Is summer afraid of heat on the balcony – are cats afraid of heat in summer?

       My cat was also on the balcony at first, and then moved to the platform outside the window in summer. At the beginning, they were not used to it. They often called out of the window. After a few days did not bark, the cat’s adaptability is very strong.

       Can be spread in the house kittens usually sleep mat and so on, there is a cat’s own smell, kittens will be more adapted to some.

       If you really can’t get used to it, you should prepare more water for the kitten on the balcony. Xia needs a lot of water. (I think cats are not afraid of heat. My cats will shed a lot of hair when summer comes, leaving only a thin layer on them. Besides, they like to sleep in the sun.)

       I’m not afraid. A cat can know where to make it comfortable. It needs sunshine to supplement vitamins. If you just blindly shut up in a place without sunshine, it will get sick, and will increasingly feel shivering and need to build a lot of quilts. The cat in the aunt’s house downstairs is such a fate. It’s very poor, but we should give it drinking water. In fact, you don’t have to worry about

       Build a nest and raise a toilet —

       Or you can discuss with the old man and make a basin of cat litter

       If you are on the balcony, you can make a bigger box and put some wet cloth on it. Try not to let the sun shine directly. You must feed more water

       The litter should be changed every three days at least. If you find it troublesome for a week, it will take you a long time to change the litter. When you think the litter can’t be used again, you can change it

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