Kitten’s name

       Cat mm






       tea with milk

       Ice cream



       Water drop


       Milk enamel






       Green Tea


       fruit juice








       every day

       Snow white





       Little love











       A little bit




       light snow





       The end of the world

       A little bit




       long and pendent



       to one’s heart’s content







       Throw away


       Silk Road


       There it is




       Snow baby

       The Little Princess

       Cotton ball



































       Cat DD



       Seven Swords




       A gust of wind



       fierce wind







       Lion King








       Dragon King

       crown prince



       Black abyss

       Empire storm








       A Bao


       Little Q







       Wang CAI

       A little bit



















       Great sage

       Zai Zai

       Throw away


       Monkey D Luffy














       Czech Republic




















       First name





































       Baman cat, Canadian hairless cat, Norwegian Forest cat, Persian cat, Himalayan cat, jinjila cat, British blue cat, Siam cat, Egyptian cat, American short tailed cat, Linqing lion cat, Scotch fold ear cat, man Island cat, Havana cat, Singapore cat, Myanmar cat, Colette cat, kart cat, California shining cat, Abyssinian cat, exotic cat, Bombay cat. Kato Somalia cat, Maine cat, long hair anti ear cat, puppet cat, Berman cat, Angora cat, wells cat, Turkish Van Cat, Maltese cat

       The cat name can be named according to the following methods: name the cat according to the cartoon name, name the cat with simple words, name the cat according to the owner’s memorial day or event, and the cat name with moral meaning.

       1. Name the cat according to the cartoon name

       Garfield: according to the cartoon Garfield, I believe most people know this funny and intelligent cat.

       Tom: I can see from cat and mouse that this is the name of the cat that runs after the mouse all day but is always played around.

       Sheriff: seeing this name is easy to associate with the cartoon “Sheriff black cat”, which is more humorous and funny.

       2. Use simple words to name

       Xiaobai: from the name, it seems that the name is quite casual. It seems that the host is a very casual person.

       Tangtang: this name is cute. Sugar is sticky, just like cats like to rely on their owners.

       Huami: from this we can see that this cat loves beauty. Maybe it is a kind of proud and charming “cat star man”. It is also very good to meet a simple name.

       3. Named after the owner’s memorial day or event

       Such as: seven, April, memorial day, fifth day and so on

       4. The name of a cat with meaning

       Kangkang: this name has something to do with “health”. It means that we hope it can grow healthily without getting sick. However, the name “Jian Jian Jian” always feels twisted, and it also reminds people of “pig Bajie”. Therefore, the name “Kangkang” is the most appropriate and mild one.

       Lele: this name hopes that “cat star people” can bring happiness to everyone, and at the same time, they can also harvest happiness.

       Tuan Tuan: this name makes people think that your cat is chubby and cute. In fact, it is also the good sustenance of the owners for them. I hope that it can not be picky and can be recognized by everyone.

       Extended data

       Tips for keeping cats

       1. Don’t let the cat out easily

       I believe that the dog is the most common thing to see when you are walking around the corner, but cats generally don’t take them out. Because they have great jumping power and quick movements, they may go to another place to have fun in a blink of an eye. Moreover, there are many cat dealers outside, so try not to travel to your “cat star man” for a long time.

       2. Don’t be too diligent in bathing

       Most people may be excited and annoyed when they hear that they don’t need to bathe their cats. In fact, cats have a strong ability to take care of themselves. Cats’ saliva is the most powerful detergent. They will dress themselves up clean. Unless they need to clean their bodies when they are particularly dirty, it is easy to damage the hair quality if they wash too hard.

       3. Cats within three months don’t drink milk

       Generally, when pets are young, their teeth are not complete, so they need milk to maintain their body nutrition. For cats, never give them milk because they are lactose intolerant. If you give them milk, it will harm them.

       The cat’s lovely names are as follows:

       Madman, Jiajia, Simba, Carl, snow white, Didi, bubble, Michio, habi, nono, Lolo, dangdangdang, snowflake, Yahoo, bear, strawberry, Tianya, Sirius, Xiaoya, pearl, gentleman, aimi, * *, family, Bei AI, agent, duo, Neng Neng, Tiao, Qiqi, naonaonao, William, dolphin, cocoa, goodbye, lentils, meat, Jihai, Bao North North and so on.

       Extended data:

       Names can be chosen according to their specific symbolic meanings

       1. Tuft

       This name is derived from the TV drama “Legend of Zhen Huan”, which is based on the names of cats in the TV series. This naming method is also very novel and interesting. The tone of the name is Yang Ping Sheng, which sounds nice and gentle. The name named for a cat means that the owner hopes that it is cute, intelligent, smart and able to follow the orders of its owner.

       2. Iron Han Han

       Tie Han Han is a catchword from the Internet. It was first spread in the live broadcasting industry, because it was funny and cute, it was spread by everyone. The name is composed of left-right structure and upper and lower structure. It looks good-looking and regular, and the ending tone is flat. It sounds good and smooth. It means that the cat is lovely, honest and innocent, and has no heart.

       3. Seven treasures

       The name of Qibao is derived from the cartoon canine Yasha, which tells the story of the protagonist growing up and reaping happiness on the way of revenge. Taking the characters in the cartoon as the cat’s name, it seems very cute. The tone of the name is flat tone. It sounds good and rhythmic. It means that the cat is brave and strong, gentle and kind, and takes care of its home.

       4. Dumplings

       Dumpling is a very traditional Chinese food. It’s covered with a variety of fillings on the outside. It’s a delicious food. It’s lovely to name the cat. The pronunciation of the name is Jiaozi, which sounds good and catchy. It means that the arrival of the cat can make the family happier and more happy.

       Xiaojia, Millie, PayPal, Harry, Lele

       Madman, Jiajia, Simba, Carl, snow white

       Didi, bubble, Michaelis, habi, nono

       Luoluo, dangdangdang, Xuexue, Yahoo, Xiongxiong

       Strawberry, Tianya, Sirius, Xiaoya, pearl

       Junzi, aimi, * *, Jiajia, beiai

       Agent, Duo Duo, Neng, Tiao, Qiqi

       Rowdy, William, dolphin, coco, bye

       Bean, meat, Jihai, Abao, Beibei

       Misty, wolf, Annie, Xianxian, Ru

       Cookies, Sarah, Ma Tuan, Keli, Diandian

       Harry, happy, angel, Miffy, cicci

       Saisai, maple, watermelon, Maya, yuyu

       Qiqi, Feifei, Youyou, Momo and Jennie

       There are many cute cat names, such as egg, roll, short, fruit, baby, snowball, etc.; the more meaningful names are 11, May 1, 61, moon cake, Christmas, new year’s day, June, July, etc. Cats are not as intuitive about names as dogs. Cats like quietness and respond to all kinds of sounds very much, so it’s better to carry them in cat bags when going out.

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