Keeping a cat in a cage during pregnancy – what’s the effect of keeping a cat in a cage?

       It’s better to wait for the kitten to eat before contacting the male cat. Because the female cat has just given birth to the kitten and is pregnant again, it is likely to have a severe evil on her present kitten. She will not give the kitten milk, or even bite it, so that the kitten will not appear in its sight range. If the kitten can eat, then there is basically no need for the female cat to survive, and that is the best … because my own female cat was like this before. So now when I’m just born playing kittens, I won’t let her contact with male cats. Let her concentrate on breast-feeding

       In fact, just make a bigger paper box with fruit and other things, spread soft and clean cloth, old sweaters, old blankets and old towels, and lay them in a quiet place with some light blocking things. You will find that the female cat will take the initiative to get in and occupy the territory.

       The key is not whether the cage is big or not. The key is to lay the cloth. Because the newborn kitten and the female cat are weak and need to be warm. It is the same truth that both adults and children should live in the constant greenhouse after giving birth to women.

       My mother cat gave birth to kittens in November. She took the initiative to put her nest under my desk because it was quiet, light less and there was a warm air heater.

       From the perspective of convenience, it is not recommended from the perspective of caring for pets, because in this way, animals will have shadows and may develop some bad characters and temperaments of animals.

       The details are as follows:

       1. Introduction

       Cat, belonging to the cat family, is a more extensive family pet in the world. The ancestor of the domestic cat is supposed to be a desert cat originated in ancient Egypt, and the Persian cat in Persia. It has been domesticated by humans for about 3500 years (but not completely domesticated like dogs).

       2. Reproduction

       Cat is a kind of viviparous animal, usually 3-8 viviparous. From the end of winter to the beginning of summer, male cats pee everywhere, while female cats roar and scream in the middle of the night, which is commonly known as “monkey” or “cat calling spring”, that is, the estrus of cats. This problem can be solved or greatly reduced by ligation. Can also use cat mint can make the cat produce “sexual response” characteristics, let the cat’s needs can be expressed, reduce the number of male cats pee everywhere to mark.

       3. Production

       During pregnancy, female cats need to supplement 1.5 times the usual amount of calories and nutrients for the fetus to get nutrition. In the last ten days, the female cat’s sex will begin to grow big and red. Usually the cat will find a quiet place to give birth to itself. At this time, the mother cat will be anxious because of the pain, some will pull out the soft stool, and then the delivery will begin. The cat with enough nutrition can clean up the kitten and feed it.

       At first, it still affects cats. If you let them out and then close them, they will be very unhappy

       When raising cats, pay attention to the cultivation of correct habits and habits. For example, cat owners love cats and often let cats sleep with people. In this way, if cats are sick, such as Toxoplasma gondii, fungal infection can also be transmitted to people. Even if the cat is a pet, some basic training should be carried out to make the cat integrate into the family as soon as possible.

       1¡¢ Life practice of kittens

       When raising cats, pay attention to the cultivation of correct habits and habits. For example, cat owners love cats and often let cats sleep with people. In this way, if cats are sick, such as toxoplasmosis and fungal infections, they can also be transmitted to people. Another example is that cats are timid and like to climb high. They think that high places are safe. The handicraft cabinets and dining tables in the home are places where cats are not expected to visit. Once valuables are broken, it is not the wish of the cat owners to taste the food first. However, it is a normal habit for cats to climb high. It is possible to prohibit cats from going to places where they should not go.

       It can be seen that even if cats are pets, it is very necessary to carry out some basic training so that cats can integrate into the family as soon as possible and not become a burden to the family. This includes “Lai Lai” training, standing, lying down and rolling, jumping and drilling, holding objects, claw grinding, cat hole drilling, etc.

       2¡¢ Rules of eating and playing

       Many owners often boast that my cat is so smart that it will stand up straight to receive food. He also said that when he ate with people, he would sit in a chair and so on. This is not a good thing. After a while, the owner will start to be distressed, because the kitten will always come to ask for food, not to eat its own cat food, and more and more picky, even regardless of the full guests, like a wild cat who has not been disciplined, jumped on the table, looking for his favorite food, three or two times to make a mess, so that the owner is very shameless.

       Therefore, from childhood, we should teach cats the rules of eating regularly, regularly and quantitatively. Never give it human food. Cats must eat food specially designed for cats. Human food is not entirely suitable for its nutrition and growth. Before five months old, a three week old kitten almost always plays when he is awake. This is also the most lovely and interesting time for him, whether to play with him or to watch him play. After five months of age, it will be less fun, but still want to play. Children’s toys, such as LEGO games of combination toys, may not be suitable for them. Some are too small, some have sharp edges, and some may be bitten. If they are swallowed carelessly, they will be in trouble.

       3¡¢ Training of defecation and defecation

       There is a bad smell in cat’s urine and stool, which is often covered with soil after the cat poops. Some cat owners choose sand or litter, which is better than sand in terms of cleaning and preventing parasites. Cats love cleaning. If they are young, they will develop a good habit of defecating and defecating.

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