Key color puppet white Chin – what is a key color puppet

       Key color puppet is one of the breed of Muppet cat.

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       Puppet cat has three color patterns: two colors, gloves and key colors. Puppet cat, also known as the brador cat, is a kind of cat with larger body shape and weight. Muppets were bred in 1960 and were recognized in the United States in 1965. It takes about three years for a kitten to fully mature. It is characterized by a large and wedge-shaped head, flat head and dark blue eyes.

       Extended data

       Muppets were born in California in the 1960s. Just like its name “puppet”, it is a kind of big cat with gentle personality and rich hair on its body surface. Some adult male cats even have nearly 10kg

       The key color gene (or Himalayan gene) is affected by temperature, and the result is that the darker coat is always at the end of the body, which is the coldest part of the body.

       The changing process of key colors will be much longer than that of other parts of the body. Even kittens with the same accent color will grow up with different key color depths. As you get older and your body cycle slows down, the color of your body darkens. Although the ideal accent color, a racing cat should have a very light body color and a clear accent color.

       Source: Baidu Encyclopedia puppet cat

       Is it too late to answer the question? The best answer is definitely wrong. This is the key color puppet. The simplest way to distinguish Siam from key color puppets is to look at the hair length. The Muppet is a long haired cat, and Siam hair is short. Looking at the fluffy tail, it is definitely not Siam. You can also look at the ears and soles of feet. The Muppets have hairy ears and may have scissors on their feet It’s lost, but you can see it with your ears. This is one of the characteristics of puppets

       Muppets have longer and denser fur than Siamese cats. Muppets are twice as big as Siamese cats. Siamese cats belong to medium and small size cats, while puppets belong to medium and large size cats. The amount of fur of puppet cat also increased dramatically… The hair of the tail can be as thick as the head or even thicker.

       Then there are colors, though they are all big black faces digging coal. But it is still clear that the key color puppet cat is much lighter. In fact, Siamese cats are light brown when they are one month old, while puppets will continue to have white hair. It’s deeper when you’re an adult

       The angle of your picture is not very good. I can’t see the back clearly. You haven’t said clearly about your age and gender, long hair and short hair. But I feel like a puppet. But if the puppets in China are bought in regular cat houses, they will be equipped with blood certificates. Don’t you? If not, don’t worry about whether it’s a puppet, because this lineage can’t be proved. No one knows whether it’s a pure blood cat. There’s no difference between puppet and Siam. Theoretically speaking, there’s no way to prove it. If there’s a certificate, there won’t be any big problem

       Besides, this little thing looks very cute. Take good care of it

       What can’t be seen clearly? Sure Siamese cat! Are you blind? Face shape, hair color and length are like this, you can’t see it!! Some people will try to breed some new breeds besides keeping cats! For example, with the British short blue cat and Shandong lion cat match, it is possible to produce long hair blue and white, some good long hair blue and white eight character face is really beautiful. As long as you can cultivate a fixed color varieties and stable inheritance, maybe you can also create some new varieties recognized by the world!

       1¡¢ This is a Siamese cat

       Knowledge extension

       1¡¢ Siamese cat, also known as Thai cat, originated in Thailand and belongs to short hair type. It was first raised in Thailand’s royal family and large temples. It was once a “secret treasure” of the palace.

       2¡¢ Siamese cats are streamlined and slender, with slender limbs, trunk, neck and tail and balanced proportion. Siamese cats are lively and active, intelligent, quick in action, elegant in temperament and extraordinary in appearance. At present, Siamese cat is the most popular representative of purebred short haired cat.

       3¡¢ Siamese cats are perhaps the most famous species in all lineages. At the end of the 19th century, leopard spotted Siamese cats were given to Britain and the United States as diplomatic gifts by the Royal Thai Parliament. Its upbringing has aroused public interest and the number has been growing.

       4¡¢ Siamese cat, also known as Ximu cat and Thai cat, is a world-famous short haired cat, and also a representative breed of short hair cat.

       From your picture, it’s the key color puppet cat. That’s right. It’s just bad appearance.

       Puppet cat, also known as “Braddock”, originated in the United States, is a hybrid pet cat. It is one of the largest and heaviest cats in existence. The head is wedge-shaped, the eyes are big and round, the coat is thick, the limbs are long and fleshy, the tail is long, the body is soft, and the coat color is mainly color, glove color or two colors. Muppets are gentle, quiet and friendly to people. Its beauty and elegance is very similar to the dog’s character, and is known as “fairy cat”, “dog cat”. Special appearance and gentle character is one of the biggest characteristics of puppet cat.