Kitten room has smell – how to eliminate the smell in the room where cats are kept???

       If you keep a cat, the cat itself has no body odor, but the smell of the cat’s excreta is relatively heavy, there will be a certain smell at home, so you should clean it frequently.

       Usually, the excreta of the cat must be treated well, and the frequency of cleaning the litter basin must be increased. It is best to clean the cat litter twice or three times a day to minimize the odor of the cat’s excreta. And replace the litter in the litter basin every half a month.

       The cat should eat some vegetables properly. The cat’s diet should be kept light as far as possible. In addition to the main food of the Champions League cat food, the cat can also eat some vegetables appropriately. Cellulose in vegetables can promote the cat’s gastrointestinal peristalsis, reduce the odor of stool.

       Of course, excrement shoveling officials should also be more diligent in scrubbing furniture and floors, cleaning up dead corners of the family, and maintaining indoor ventilation.

       Cat owners will know that there will be some smell in cats. First of all, the smell of cats. Animals have body odor. Cats also have the habit of licking their hair. Then there will be saliva on the hair. In addition, the cat’s excreta will also be a source of odor. Therefore, the cat owner may find some peculiar smell and odor in the room, which is OK Take some measures to solve the problem.

       1. Clean the litter basin regularly

       Cat owners also need to pay attention to the litter basin, which is the key source of the smell in the home, because there will be cat excrement in the litter basin. If it is an open litter basin, then the smell will float in the air. Therefore, the cat owner needs to clean the litter basin in time. If there is excreta, shovel it in time, and then pour in new litter, and spray it with pet deodorant spray Sprinkle it near the litter basin.

       2. Regular use of pet Deodorant Spray

       Because cats are naturally lively and will climb up and down everywhere, it may leave a very strong smell in some places. If it is a place with heavy smell at home, it may not be enough to wipe and clean it, and the smell will remain. Therefore, the cat owner can use the pet deodorant spray in some places with strong smell after cleaning. Remember to open the window after use Ventilation, keep the home clean and tidy, smell will be much less.

       3. Bathe your cat regularly

       First of all, the cat owner can bathe the cat regularly, because the cat may have taste smell. If the weather is wet, there may be some unexplained smell. Cat urine and cat excrement may be stuck near the buttocks. Therefore, it is necessary to take a bath. For this reason, you can take a bath 1-2 times a month for the cat instead of frequent bathing Pay attention to prepare the bath gel for cats, and blow dry the cat’s hair in time after the bath, so as to avoid catching cold.

       Although cats love to be clean, they sometimes excrete at home for various reasons. The owner has to be diligent to change the litter for the cat, and the cat litter basin should be placed in a hidden place to avoid human disturbance. For the odor at home, you can use meowi deodorant spray to remove the residual odor, just spray it to the place where it has been excreted before

       You don’t have to give it fish to have a fishy smell. Observe whether the cat often drools. The saliva will stink. If it is more serious, as long as you are close to the cat, you will smell the smell, and the cat’s appetite will be affected. You can also open the cat’s mouth to check, and the cat may resist.

       If it is oral ulcer or angular stomatitis, during the period to drink more water for the cat, eat more fruits and vegetables to supplement vitamins, and also need to eat some home fun complex vitamin B. It is easy to affect the absorption of vitamins in the body.

       A month old kitten can take a bath, but it should be dried with a hair dryer in time after washing.

       1¡¢ The reason why kittens Stink:

       First, the cat has not been groomed and bathed for a long time, and then it has accumulated a lot of dust and dirt, contaminated with other unclean things and emitting a bad smell. It’s just like if people don’t take a bath for a long time, they will have a bad smell.

       Second, they don’t pay attention to brushing their teeth and cleaning their mouth, which will lead to bacteria in the cat’s mouth, and induce periodontitis, gingivitis and other diseases. At this time, the cat’s mouth will also emit a bad smell. This is also one of the sources of the body odor of cats.

       Third, in addition to the mouth, ears and glands are also the source of the body odor of cats. The reason for the odor is the same. It is because you don’t pay attention to the maintenance of the cat. You don’t clean the ear canal and the gland. After a long time, it is easy to produce a bad smell.

       2¡¢ The solution to the bad smell of kittens:

       The easiest way to get rid of the stench of a pet cat is to brush its teeth, clean its ears, clean its glands and bathe. Clean up the cat and the smell will disappear. Of course, to the cat bath, brushing teeth and other care must be carried out regularly, only in this way can we better protect the cat’s health and prevent it from producing odor.

       It can’t be washed, but it can be dry cleaned. Pet dry cleaning powder to odor effect is also very good, can kill parasites.

       The method is: first of all, comb the cat’s hair once, remove the lumped hair ball, sprinkle the dry cleaning powder on its body, knead it, and let the powder enter the hair root. Make the powder not absorb the oil and stains on the hair. After that, pat it gently to remove the excess powder and dirt. After half an hour, comb it again and blow it with a hair dryer.

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