Kittens lick and step on milk for a long time – how long will kittens’ crazy milking last

       Generally speaking, stepping on milk is called a kind of Oedipus performance of cats.

       Because when a cat sucks, two paws will hold the cat’s mother and press one button to help the secretion of milk, so as to better eat the milk. Just sucking is not enough.

       When cats grow up and leave their mothers, they miss their mothers very much. When they are young, they will find a soft place to stand on the ground with their front feet, which is called stepping on milk. When a cat steps on milk, it usually shows a satisfied and intoxicated expression.

       Scientific explanation more scientific explanation. Stepping on the milk is a kind of milk secretion that increases the mother’s milk secretion when the kitten is young. When the kitten grows up, this kind of love is hidden. However, when it encounters a similar scene, this kind of love is activated again, but it has no practical significance. It can be said that it has nothing to do with “missing mother”. When many kittens grow up together with the female cat, they will step on the milk of the female cat.

       This can be said to be a clone of “step on the milk can get milk to bring satisfaction of the happy mood.”. The difference is that “stepping on the milk” and “having a good mood” make a connection across “getting milk satisfaction.”. It is a psychological phenomenon.

       Step on milk of pet cat

       For many excellent pet cats, stepping on milk is no longer just a simple physiological performance, but has gradually become a demand for recreation and a kind of enjoyment. As a pet owner, if you can satisfy as much as possible, you will be able to have a closer relationship with your pet cat. If you disturb the cat’s milking, you may be disgusted and dissatisfied by the cat.

       Many cats have a lot of delicate needs for the environment of stepping on milk. The common situations are as follows

       1. Time: most cats step on milk when they wake up or when their dreams are disturbed. Pet owners are often awakened by the early cat.

       2. Setting: it often happens on sofa or bed.

       3. Premise: from the surface, every time a cat steps on milk, it is not true. It is only when the cat is in a good mood and feels proud of itself.

       4. Paw feeling: soft and warm things.

       5. Encouragement: the cat needs encouragement when stepping on the milk, which will increase the satisfaction of the cat. The solution is simple: touch. When stroking, snoring increases and the frequency of claw rubbing increases. The best place to touch is the body of the cat. Don’t move the tail.

       6. Environment: private, undisturbed, quiet and safe.

       Stepping on milk is a very important enjoyment for the cat. It can meet the cat’s needs and get along with the cat more harmoniously.

       Special attention: the cat’s nails must be regularly trimmed.

       After a cat is weaned, this behavior still occurs frequently. You will find that your blanket, sofa, quilt, and even your clothes can be the object of the cat’s milk. If you pay attention to observe, you will find that it is easy for the cat to step on the milk when it is easy for the cat to be in a happy mood. When the cat is ready to go to bed or just wakes up, or when the owner caresses the cat, the cat will be in a good mood and step on the milk;

       Some cats have been several years old, but they still have the phenomenon of trampling on their milk. They often snore while stepping on the milk. Some people say that this is because the cat misses its mother and yearns for the happiness of sucking her mother’s milk when she was a child;

       You can change the food into a kitten’s food with high milk content. This kind of cat generally likes the taste of fresh milk and may miss it very much. We often do this in our hospital, but it’s normal. We usually sleep and suggest that the owner should re feed the kitten’s food with high milk content, such as fresh food for export, kitten’s milk cake containing fresh goat’s milk, which will make the cat numb The feeling of milk also promotes bone development, so that the situation of stepping on milk will be much better. Maybe they will go to grind their teeth and turn their attention to other places

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