Kitten bite things do not put – how can not let kittens bite things

       Cats are intelligent animals. They are sensitive, cautious and critical, and have a little grudge. If you have ever provoked them, you should try to please them. For example, when you walk past them, you should smile (don’t underestimate this, cats can understand it). It’s best to gently touch its back or pat its head, such as If it barks at you gently, it shows that she has basically relaxed her vigilance on you. In the future, you can get closer to it, often touch it and feed it. But remember, when cats eat, don’t stay beside them. They will be very uncomfortable. Cats are good at protecting food droplets. If you haven’t provoked the cat, it may be that it doesn’t like some smell or some movement of you, so you can try to observe the cat and see if it often stares at a certain part of your body. If so, it means that it cares about this part of you, or when you do some actions, it will The performance is very impatient and disgusting. If you find out the reason that makes the cat hate you, you should try to change yourself a little. As long as you do it seriously, you will soon be able to please the cat

       1. When cats eat toilet paper, we must stop it in time, and then criticize and educate them. In life, you can also buy some cat bite glue, so that the cat has a special thing to chew, and do not eat other things casually.

       2. The method of fear punishment can be used to correct the anorexia. Such as the use of mousetrap, water spray gun and other threats. Put the mousetrap upside down (in case of catching a cat) next to woolen clothes or plants. When the cat approaches, the mousetrap will pop up and make a crackle, which can scare the cat away. Or stand in the shelter with a water gun in hand. When the cat has abnormal feeding behavior, spray water on it immediately. When the cat is attacked suddenly, it will escape immediately. In this way, after several times, the cat can get rid of the paganism.

       3. In addition, some sensitive odor substances (such as deodorant and Lysol) can also be applied on clothes or food. When cats approach these foods, they will run away because they dislike the food.

       4. The main reason of the abnormal eating behavior is that the cat is lack of trace elements, which can be corrected by adding nutrients. You can buy some pet calcium vitamin, supplement calcium, trace elements and vitamins, promote the growth of cats, prevent paganism, and solve the problem from the root.

       The cat’s habit of biting is not formed in a day, so it needs at least one to two months of continuous training to completely change the habit, which is not something that can be changed in a short time.

       After finding such a situation, it is necessary to guide it step by step. The way to do this is to quietly approach the cat, clap your hands in its ear and say, “don’t bite!” when it’s fully focused, it will stop the cat.

       At this point, do not repeat the password to scold it, but only need to issue a “don’t move” command. At this point, the cat’s ears will be retracted, close to the head, lower the whole body, almost huddled, because it feels the owner angry. At this time, the master should not scold it, otherwise it will be more upset.

       When the cat’s biting behavior is improved, timely, friendly and enthusiastic praise of its “good cat” and so on, so as to induce it and encourage it.

       For large fixed items such as tables, chairs and sofas, the cat can’t drag it, just gnaws. In order to stimulate the cat, let it remember that these things are not easy to offend, you can apply chili water or chili powder to the parts that the cat loves to bite. The hotter the chili, the better. Only in this way, the dog will have more memory

       Cat feeding precautions: kittens can not feed milk, most of the kittens have lactose intolerance, easy to diarrhea. Secondly, don’t feed the cat what people eat. The nutrition ratio of human food is not suitable for the cat’s needs. The artificial additives are not good for the cat’s health. The cat does not sweat and is vulnerable. It does not need to eat salt food. Otherwise, it will lose hair and get sick easily. Buy kitten’s food within 2 months, soak it in hot water and do not scald it. For 2-12 months, feed the kitten cat food directly. If he wants to grow fat, he always keeps the food in the bowl. The appropriate amount is to eat it every day. Occasionally, he can eat the cat’s canned or cooked fish. If he wants to be in good shape, he should be fed regularly three times. Cat food hygiene, nutrition in the comprehensive, balanced, only eat this will not be a problem. Food must ensure that there is boiled water to drink, not too little, or easy to breed bacteria, change every day. Change to cat food after 1 year old.

       He bit for a reason

       It’s mainly because kittens are growing teeth or changing teeth at this time

       So he needs to grind his teeth

       You can buy a hand puppet to put in your hand or wrap some clothes or cloth

       Then make him bite his hand or the clothes

       This will help him to grind his teeth

       It’s not easy for him to bite

       Because of curiosity and fun, the little cat will bite at random. In addition, it is growing up and has a lot of mobility. As the owner, you must accompany it more. Cat is the most hate lonely animal, you can play with it in your spare time, and exchange feelings with it. Cats and cats are in the boring time, a person has no meaning, will look for Dongdong to play.

       Or if you are busy, you can go to the pet store to buy some suitable toys for the cat, so that the cat will not bite.