Keep your cat clean at all times

       Cats are well-known in domestic animals. They are likely to be disliked by cats if their sanitary environment is not good. Cats like to live in a clean, warm and sunny environment. Owners should always keep their homes clean. Of course, the health of cats can not be ignored.

       No matter when and where the cat always likes to comb his fur clean, especially after eating, on the bedpan, or accidentally stepped on the dirty and wet place, always calm down and lick his whole body up and down with his tongue. In fact, there is an important physiological function of cat licking fur. When a cat licks its fur, it can stimulate the secretion of sebaceous glands, make the hair bright and smooth, and not easy to be wet by water, but also can lick a small amount of vitamin D to promote the normal development of its bones. In addition, the fluffy fur can also promote its heat dissipation. As long as you can pay attention to when cats comb their fur, it’s not hard to understand. Cats usually begin to groom and groom their fur after eating and playing, or chasing prey, exercising violently and waking up in the sun. In the hot season, many animals can emit heat by sweating. Cat sweat glands are not developed, can not evaporate a lot of water in the body, so the cat will use the tongue to smear saliva on the fur, the evaporation of saliva water can take away heat, play a role in relieving heat and cooling. When cats lick their fur, they can also promote the growth of new hair in the depilation season. In addition, by scratching and biting the coat, cats can prevent their hair from being infected with parasitic diseases, such as fleas and hair lice, and keep healthy.

       In addition, cats never urinate anywhere. They usually have a fixed toilet. After defecation, they have to dig soil to cover up their feces. This “health habit” of the cat benefits from its ancestor, the wild cat. In order to prevent natural enemies from finding it and tracking it according to the smell of its feces, the wild cats cover up their faeces. This habit has lost its original significance after it was passed on to domestic cats, but it has given them the reputation of being clean and hygienic.

       Cats are also very particular about food hygiene. The cat’s food basin and water basin must be very clean, otherwise, it may not eat or drink to protest.

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