Is there a risk in sterilizing cats – is it bad for cats to be sterilized?

       Yes, many of the answers are about the benefits of sterilization, while the disadvantages are only inhumane and psychological problems of cats

       Few people talk about the physiological disadvantages of sterilization

       Every organ in the body is not white long, and the official responsible for regulating the endocrine of the whole body plays a very important role

       After sterilization, many animals suffer from endocrine disorders, ranging from mild to obesity, and from diseases such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases caused by obesity, and urinary incontinence due to aging, etc., which will also damage the character of cats and dogs (because of hormone secretion problems)

       Although sterilization avoids many diseases, it also causes many diseases. It needs the owner to consider it. In the city, the benefits of sterilization are greater than that of non sterilization.

       Of course, I just express here whether sterilization is good for dogs and cats, not for owners.

       Even in the middle of sterilization, anesthesia can not wake up, postoperative infection. Of course, if you don’t want to risk your baby’s life, the doctor’s advice before and after the operation should be strictly followed. If you have the conditions, you can do biochemistry. The risk of not waking up after surgery is reduced.

       If there is infection after operation, the hospital will sterilize it. The whole operation includes anti-inflammatory treatment for three days after operation. After sterilization, the cat needs to stay in the hospital for half a day and wait for anesthesia to wake up and observe the physical condition. If you stay enough time for observation, it is better not to put it in the hospital, because the dogs and cats have been suffering from physical pain and mental stress, and then staying in the pet hospital to listen to dog barking and human voice is a kind of suffering. Except for dogs and cats with special physical conditions.

       In fact, do a good job of preoperative examination and postoperative anti-inflammatory, the doctor’s normal operation, normal physical condition of most cats will not die.

       As the owner of the cat, I was extremely nervous before, during and after the operation, because my cat hated the hospital very much and took it home after the observation. In the hospital, I even got very excited when I came back home. I pulled the wound and yelled and fell everywhere. I felt heartache. I didn’t sleep much that night after cat’s operation at noon. I was afraid she would have to pee, poop and eat. If she moved in the middle of the night, I had to watch her go, whether she was going to the litter basin or hungry to eat. After all, a female cat has a cut… It’s much more painful than a male cat

       In fact, if you are afraid of death, you can not be sterilized

       There are advantages and disadvantages of sterilizing cats.

       1¡¢ Benefits of cat sterilization

       First of all, it can reduce the occurrence of physiological diseases in cats. For male cats, it can avoid the problems of androgen tumor and prostate hypertrophy caused by estrus. For female cats, high estrus frequency can cause ovarian cysts, and the cats who have given birth will have problems such as pus accumulation, tumor, ovarian tumor and fibroids.

       Second, feline infections are not transmitted through the behavior of cats.

       Third, let the cat get rid of the tension, irritability and loss of appetite caused by estrus, and restore the original lively nature. And for the male cat, it will also change the habit of venting.

       Fourth, avoid blind breeding and breeding, and control the number of stray cats.

       Fifth, let the cat character become quiet, can better develop good habits of life, to the owner to save a lot of trouble.

       2¡¢ Disadvantages of cat sterilization

       First, it seems a bit inhumane to obliterate the right of cats to reproduce. Cats cannot be propagated.

       Second, from the cat’s point of view, this is a part of their life, happy life is so cut by you, you say what they think (although they may not realize, ha ha). Therefore, the concept of equality of all living beings should maintain the “ecological balance” of the cat world. Ha ha, it’s too big.

       After sterilization, cats are more likely to gain weight. Of course, many people think that being fat is a good thing and lovely. However, the risk of diseases caused by obesity will also be higher. I believe that some cat owners have cats because they don’t like dogs. They have to walk the dogs, so they don’t have to worry. What about the quiet cat after sterilization. If it is the same mentality, it will become more and more obese. There are not a few cats that die of obesity. The most obvious example is that “loulou” people who have cats will know more or less. Of course, someone will spray me. Lou Lou’s death has nothing to do with being fat. Well, I have nothing to say, at least I think it has something to do with being fat.

       All 10 cats in my family have been sterilized. There are no problems. They are very healthy. The main thing is to choose a good hospital and doctor. I don’t know whether you are a male cat or a female cat. The female cat needs an operation, and the wound is very small. You can sew 3-5 stitches. You can choose the meat thread. You don’t need to remove the medicine thread. You can recover in about a week. Male cats are more simple. They don’t need stitching. It’s only 2-3 days. My cat to do surgery in the hospital doctor technology is very good, after the operation to give 2 injections anti-inflammatory, also do not need infusion. The main thing is that after the operation, they will not be in estrus, and will not scream. It is very easy. If we must say that the character has changed, it is that the character has become better than before. Before the oestrus, there will always be a fight. After finishing the oestrus, the character is much more peaceful.

