Kittens can’t retract their nails – what about kittens not taking their nails?

       The kitten’s personality is a little different. Your second one may be a little bit out of it. But what you do will not change his character at all. It will only make him more irritable and unruly. Maybe he gave in at that time, but he would hold grudges and revenge, or he would shrink back and hide in the corner and ignore your cat when he was full. I guess this is not what you want.

       Keep a pet to have love, you are good to him, he will remember, if you accidentally scratch you, he also know wrong, will feel guilty. As long as you teach him patiently. Do right, praise him with the tone of joy, and teach him wrong with a voice that has lowered his anger. That’s enough. Never fight.

       I hope your cat can grow up happily.

       Most of my dizzy cats catch people, and very few do not

       It’s not about sex. It’s natural

       The vast majority of cats (excluding purebred) are arresting

       But it’s absolutely useless if you hit it. It will still catch you later because it is afraid that you will attack you if you get close to it. I suggest you and don’t fear that it won’t catch you after a long time. Really

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