Large dogs suitable for pets – large dogs for domestic use

       Suitable for domestic large dogs, now more and more people raise dogs. Cocky, Teddy, and beagle dogs are popular with people who are small and cute. However, compared with German, Sumu and Alaska, these large dogs are more aggressive. Today, I’d like to introduce some of the most suitable large dogs for domestic use. Let’s have a look.

       Most suitable for large domestic dogs

       1. Labrador

       Labrador is a kind of dog with mild personality, high IQ, easy training and strong obedience. Moreover, Labrador is not aggressive and will not bite people. It is also the first choice of guide dog and search and rescue dog. It’s really the most suitable large domestic dog.

       2. Golden hair

       Jinmao is a dog with the title of warm man. Gentle and intelligent, it is a powerful and lively breed, and also the largest domestic large dog. However, the hair of golden hair is longer and needs to be taken care of every day. It will make the dog’s hair fly around in the hair loss period, which is a major disadvantage.

       3. Samo

       Although Samo has the name of smiling angel, it was originally used to pull sleds and guard reindeer. European explorers often use this dog for polar exploration. Samo is alert and lively. With the snow-white coat. It’s very popular with people, and it’s also a big dog for family.

       4. Husky

       Don’t say much, Harry. Today’s Internet celebrities are popular all over the world. He also called the leader of the demolition brigade. Although he looks like a wolf, he is also called erha. But it’s not aggressive, so it’s also a big family dog, well, if you’re not afraid to tear down your home.

       5. German Shepherd Dog

       Although they are serious and majestic, they are gentle in character. They are obedient and easy to train. They can get along with children and old people peacefully. They are good at guarding their homes. However, it is relatively rare in Chinese families, which may have been banned by some large cities for its fierce appearance.

       6. Ancient English shepherd dog

       Remember the advertising dog painted by Dulux? It’s hairy and invisible like a toy. It is the ancient English shepherd dog. Although large, but gentle personality, like close to people. Have a very strong sense of protection for the host, take them out of the house, do not have to worry about meeting bad people.

       The above points are more suitable for domestic large dogs. I hope it can help you.

       Golden retriever, ribrador, Dalmatian, Samoye, Alaskan sled dog, Scottish shepherd dog, American Eskimo Dog, etc.

       1. Golden retriever

       As the name suggests, a golden dog is a large dog with a golden coat. It is gentle and intelligent by nature. It is a well-known, powerful and lively breed. So it’s very popular with dog owners. And easy to tame, gentle and patient to children, loyal, confident, lovely, like to please people, is a family dog like outdoor activities.

       2. Labrador

       Labradors are naturally gentle, lively, intelligent, thoughtful and courageous. At the same time, the Labrador is like a small child. He likes to play, has a great interest in new things, and likes all kinds of work. If you are well trained, it can help you carry all kinds of things when you go out. And the Labrador is very obedient and will be a perfect family dog as long as you give it some time.


       The Dalmatian dog is called a spotted dog because of its distinctive scattered black or brown spots on its white hair. Originally from Yugoslavia, the Dalmatian dog has smooth and graceful muscles, symmetrical contour and deep and broad chest. He is calm and alert, lively and not shy, and has a smart expression. The Dalmatian has great endurance and runs very fast. British and British nobles used it as a guard dog for carriages. Nowadays, it is recognized as one of the most elegant breeds.

       4. Samoyer dog

       Samoye dog is named after the Siberian nomad Samoan and is a kind of working dog. Samoyed dogs, with their endurance and strong physique, have been used to pull sleds and guard reindeer. European explorers often use this dog for polar exploration. Samoye is alert, powerful, very lively, noble and elegant. Therefore, it is especially popular with dog lovers. This dog has a variety of colors, including black, black and white, black and yellow brown, and white is the most popular favorite among pet owners.

       5. Alaskan sled dog

       The Alaskan sled dog is one of the oldest sled dogs. It has a well-balanced physique and tenacity and endurance. The dog has been used by local people to hunt polar bears, wolves and other animals, as well as to protect reindeer. Alaskan sled dogs are famous for their strength and endurance. Because Alaska is rough in appearance, but gentle and delicate in heart. Nowadays, Alaska has become one of the most popular pet dogs.

