and the disease will break out at this time. How do owners take care of Bern Hill puppies? Bath: it is recommended not to take a bath in the first week. If you have to take a bath, you’d better deal with it at home. Going out: because of the poor resistance to disease of the Bernese mountain puppies, and they are not sure what kind of preventive injection should be given, it is better to avoid going out. Feeding: choose the right feed, there are many brands on the market, you can choose by yourself. As for the amount and frequency of feeding, remember a basic principle: 4 times a day, a small amount of multiple meals, and the shape of dog’s feces should be moderate, and the amount of feces should not be too much. That’s right! We’ll give you a bug repellent. When should I get vaccinated? After a week of feeding, the Bern Hill puppies have adapted to the environment and are growing well. What kind of vaccination do you need? Please refer to the dog vaccination table. The veterinarian will give the appropriate vaccination according to the vaccination Manual issued by the former veterinarian. There is no vaccination manual for dog dealers or pet shops. Based on our experience, it is suggested to re schedule a new vaccination plan. When should we start to prevent heartworm in Bern mountain puppies? Heart filariasis of young dogs in Bern mountain is a dog infectious disease which is prevalent only in recent years. It is a chronic and fatal disease with mosquito as the main vector. At present, there is no other way to prevent heartworm except oral cardio filariasis preventive medicine every month. Under six months old: the prevention of heartworm is carried out at the same time as the first dose of prevention needle. The difference is that heartworm is prevented by oral medicine and must be taken once a month. Over six months old: to do a blood test of filariasis to make sure that it has not been infected before you can start taking preventive medicine, which is also oral medicine, and also one tablet a month.

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