Keep the litter basin high – where is the litter basin

       The cat litter basin needs to be placed in a ventilated and dry place. Some excrement shoveling officers are used to putting the litter basin in the toilet. In fact, the toilet is not suitable for putting the litter basin. Because the toilet is relatively humid, it is better to put the litter basin in the balcony or living room where there is both ventilation and sunshine.


       Also, because cats need to be quiet when they go to the toilet, it’s not easy to place the litter basin in a place with lots of cats or noise. Of course, don’t be too close to the wall, and remember to consider the smell.

       Ventilation and dryness: cats don’t like the smell of litter basin. Toilet places with smell will expose their whereabouts and become flustered. Humid places are prone to insects and bacteria, not the best place.

       Stay away from eating and drinking areas: you don’t want to eat at the toilet, nor do cats.

       Avoid the dead corner: the vision of the dead corner is not wide enough. The cats in multi cat families may need to be more alert when going to the toilet, which will make the cats feel pressure. Dead corner is easy to be ambushed, no way out will easily lead to positive conflict.

       Avoid noise area: imagine that when the cat is comfortable discharging water, the washing machine will suddenly roar. The cat will feel that it will be dangerous to go to the toilet in this place, and will exclude it from here.

       Easy to find: no one wants to climb mountains to go to the toilet when they are in a hurry. Cats don’t like it either – especially in the case of kittens and old cats. It’s more important to put them in places that are easy to find.

       Cat litter basin is a must-have item in every cat slave’s house. Some people put it in the bathroom for the convenience of cleaning; some people put it on the balcony with air circulation; some people put it beside the cat’s nest. In fact, few people pay attention to the location of the litter basin, and most of the owners put it according to their own convenience. But the location of the litter basin is very particular. If it is put wrong, it will have an impact on the cat and the owner himself.

       Cat litter Basin

       Can I put it in the bathroom?

       sure. But the premise is that your toilet is not a damp, dark and closed room. If you feel that the cat litter basin has a peculiar smell or must be placed in the bathroom for convenience of cleaning, it is recommended to keep the floor dry and ventilated, and do not stay in the closed state of doors and windows for a long time.

       Can I put it next to the rice basin and water dispenser?

       Not recommended. Cats are very health conscious animals, generally refuse to excrete in the place where they eat.

       Can I put it on the balcony far away?

       Yes, as long as the cat can skillfully find the litter basin. Balcony environment is relatively clean, more suitable for cat excretion.

       Guidelines for placing litter basins

       1. It must not be placed next to the rice basin and water dispenser

       2. It must not be placed in a place that is easily disturbed, such as the living room. Strangers and sound stimulation will frighten the cat and cause the cat to refuse to urinate. If the cat does not urinate for a long time, artificial catheterization is required. In severe cases, renal failure may occur

       3. It is suggested to place it in a familiar environment for the cat. The cat must be familiar with the location of the litter basin. A comfortable and familiar environment will make the cat feel more secure

       4. If you have more than one cat in your family, you must prepare enough litter basin. One cat corresponds to one litter basin.

       So the cat litter basin is very important, we can not put it at will. In addition, it is necessary to choose a suitable litter basin for your cat. You can go to bochi mall to choose and buy it.

       Although I haven’t got a cat yet, I have started to do all the preparation before raising a cat Look, some people say that even if you clean the litter basin every day, there will be a lot of coquettish smell How to solve it better I have an open balcony in my house. I wonder if it can be put on the balcony It won’t affect your home too much But I’m a little worried about the danger of cats So I don’t know what to do

       If the plastic basin, put it away from direct sunlight to avoid accelerated aging. Metal also do not be direct sunlight, will rust. Put it in a cool place with good ventilation, or the smell will be strong. Don’t get drenched in the rain. Keep the surroundings dry. In short, let the cat have a safe and convenient place. Balcony is not sunshine, rain can not get to the place is a good choice, bathroom because if people want to take a bath, it is too humid. The kitchen and bedroom are not suitable. The smell is mixed together. The living room will disturb the convenience of cats, and the smell will always accompany people.

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