Is the cat easy to keep? Oriental rearing methods

       What does not quite match the name is that the oriental cat is not from the East. It is bred in Europe and is the offspring of Siamese cat. Oriental cats themselves are similar to Siamese cats in many ways. They are also slim in size and smooth in body lines. They are short haired cats. They don’t shed much hair, so they are easy to spot. Is oriental cat easy to keep? Feeding methods of oriental cat

       Oriental cat character: oriental cat’s character is a bit like a dog, very close relatives cling to people. I like to sleep on the master’s leg, and he will follow him wherever he goes. Like the master’s caress, coquetry also has a set of oh. Unlike other cats, Oriental cats are happy to be trained. If the training method is right, they can also carry things, or they can tie a traction rope to walk the cat.

       Oriental cat breeding: oriental cat has no hereditary disease, and does not need to consume too much mind to feed. If there are conditions, according to the cat’s age, choose the natural cat food suitable for them. This kind of good cat food has no fishy smell, is not greasy, and has low salt content, which is good for the health of cats. If it’s a kitten, you can give it to a cat’s milk cake or goat’s milk powder.

       What Oriental cats can’t eat: the fruits that Oriental cats can’t eat are grapes, apricots, peaches, oranges, oranges, lemons, avocados, cherries, etc. Oriental cats can not eat food fish bones, chicken bones. Cats are lactose intolerant, can not feed them a lot of milk Oh, diarrhea. There are more parasites in raw meat, so you should feed raw meat to cats. Parents should also pay attention to keep the water in the cat basin all the time. They are active in the morning and at night, and can prepare food for the cat during this time.

       The above introduction about Oriental cats is easy to raise. Generally speaking, Oriental cats are very easy to raise. Do you want to have one with big ears?