Is the British Bobcat a native of the UK? Is this a British Bobcat? It’s urgent

       Short haired domestic cats include British short haired cats. American Shorthair is a kind of cat native to the United States. Its ancestor was brought to North America by early European immigrants. It is similar to British and European short haired cats.

       This breed of cat is selected from the cats collected in the streets and mixed with imported breeds such as British Shorthair cat, Burmese cat and Persian cat. American short haired cat is famous for its big body, strong bones, developed muscles, intelligent nature and gentle character. It is a medium and large breed of short hair cat. The coat is thick and dense, and there are more than 30 kinds of coat color, among which the Silver Stripe variety is particularly valuable.

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       Differences between American and British Bobcats

       1¡¢ Body shape difference

       Yingduan is compact, with broad front chest, short neck, short to medium length legs, smooth back line, round and strong body. Viewed from the side, Ying short’s body is thick and short rectangular.

       It is strong and muscular. Its neck and legs are of medium length. Its back is wide, straight and horizontal. From the side, it has a slight downward slope from the hip bone to the root of the tail. The overall shape is long rectangular and slim.

       2¡¢ Head difference

       Yingduan’s head is large and round as a whole, with well-developed cheeks, short nose, plump cheeks, and round eyes, mostly copper or gold.

       And the head of the United States is short as a whole oval, chin due to the muzzle protruding, the profile is very obvious from the side, a little square feeling. The nose is medium-sized, with the same length and width. The eyes are almond eyes. The outer corner of the eye is slightly higher than the inner corner. Most of them are bright golden yellow and a few are light brown.

       Source: Baidu Encyclopedia – short haired cat

       This question is equivalent to the definition of a word, that is to say, short hair domestic cat includes British short hair cat, but also includes other short hair cats, such as American short hair cat, foreign short hair cat, ha ha, so British short hair cat is a kind of short hair domestic cat. Whether your cat is British short hair cat or not, you have no description here. I can’t presume. I suggest you check it Here’s an introduction to the British short haired cat, and then compare your cat.

       The short haired domestic cat is the British short haired cat.

       A family cat, often referred to as the common cat or alley cat. Excellent exhibition animals should be pure line, pedigree can be tested, according to the customary appearance standards carefully bred. According to the exhibition standards, short haired domestic cats should be of strong physique, strong legs, round head, round eyes and round ear tips. The hair is short and the color is the same as that of a long haired cat. Some colors (such as blue cheese) are rare, while tiger spots (silver, brown, blue and red) are more common. This breed is called British short haired cat in the UK to distinguish it from other foreign species such as Abyssinian cat and Siamese cat. Although the Li Xiang cat (or ordinary cat) may be similar to the short haired cat of pedigree, it is not a pure line, but rather a male. Sometimes the body shape and coat color are obviously different from those of the pure line short haired cat.

       As you can see from your picture, this is not a British short haired cat. It has no characteristics of British short hair.

       The characteristics of English shortness are as follows:

       The body is very thick, the chest is full and wide, the legs are stout, the length is short to medium, the claw is round, the tail root is thick, the tail tip is blunt. The head is round, the distance between the two ears is wide, the cheek is round, the chin is strong, the ears are of medium size, the big round eyes are wide open, and the nose width is moderate. The coat is short and very dense.

       Male cats have more developed gills than female cats, and are larger than female cats in all aspects. It takes three to five years for this variety to fully mature.

       It’s not. The coat has lines. It’s either short or beautiful, or it’s a string of short and British. There are more than 80 colors recognized by CFA, while there are only 15 kinds of English short colors recognized by CFA, including blue cat, blue and white, white, milky white, silver gradients, gold gradients, etc., while short ones have marked spots and tiger spots. What we see in the market is that the Silver Tiger spot is short in beauty and short in blue, so there is a saying of “British short blue cat, American short tiger spot”.

       British short haired cat


       As early as 2000 years ago in the Roman Empire period, they had followed Caesar to fight everywhere. In the war, they relied on the super rat catching ability to protect the Roman army’s food and grass from being eaten by rats, which fully guaranteed the stability of the rear of the military supplies. Since then, these cats have gained a high status in people’s hearts. At that time, they were brought to the British territory, relying on their strong adaptability, and gradually evolved into British native cats. It is not only recognized as a good mousetrap, but also loved by more people.

       By the end of the 19th century, British breeders selected the most beautiful of these Aboriginal cats and began a long breeding process. Eventually, the British Shorthair cat was born. In 1871, the British Bobcat participated in the Crystal Palace exhibition in London, and the breed was named from then on.

       In 1901, the British cat club was founded. At that time, the British short haired cat was still a large and strong blue fur species, much like the French kart cat. Later, as their offspring became more and more similar, even inseparable from each other. So Fife decided to combine the two breeds.

       After the Second World War, more and more short haired British cats have been recognized by Cat Clubs in various countries. They have entered thousands of homes and become partners in people’s lives.

       Native to the United Kingdom (ancestor: British Shorthair cat ? Siamese cat), originated in the 1980s. It is said that the cat brought into England by the Romans long ago was the ancestor of the English hairy cat. These cats are raised by human beings, responsible for catching mice, and become fully adapted to the living environment of native British cats. Later, after improvement of lineage, it became a short hairy species native to England.


       The British Bobcat has long been known for its curiosity, and it scrutinizes every corner of the increase. Although the British short haired cat is bold and curious, it is very gentle and adaptable. It will not change due to the change of environment, nor will it lose its temper or shout. It will only try to climb to a higher place, stare at the big round eyes with a low head and look down at you with a slight smile. Because they are easy-going and intelligent, they are often domesticated to make Hollywood movies and commercial TV.


       The British short haired cat is a compact, symmetrical and powerful cat. It has a thick body, a full and wide chest, strong legs, short to medium length, round claws, strong base of tail and blunt tip of tail. The head is round, the distance between the two ears is wide, the cheek is round, the chin is strong, the ears are of medium size, the big round eyes are wide open, and the nose width is moderate. The coat is short and very dense. Male cats have more developed gills than female cats, and are larger than female cats in all aspects. It takes three to five years for this variety to fully mature. Cats should show overall symmetry and proportion, and should not overemphasize a certain feature, so as not to induce neglect or extreme tendency in breeding process.

       Head: round and thick. Round face and skull with a thick short neck. The forehead should be round and the top of the head should be flat. There should be no slope on the forehead.

       Nose: medium length, wide. From the side, there is a slight undercut.


       Snout: distinctive and full-developed, with a clear boundary around the large and round whisker.

       Ear: ear position is very important. Medium size, wide base, round tip. The two ears are far away from each other and merge into the rounded outline of the head.

       Eyes: big, round, wide open. The eyes are wide and flat.

       Body: medium to large size. Compact, strong and powerful. The back is flat and has a broad chest.

       Legs: short to medium length, well developed and strong. In proportion to the body, the front legs straight.

       Claws: round and strong. The number of toes is the first five and the last four.

       Tail: medium length and in proportion to the body, with a thicker base and a slightly rounded tip.

       Fur: short, very dense, good set off the body shape, feel texture. There is no double coat or fluff.

       Color: Shadow tiger stripes are not bad for kittens with solid color, smoke color, shadow color, shadow gold color, double color, and three colors.