       6. Scotch shepherd dog

       Scottish shepherd dog originated from the lowlands of Scotland. It is a kind of excellent working dog with gentle character, intelligence, obedience to training, friendly, willing to please the owner, good care for children and enthusiastic work. Su Mu is loyal and alert to strangers. He has good protection skills, which is very suitable for home care. Collie collie is a very beautiful dog, with extraordinary dignity, body parts are consistent with the overall proportion.

       7. American Eskimo

       American Eskimo is a lovely companion dog. It is strong and agile, alert and beautiful. It is a small and medium-sized Nordic breed. It is usually white or mixed with brown and yellow in white. American Eskimo Dog is strong, symmetrical and balanced, and has a smart and light gait. It has the face of a Nordic dog, erect ears in a triangular shape, and distinctive black spots on the lips, nose and eye edges. Its white double coat has a short and dense inner layer and a long outer coat with a protective effect. It is upright without curl. The outer coat on the neck and chest is thick and long, forming a lion like ring collar. Male dogs are more common than female dogs. The tail and hind legs down to the joints are covered with thick long hair, more distinctive, feathery fluffy tail standing on the back. White, beige or beige bristles, thick neck, long hair on chest and feet. Comb twice a week. Ears stand up. Black or brown eyes with white eyelashes. Very strong, requires professional obedience training, not suitable for new dog owners. Get used to city life, just go out for a walk every day. Play games and be friendly to children and strangers. It is one of the best recommended dog breeds.

       A large dog needs a larger area for his daily exercise. If a girl has a dog, she should have a gentle dog. It’s ideal to keep golden hair. Another thing is that when they grow up, they are gentle and lovely, and they will certainly be suitable for girls to keep dogs (but there is a saying that a good golden dog is a devil before one year old and an angel after one year old). Frontier animal is the most intelligent dog, and it is also a gentle type. This one will not fall in price. Su Mu is a little inferior to the first two, but it is relatively good. It is not recommended to raise ancient animal husbandry. It’s too hard to take care of.. ??¡£ It’s not clear what LZ said was too difficult to serve. Big dogs need more exercise to keep fit. Food is not too hard to serve. Or it’s the dog’s character… This –. The day after tomorrow,,

       Please read the following materials patiently and carefully!! It’s all about the detailed answers to your questions and some of my personal experiences!! I hope it will help you a little bit!! ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£ Siberian Husky Dog.

       Huskies are typically friendly, gentle, alert and sociable. It doesn’t show the dog’s strong possessiveness of territory, does not have too much doubt about strangers, and does not attack other dogs. Samoye.

       I don’t know why so many people have Xiao SA. I don’t think SA is suitable for family. He’s a Labrador pup who likes to be free.

       Loyalty, composure, intelligence, together with children make people feel at ease, always self-sufficient and happy, strong on intruders, suitable for suburban life.

       I used to be a porter, but now I’m very popular. Labrador dogs are excellent sniffers. They were used in the Second World War to search for drugs. Now they are used as dogs to sniff out illegal drugs. Great Pyrenees.

       Gentle and smart, very strange is, although he is a big dog, but he is even more coquettish than a small dog!!! The character is a little divine… Pine lion

       Don’t think the cuddly bear fur will be easy to cuddle. They usually disappoint you because they don’t like the border collie that’s funny.

       This is the world’s number one intelligent dog, the IQ equivalent to an 8-year-old child. It’s a smart dog that can be learned by doing five instructions. The Border Collie is very friendly to friends, but obviously reserved to strangers and friendly with children. He was also an excellent shepherd, and he was happy to learn and satisfied with it. And thrive in human friendship. It is suitable for living outdoors and needs a lot of sports. The Border Collie is not only the best pet dog and companion dog in life, but also a good home guard dog in the family. ***Silver fox.

       ***Silver fox is very strange, very kind to children, but full of vigilance to adults, and more unfriendly to other animals. This kind of dog looks very much like Bomi, which is similar to Fox’s face. It is a German crossbred (really complicated) Shapi Chinese dog produced in the Republic of China. At present, it is a rare variety. It used to be a fighting dog. So Shapi’s character is very active. I didn’t expect him to have the temperament of king, ha ha.

       Butterfly dog puppies.

