Key color English short cat good – key color English short mm should match what kind and hair color to go?

       The key color is short?! Half of the children must have a black face. I suggest that you don’t match them. The British short is mainly Blue English short, silver gradual layer English short, double color English short, there is no key color to say. The key color has no breeding value. Key color represents impure, string. Of course, if you want a kitten, you can match it. You can find any color. You don’t have to pay attention to raising and playing. If you want to find a good way out, it will be difficult for you to sell kittens.

       You can’t set a price by looking at a kitten. What’s more, cats are so cute. It depends on the parents, the environment of the cat house, whether the cat house is regular, whether the cat is healthy and whether the food is good, so as to have a reference price. If the breed is not a backyard cat, parents should have a certificate. The certificate will indicate what breed it is. The backyard cat does not say, 1000 mouth sells 8000 also is not did not see

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