Kitten ear edge hair off – my kitten ear hair before how to do? Urgent!

       Is it a skin abnormality with obvious edge? First is the skin thickening, this small piece of skin like scab, slowly this piece of hair off, the exposed skin redness, some liquid secretion? That’s cat moss. Two approaches:

       The local method is to go to the drugstore to buy clotrimycin acne, more than 1 yuan, and apply it to the depilated area of the cat. Massage until the ointment is absorbed. The dosage should not be too much, so that the cat will lick it if it can not absorb so much. Adhere to once a day, half a month is almost good, the skin does not become red, that is good. I used to use this method to cure my cat, but I really have to have the perseverance to adhere to, painted for a month.

       The second way is to go to the pet hospital. The last time I took the cats to get vaccinated, a cat had moss. The doctor gave me a little bit of ointment by the way. When I went home, I would like to bloom water and paint it on the cats and cats. It would be better in less than a week.

       It could be cat ringworm

       Be careful. Some cat ringworm is contagious

       If it’s not too serious, you can give it some vitamin B

       Don’t give him animal guts or anything

       Apply some more ointment to treat fungi

       If it’s serious, it will spread every day

       It is recommended to send to pet hospital for special treatment

       Some feline tinea spreads very quickly, need to shave cat’s hair to be able to cure

       It can’t be done at home

       Hope your cat gets better!

       Do not like to eat this problem I do not know, suggest to take it to the hospital consultation

       But I know how to reduce hair loss

       1. Spend a few minutes every day grooming your cat

       Don’t find it troublesome to groom your cat. If you make a habit every day, your cat will feel very comfortable and willing to play this game with you every day. Of course, you will also save time! Because combing hair every day can comb out a large number of dead hair, which is the fundamental method to remove hair, and also can avoid hair knotting. At the same time, it can also play a massage role, promote blood circulation and enhance skin health. Only healthy skin is the key to not losing hair.

       2. Take a proper bath

       Some parents want to bathe the cat every day, while some parents don’t wash the cat once a year and a half. In fact, it’s all wrong! The right cat bath should be washed every 5-7 days in summer and 7-10 days in winter. It is absolutely wrong to bathe cats repeatedly if they see their hair fall. Too much Bathing will only damage the skin and cause more terrible hair loss. Will also make the cat’s skin become sensitive and vulnerable, it is easy to suffer from various skin diseases.

       3. Choose proper wool washing solution

       Cat skin is neutral, should use pet special shampoo, not suitable for use of alkaline human shampoo. Some people even use disinfectants such as drip dew, which are chemical harmful liquids, and can never be used on cats, because these substances can damage the cat’s skin, cause allergies and cause hair loss.

       4. Moderate sun exposure to help cats absorb ultraviolet rays

       The sun can make the cat’s skin and hair healthier. All cats like to bask in the sun, but give them a place to shade, and not too long to avoid sunburn or dehydration.

       5. Cut the hair short

       In fact, it’s summer. It’s good to change your cat’s hairstyle! Cutting the hair shorter is not only easy to comb, but also easy to observe the cat’s skin condition. It is very helpful to improve the hair loss and make the cat feel cool and comfortable. A good cat will not hurt your self-esteem if you cut a cat or a rookie cat.

       Tips: many people choose short haired cats for breeding, and think that short haired cats will not shed as much hair as long haired cats. That’s a big mistake. For example, American short hair cats, British short hair cats, foreign short hair cats, their hair loss is not inferior to long hair Persian cats.

       Canadian hairless cats are the only cats that don’t shed their hair, but most people are deterred by the alternative appearance.

       In a word, raising a cat will have to bear its endless hair loss. Only if you are industrious and follow our teaching method, can we avoid those annoying hairs as much as possible.

       Does your cat scratch its own hair? If you don’t scratch, it’s cat ringworm. It can be controlled by applying lanmeishu cream for 7-8 days. If it often scratch itself, please pay attention to check whether there is a lot of dark brown secretions in its ears. If there are a lot of them, it is ear mites, and it needs to be treated with pet ear drops.

       Feline moss is one of the most common skin diseases, accounting for more than 80% of cat skin diseases. There are round or oval moss spots on the face, trunk, limbs and tail of the cat moss, which are covered with gray scales. The fur color will become rough, and the fur on the moss spots will break or even fall off. Infected cats are itchy and often rub on various objects. External use of zhenweining spray. Generally, fungi are more stubborn and need 1-2 months to be cured. And it needs consolidation to prevent recurrence. Patients with severe illness need injection, medicine bath and oral medicine.

       Well, it may be that there is a lack of some nutrition in the body, which causes massive hair loss. Is it too hard to take a bath? If cat food is greasy and salty, you may lose hair due to eating it for a long time. Or in addition to feeding cat food, often feed some high salinity snacks, such as dried fish, salted fish, ham and other food caused. You can stop feeding too greasy food for a period of time and replace it with healthy cat food and low salt meat to see if hair has recovered.

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