       The butterfly dog is very approachable, intelligent, happy, alert and friendly. Physical strength is stronger than appearance, like outdoor sports. He is very exclusive to his master and envious of the third party. Su mu.

       Su Mu is very intelligent, good personality, approachable, intelligent and sensitive, and has a good response to gentle obedience training. He is friendly and willing to please the master. He is suitable for careful children. Cheerful and lively personality, strong feeling. Without proper socialization experience, you may be shy or nervous. American Cocker Spaniel.

       He is very active, so he should be given time to exercise regularly. Moreover, the cat on the ear is easy to knot like a hot roll, so it should be taken care of frequently.

       The Miniature Schnauzer.

       It’s German again. The typical mini Schnauzer should be smart, lively, obedient, alert, brave and obedient. It’s friendly, smart, happy to please the director, strong, energetic and loyal. Shih Tzu.

       The sitz is similar to the Maltese, but the fur in the middle of the forehead is white and the top of the tail is white. Xishi dogs like to communicate with people, strong attachment and tolerance, self-confidence, smart, love children and animals, life is very long, can live about 15 years. Ancient animal husbandry.

       Gu Mu is gentle and intelligent, bold, alert, easy-going and friendly. He doesn’t like to run and jump when he grows up, but he is naughty when he is young. Be loyal and friendly to people. Excellent qualifications to lead sheep. German Shepherd Dog.

       German shepherd, black shell is it. He is often called a wolf dog. In fact, the scope of wolf dog is very large. German animal husbandry is German animal husbandry. Tibetan Mastiff.

       Tibetan mastiff, everyone knows very fierce, is very fierce. But he can protect and even protect. Unlike shepherd dogs, they might eat. But the smell of this big dog is very heavy. (not recommended as a PET) spotted dog.

       Spotted dog, also known as barley Town. It’s cute when you’re small, and huge when you grow up. It’s a kind of lively dog. Take him out for a walk every day because he is a gregarious dog. Golden retriever.

       Golden retriever from Russia. Originally used in the circus (it’s really smart).

       According to the requirements of the owner, the following dogs are recommended:

       1. St. Bernard is probably the largest dog (breed) in the world (according to the average weight). It is very powerful in appearance, but extremely gentle in character. It can get along well with people and other animals, and will help take care of children. What is worth noting is that St. Bernard is born with the nature of saving people and has excellent search and rescue ability.

       2. The great white bear is also a super large dog. It is quiet and gentle, never causing trouble. It is very beautiful in appearance. It combines domineering and elegant, and has a royal family flavor. It is estimated that it is the most popular dog among all dogs.

       In addition, there are Pyrenees mastiff, Newfoundland dog also meet your requirements.

       Among the domestic dogs, Chinese mountain dog (endangered species, in urgent need of rescue) and Chinese wolf green are also closer to your requirements.

       1. Border sheep

       2. Husky

       3. Samoye

       4. Golden hair

       5. Songlion dog

       6. Dachshund

       7. Dalmatian

       8. Akita

       9. French Bulldog

       10. Chai dog

       10. Chai dog

       Chai dog is a relatively old dog species, more sensitive senses, is a better hunting dog. Chai dog hair is relatively short, easy to take care of, more alert personality, at home can watch the door, more loyal to the owner, can also play with children.

       Price: 1000-6000 yuan


       9. French Bulldog

       Although the French Bulldog is more serious, it is actually more lively and intelligent. This kind of dog has certain curiosity to the outside world, likes to explore, and is more persistent. It is more friendly to play with children. In addition, it does not like to shed hair, so it is easier to take care of it.

       Price: 1000-1500 yuan

       Origin: France

       8. Akita

       Akita is very docile, not easy to play temper, looks more calm. Akita’s health is very good, not easy to get sick, learning ability is also relatively strong, can be very good to accept the master’s instructions, once the master is determined, will become very loyal.

       Price: 1000-6000 yuan


       7. Dalmatian

       Perhaps the most famous Dalmatian dog is its appearance, they are born with shallow spots, with the growth of age, the spots will become more and more obvious, grow very characteristic. The Dalmatian dog is calm and alert. Its muscles are very developed. It is very obedient to the owner’s words. He is not very good at temper. He can also play with children.

