Kittens always like to lick my face – what’s the meaning of a cat always licking its owner’s face?

       It’s a pleasure for your cat to lick you. If you have more than one cat and their relationship is good, you may see the cat licking and licking, commonly known as “grooming.”. It’s also helpful to get familiar with each other, to communicate with each other, and to reduce the pressure on cats to interact with each other.

       So why do cats like to lick people with their tongue? The reason is very simple, that is to show that your cat loves you very much, it is a kind of cat show love behavior. You might think it’s really weird. But it’s also a lovely cat. The cat’s behavior is not right, so some people will do it. In their world, only those closest to themselves will lick each other with their tongues. So when your cat licks you, you must not attack it. That will make the cat confused. It will think you don’t like it. It hurt its self-esteem.

       Specific reasons:

       1£º To relax

       enjoy being neat and tidy

       Always clean your hair

       Kittens in many cases, love to lick the body, self-cleaning. After meals, it will wipe its beard with its front paws, lick it with its tongue after urination, and lick its hair with its tongue after being held. This is the kitten in the removal of body odor and dirt. There are many rough protuberances on the cat’s tongue, which is the most suitable tool to remove stolen goods.

       Lick your body to relax

       But a close look at the kitten will find that the kitten will lick the body when it is OK. That is to say, kittens like to lick the body, licking the body is doing relaxation exercise. Kittens often go to sleep after a thorough lick.

       It should be noted that the kitten feels nervous and will lick the body vigorously when it is stressed. If the cat licks too hard, it will lose its hair and become bald. At this time, we should pay attention to see if the kitten’s life has any difficulties.


       Cats express language with their bodies

       Rubbing people with their bodies is a sign of intimacy

       The so-called “cat’s body language” is the use of ears, tail, hair, mouth, body to express their own feelings and desires. If the cat is tired of people’s feet, side, with the head rub you, it is the expression of intimacy. If a cat rubs a smell from its mouth on you, it means that it wants to take you as its own. If a cat’s throat grunts, it shows that it is in a good mood, and if a cat, like a duck hatching eggs, bends its front feet inward, it means that it is at ease and dependent.

       When attacking, use the “cool” posture

       Do you get up late in the morning and stick your nose to the cat? This is the cat saying “hello” and “good morning” to say hello to you. On the contrary, when the cat is angry and aggressive, its ears are bent back, its hair is upright, its body is low and its tail is upright.

       If you understand this body language, you will communicate with the lovely cat better.

       The cat’s licking behavior has several purposes. Cleaning the mouth after eating is the most common action. However, when a cat is in a bad mood and anyone holds or touches his body, he will use his tongue to wet the touched fur, and then he will be quiet. This means that they do not like the smell that people bring to them. The cat in labor will lick down the fur on the abdomen with a rough tongue, so that BB can easily suck milk. When the skin is tinea or parasite, the cat also licks its fur to stop itching

       The law of fingers in the cat world. Fingers are irresistible to cats. When you put a finger in front of the cat, 95% of the cats can’t help sniffing at you, whether they recognize you or not. There is no salt in the cat’s food, and the cat’s life will be lost by eating salt. But you’ll have salt on your hands, which makes your fingers delicious. Every time I apply hand cream, my cat will lick my hand again, because she thinks my hand is stained with something that will stick the hair together. In fact, I don’t know much about the world of deep well ice_ Hahaha~

       Text Department (tease cat for a while) original, plagiarize party self-respect.

       Proud kittens are the queen of the pet industry. However, when they are coquettish, they can instantly make the heart of the excrement removing officer melt! I wish I could hold the cat every day and wait for it to give me a look. Sometimes, the cat owner is merciful and takes the initiative to lick the excrement shoveling officer. The prickly little tongue sweeps through the skin, which brings numbness and itching feeling. The coax shoveling officials almost want to give it all their love. This behavior is also the most interactive between the cat and its owner.

       1¡¢ You are the only one in the harem

       Cats are different from dogs. Dogs may often lick people and express friendliness. Cats, on the other hand, are relatively cold and defensive. They never condescend to strangers. It’s only when the host changes hands that it can respond. Some cats learn from their owners to snore together, some respond to their owners by barking, and others lick their owners’ fingers gently.

       We all know that cats like to be clean and usually lick them only when they take care of their fur. Or when there is a kitten who needs him to take care of, he will take care of the kitten and help him with his fur. Then, when it licks its owner, it may feel in his heart: this stupid excrement shoveling officer, stupid can’t lick his hair by himself, so he needs Ben meow to take care of him! This is the cat’s love for its owner. Therefore, congratulations to such a shoveling officer who has captured the love of the cat. In your pet’s eyes, you are the only “big cat” loved by his majesty!

       2¡¢ The first move to show love

       Maybe it was Cupid’s arrow coming, and the cold “King meow” looked back and saw that today’s excrement shoveling officer was extremely agreeable and decided to give you a Mead, so he licked your hand. Cat’s understanding of feelings is very simple, like is to like frankly, do not like also very simply refuse. So when it licks the excrement officer, it just wants to express: I like you! I want to be your good friend!

       3¡¢ It’s true that you are also my meow

       We all know that many animals have territorial awareness. For example, dogs pee to mark territory. Cats also have a strong sense of territory. They have a keen sense of smell and delicate feelings. When they mark their belongings, they want to let their belongings be stained with their own smell, so as to warn other competitors that the excrement shoveling officer is already benmeow’s man! No more ideas. If the excrement removing officer holds another cat, it is easy to take the smell of other cats. Once the cat is smelled by the “meow king”, his majesty may be jealous.

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