It’s clean to keep a cat and a mother – it’s better to have a male or a female cat

       First of all, you have to decide which body shape you like, long hair or short hair! If you like round and fat cats, you can choose male cats. Generally, male cats are bigger and stronger than female cats (about 12-14 kg for adult male cats and 7-10 kg for female cats)! If you are a lazy person, it is recommended to buy short hair or hairless cat! Long hair needs to be taken care of often, otherwise it is easy to knot!

       If you like to be slim and a little bit more, choose a female cat!

       Another thing to pay attention to is whether to consider the sterilization operation: during the estrus, the female cat will cry continuously, and the male cat will urinate everywhere (smelly urine)! General sterilization 300-1500 (with you to the hospital, charge how much), the cost of female than male sterilization more expensive!

       Finally, both male and female spend about 50-100 yuan a month, including eating, drinking, and Lasa!

       Text / tease the cat for a while

       With more and more strict regulations on dog keeping in various cities, more and more people keep cats. Of course, this is also because kittens themselves are very cute. In addition, raising cats is more in line with the living habits of modern young people. Therefore, there are more and more cat owners. Keeping cats has become a new trend. However, many people want to have a cat, but they don’t know whether it’s better to have a male cat or a female cat. In my opinion, if you are a novice, it is more appropriate to have a male cat than a female cat. The specific reasons are as follows.

       Male cats are more beautiful

       The face of the female cat is very small, but it has a pair of large, slender and delicate eyes. The clean and distinct features of the female cat are also a major feature of the female cat. There is no excess meat on the female cat’s face, and the contour is very clear, which makes it look fresh. The male cat is more in line with the majority of people’s aesthetic of the cat, big head and big cheek, looks very round and lovely, and the male cat is generally larger than the female cat, looks more temperament. In appearance, male cats are more in line with human aesthetic than female cats.

       Male cats have better personality

       In character, the female cat is generally much smarter than the male cat, and the little male cat always looks like a little silly boy. Male cats are heartless and reckless at all times, while female cats are more careful and think more, and their personality is more sensitive than little male cats. Male cats also prefer to be coquettish and to be with people more than female cats, which are as tall as kittens. If you like that kind of sticky cat, then the choice of male cat is more appropriate.

       It’s easier to take care of male cats

       The performance of male and female cats during estrus is different. The female cat will take the initiative in estrus, and the performance of estrus is generally rolling and crying, while the male cat will urinate all over the room. In contrast, the sterilization of female cats is more troublesome, the recovery period is longer, and of course, more money is needed. The sterilization of male cats is more convenient, the recovery period is faster, and the money cost is not as large as that of female cats. Male cats don’t need to be pregnant and have babies, so it’s very easy to take care of them. It is suggested that for the first cat of novice, it is more suitable to buy a male cat.

       Male cats are cheaper

       In the cat house, the price of male cat is always a little lower than that of female cat. With the same breed and pedigree, if it’s just a pet, it’s more cost-effective to buy a male cat.

       Well, this is the end of science popularization! Again, no matter what gender cats we have, we should treat them well.