       Price: 1000-1200 yuan

       Origin: Yugoslavia

       6. Dachshund

       Dachshund’s body is very strange, long body, short legs, is a kind of hunting dog. Dachshund is strong, muscular, fast running. It is also cheerful and lively. It is loyal to its owner. However, it is more alert to strangers and requires less living environment. It is easy to raise.

       Price: 1000-2500 yuan

       Origin: Germany

       5. Songlion dog

       Pine lion is actually a kind of dog in China, which has a long history. The character of songlion dog is quite old cadre. He never takes the initiative to pick things up and doesn’t like to run around casually. He only likes to stay in his own territory and stay quiet, or walk around very lazy. It’s easier to raise a songlion.

       Price: 1000-2600 yuan

       Origin: China

       4. Golden hair

       Jinmao is a more common dog in the family now, because it has less requirements for the environment, and is more patient, not easy to lose his temper, and has a more symmetrical and beautiful figure. Jinmao likes to play with children and has a good personality. It has a disadvantage that it has no vigilance and is easy to be fished away.

       Price: 1000-1600 yuan

       Origin: UK

       3. Samoye

       Samoye’s fur color is more pure and beautiful, but also love to be clean. Of course, Samoye is most famous for its daily smile, giving people a sense of intimacy, more lively and lovely. Samoye is very docile, optimistic, with a sense of ease with the situation, relatively low requirements for the living environment.

       Price: 1000-1500 yuan

       Origin: Siberia

       2. Husky

       Husky, namely Siberian sled dog, is one of the three largest non attack dogs in the world. Husky looks a bit like a wolf, but his character is nothing like that of a wolf. He is very timid and timid without the awe and awe of a wolf. He is a complete counsellor. Husky likes to run around, not aggressive, can play well with children. But it also has a nickname, which is “give up” because the owner takes it out to play. If you let it go, it may not have a shadow, so you must hold the rope for husky.

       Price: 1000-2000 yuan

       Origin: Siberia

       1. Border collie

       Border Collie is a kind of shepherd dog, more intelligent, is the most intelligent of all dogs in the world. He has a good learning ability and can easily understand his master’s words. He is gentle and does not like to bark loudly. He is quiet and loyal to his master. These qualities make him a popular dog in the family.


       Origin: Scotland

       1¡¢ Hair

       Golden Retriever can be said to be one of the most common domestic dogs, no matter in rural areas or cities, there are many. This is also because the Golden Retriever is easy to raise, does not require high food requirements, so it is easy to feed, lively and intelligent. In the world dog intelligence ranking, it is also higher than the top, so it is also one of the pet dogs suitable for home keeping.

       2¡¢ Husky

       In the eyes of most people, Husky is a very neurotic dog. However, it is precisely because of this personality that it attracts a number of fans. Although Husky is a little neurotic, we can see from the eyes that husky is gentle.

       3¡¢ Samoyer

       Samoye has always been a popular medium-sized dog. Samoye is covered with snow-white fur and fluffy. The smile of Samoye is very comfortable. Every time I see Samoye, I feel in a good mood. Moreover, Samoye has good endurance and strong physique. Amiable personality is very suitable to accompany the elderly and children in the family

       Many medium-sized dogs can be kept as companion pets, such as Bicocca, Beagle, cockey, border Ranger, Standard Schnauzer, British bull, Australian Shepherd, etc.

       When raising a dog, the most important thing is to see what kind of dog you like better. After all, if you have love, you can keep a good dog and won’t give up because the dog is too naughty.

       Among these medium-sized dogs, the most popular ones are Keji and border herders. It should be noted that they are easy to shed hair, exercise a lot, and have a very lively personality. Keki is also greedy and stubborn. Although he is not as big as the border herders, he has a small amount of food when feeding the Champions League dog food, and his obedience is worse than that of the border herders. However, he is a little more cute than the border herders It’s better to think about it before you raise it. After all, keeping a dog should last at least ten years.

       Jinmao, Gumu, Sumu, Samoye

       These are all kinds that can be raised in ordinary cities

       Tibetan mastiff can’t work, and it’s too expensive… Besides, there are not many good Tibetan Mastiffs now

       Better, at least 300000-500000

       It’s better to buy a car. And another dog

       Among these four kinds, it depends on which one you like… I prefer golden fur

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