Is Siamese cat 9 Jin or so thin?

       The parents who have cats at home are like raising children one by one. They worry every day whether the cat is fat or thin, whether they have not eaten well today or have not slept well. It really broke the hearts of us parents. Of course, many parents will also worry, as an adult cat, is the cat about 9 kg thin?

       Siamese cat is a famous short haired cat, which is famous for its black face. Moreover, Siamese cats are generally slim because of their smooth body lines. Normally speaking, sexual maturity is achieved in 8 months, and the body matures at about 1 year old. That is to say, Siamese cats about 1 year old have officially entered the ranks of adult cats.

       Is Siamese cat 9 Jin or so thin? Adult Siamese cats generally weigh about 10-12 kg for male cats and 8-10 kg for females. If it is lower than this range, it means that Siamese cats are thinner. Owners should pay more attention to supplement nutrition for cats. They can feed some meat food, such as beef, fish and shrimp, to help Siamese cats recover their normal weight level. Owners can press them gently with their hands Siamese cats on both sides of the body, if you can clearly touch the ribs, it means that Siamese cats are of standard weight and uniform body. If the owner still can’t touch the ribs, it means that the Siamese cat is already very fat. The owner can consider reducing cat food or increasing the amount of exercise to help Siamese cats adjust their weight. They can also replace the existing cat food with diet cat food.

       However, as for the weight of about 9 kg, it depends on whether it is a male or a female cat. If it is a male cat, it is a little bit thinner, but it is good. It is also a normal range. It is good to supplement some nutrition every day. If the female cat weighs 9 kg, it is just right. It can help the cat maintain its weight.