Is the cat easy to raise

       It’s not very easy to raise. The correct feeding method of the cat with folded ears

       1. Because of inheriting the hardworking character of their distant ancestors, the folding eared cats have strong adaptability and can handle the strange environment calmly. However, keep a healthy folded ear cat, but also pay attention to the weather, humidity is best maintained at 50-60%, otherwise it will be easy to suffer from skin diseases.

       2. Like most cats, the intestines and stomachs of folding eared cats are relatively weak. It is best to give them fixed brand cat food when feeding. If you need to change other brands of cat food for them, you must take time. In the process of transferring food, you should pay special attention to their stool, because suddenly changing cat food will easily lead to cat diarrhea. Therefore, it is better for the owner to add some probiotics in cat food to help the cat to regulate the intestines and stomach. The better probiotics have the favorite probiotics. Usually, they can be mixed in the cat food for the kitten to eat. Slowly, the cat’s intestines and stomach will become more and more healthy.

       3. Folding eared cats like to be close to their owners, so don’t let them stay at home alone for a long time. It’s better for the owners to spend more time playing with them when they go home. In the play, not only can enhance the emotion with it, but also can help it to maintain the body-building.

       Like other cats. However, it is best to bring the folded ears to the hospital for examination every year. Because broken ears are easy to carry genetic defects, kittens don’t find out until they grow up. Such as tail stiffness, deafness, joint deformation and so on. There are not so many problems in foreign countries, and the domestic folding ear market is in disorder. Alas, a good variety has been damaged by Chinese people.

       In addition, when buying folded ears, we should pay attention to tracing back to the previous generations of cats, in case they are the offspring of fold ears and fold ears. This is not allowed.

       The worst cat to keep is a flat face cat, easy to shed tears, to wash face manually every day.

       Generally long faced cats are not difficult to raise.

       Because the cat with broken ears is actually a gene mutation in the English native cat

       He often mated with English

       English short is almost as good as a native cat

       It’s just that temperaments may be more independent

       There is no place too difficult for a cat with folded ears. It has a small amount of food and is timid. It doesn’t like to talk and meow

       Don’t scratch or bite people, in fact, don’t pay much attention to it

       It’s just that you need to know your blood when you buy it

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