       It’s going to hurt a little bit

       May lick

       But generally pay attention to nutrition and rest

       After a few days, the cat will be completely normal

       As for the problem of printing and dyeing

       Looking for a reliable right to do regular pet hospital

       no problem

       Sterilization should be a common procedure in pet hospitals

       The danger is anesthesia

       Strictly speaking, there is a one in a thousand chance that anesthesia will fail

       Usually not

       In short, the cat should pay attention to nutrition, warmth and hygiene after operation

       Hygiene is very important. Change the litter and clean it regularly

       After this operation, many urinary diseases were prevented

       It’s better not to do it during estrus. After the operation, the cat will not eat Bai. Try to give the cat anti-inflammatory drugs. Just after finishing, there will be vomiting. Be sure to go to the regular pet Dao hospital. But the pet doctor can’t control the dosage of anesthetics according to the cat’s own situation. So it may lead to the death of the cat due to excessive use of narcotic drugs. There are still some risks My cat charges 120 yuan for sterilization. And the recovery is very good

       I’m from Guilin. My cat was operated on six months ago. .

       Consult several hospitals before operation. Compare the environment

       My cat should be very thin before my operation

       Because you don’t eat much during estrus. . you can’t get fat. .

       Like a grasshopper. .

       The first day of the operation is very important… Because there is no anesthetic. . it doesn’t want to eat. .

       Only sleep. .

       It’ll sleep with the owner he likes. It’s better to take care of it. .

       The next day, give it some boiled water

       It will eat on the third day. If you can, I’ll give it some porpoise. Just boil it with water. No salt

       Can help heal wounds. .

       Let it drink the fish soup for three days

       The wound will heal well. .

       After a month, I’ll take some insect killing drugs

       Looking for a regular hospital to do the risk should not be big, the only risk of surgery is from anesthesia, anesthetic allergy probability in 1.5%, must use imported anesthesia. But imported anesthesia has no antidote, once the allergy is difficult to save, domestic anesthesia is terrible, will convulsion, but there is an antidote, in case of allergy, there can be a way to save.

       The procedure of the operation is to weigh, pre anesthesia, anesthesia, shaving, open the mouth, remove the ovaries and the penis, suture, give an anti-inflammatory needle, prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs for 7 days, and remove the suture on the eighth day

       Not so long as find a good pet hospital, clean. The most important thing is that the doctor ~ general female cat sterilization operation is 30 minutes ~ and then half a month before the operation vaccinated. If you don’t get sick, as long as you find a good doctor, you don’t have to worry about anything. But then the doctor will teach you how to prepare. Be sure to have an operation in the morning so that the doctor doesn’t have to be busy with other pets. If you have enough time, it will be better to do it. Then you can take care of it yourself. It takes longer for a female cat to be sterilized than for a male cat to recover. After 7 days, she has to take the female cat to remove the thread.

       Text / tease the cat for a while

       The benefits of sterilizing cats are obvious. Many excrement removal officers also choose to sterilize cats. Sterilizing cats can effectively reduce the occurrence of some diseases and prolong their life span. Moreover, for pet doctors, the sterilization of cats is a very small operation, which can be completed in half an hour. But everything is risky, so what is the risk of sterilizing cats? If you need to take your cat to be sterilized, you must know in advance to prevent accidents.

       Anesthesia risk

       In fact, the biggest risk of sterilizing cats is the risk of anesthesia. When I was sterilizing my cat, I had anesthesia problems. Because of the special constitution of our cihuahua cat, it is not very tolerant to anesthetics. Enough anesthetics have been administered according to weight, but it still hasn’t gone into a deep coma long enough. In this case, the doctor communicated with me. The doctor said that it is not realistic to stop the operation now, but it is also unrealistic to continue to use anesthetic drugs, so we can only complete the operation as soon as the cat does not fully wake up. I agree! The doctor gave me medical gloves and asked me to help hold the cat down and pacify it. The doctor quickly completed the operation and sutured it. By the time the doctor said the suture was complete, my cat was fully awake.

       In fact, anesthesia risks, not only the example I mentioned, but also more serious problems such as anesthesia allergy. If you are worried about the risk of anesthesia, it is recommended that a detailed physical examination of the cat be performed before the operation to determine what anesthetic drugs are suitable for the cat’s physical condition. Generally speaking, if it is injection anesthesia, it is recommended to use more expensive imported anesthetics. If the budget is adequate, we can consider breathing anesthesia for cats, which is safer.

       Postoperative infection and complications

       As mentioned just now, the sterilization of cats is actually a relatively safe operation. Doctors in pet hospitals can do it very well. But completing the operation is only the first step. There will be more problems later. For male cats, it’s a little easier because the wound is small and recovers quickly. However, the situation of female cats is much more complicated. It usually takes one week to two weeks to get better. After sterilization, the cat’s greatest fear is postoperative infection and complications.

       The cat of a friend of mine was almost killed because of pulmonary edema caused by infection after sterilization. Fortunately, I went to the hospital in time and rescued the cat. In order to prevent this accident, it is recommended to contact the doctor at any time after the operation, and communicate with the doctor immediately if there is any abnormality. In addition, anti-inflammatory is very important, Elizabeth circle is more important!

       Sterilization is not easy

       This situation should be rare, but it is not non-existent. For female cats, the ovaries must be removed at the same time, so that the estrus will not continue. If there is no celloso, then the cat will continue to estrus, but will not be pregnant. Total oestrus is very painful for cats. The above is my own experience summed up some cat sterilization risks, I hope to help you oh.