Is there a problem with kittens sneezing? What should I do?

       Kittens often have sneezing, sneezing for a long time will become more and more serious, how can we prevent and treat it?

       1: Keep warm first

       When the cat has a cold, the pet owner should take measures to keep the cat warm. When a cat sneezes and has a cold, the pet owner should not let the cat sleep on the floor or go to a wet place for activities. Pet owners should also pay attention not to let the cat blow air conditioning or fan, otherwise it will aggravate the cat’s cold. Pet owners should also pay attention not to give the cat a bath in a hurry, and it is not too late to wait for the cat to have a good cold.

       2: Deal with colds in time

       After the owner completes the cat’s warm keeping measures, it is necessary to help the cat deal with the cold in time. Pet owners can give the cat some pet nutrition supplements, meow feeling. During this period, pet owners should induce cats to drink more water. When cats have a cold, pet owners should not take people’s cold supplies to the cats at will, because cats and humans have different colds, so pet owners should feed them indiscriminately.

       3: Pay attention to nutrition supplement

       During a cat’s cold, the cat’s appetite may not be very good, and some cats’ body parts of nutrition will be lost, so pet owners must adjust the cat’s diet structure and enrich the cat’s diet structure. In addition to feeding the cat food, pet owners can also properly feed some fruits and vegetables, meat and so on. If the owner has enough free time, the pet owner can cook some fish soup, millet porridge and so on to feed the cat.

       So even if the temperature is very high, also pay attention to the cat’s warm work, to avoid a careless cat sick oh.

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