Late pregnancy symptoms of cats – symptoms of cat pregnancy

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       As a excrement removal officer, if you are going to let your cat reproduce naturally, then your cat’s pregnancy can be regarded as the top priority in keeping a cat. The excrement removal officer needs to pay attention to the various reactions of the female cat after the cat’s sexual intercourse, so as to take good care of the pregnant master and son. If you want to know if your cat is pregnant, you must learn to observe the symptoms and manifestations of your cat in the early stages of pregnancy. The following small make-up details of the cat’s early pregnancy symptoms and reactions, in order to facilitate you to take better care of the cat.

       Pregnant performance

       1. Cats are prone to coquetry other creatures during pregnancy and estrus, but cats only make noises when they are in heat. If the cat is barking, it may just be in heat. In general, when the cat in estrus will pout up, tail slightly to one side. After this performance, if the cat is mated, all the signs of oestrus will stop.

       2. At the beginning of pregnancy, the appetite of the cat will increase significantly, and the frequency of going to the toilet will become more than before. The cat will begin to shed hair around the cat, and the cat will turn pink, which is different from the previous color. This is an obvious change. This is the most important basis for us to judge whether a cat is pregnant. Generally, we can see this change. There is at least 90% probability that the cat is pregnant.

       3. Pay attention to the shape of the cat. From the side, the pregnant female cat looks a little sagged on the back and has a round belly. If it’s just fat, then it should have more fat all over the body, including the neck and legs. From the top down, the inside of a pregnant cat should be protruding in the middle.

       Precautions after pregnancy

       The amount of feeding should gradually increase with the extension of pregnancy. At the end of pregnancy, the female cat should eat twice as much as before. However, as the growth of the fetus oppresses the surrounding organs, you must increase the feeding frequency and eat less and more meals. It should be noted that do not think that the cat needs nutrition, so it will make the cat too fat, and eventually lead to the kitten is too big, not easy to live.

       If it is delivered at home, the best and simplest delivery room is the carton. It is best to let the female cat adapt to the box one week before the birth. Usually, one or two days before birth, the female cat will have no appetite to eat, and she will be more upset than usual. The closer to the time of birth, the more she will lick her abdomen and the more she will lick her abdomen. Some female cats will be very sticky before giving birth, and will not leave people at all.

       Once a kitten is born, it is necessary to break the fetal sac immediately and let the kitten breathe freely. Usually, the female cat will do this, but some inexperienced or nervous female cats will forget to do so. If this is the case, the owner should help break the capsule, otherwise the kitten will suffocate. If the female cat can’t bite the umbilical cord, the excrement removal officer should also help. During the period of female cat production, the excrement removal officer has a great responsibility. He should learn the relevant knowledge in advance to avoid panic when he gets it.

       Generally speaking, it takes about 3 to 10 days for cats to get familiar with each other

       My kitten only takes one day to be ripe, which is quite special

       In general, only when a female cat makes a cat will she give birth to a kitten

       The appropriate time for cat mating is the second night after oestrus of the female cat. Usually, it can be mated once, and it is more reliable to mate again the next day.

       The symptoms of pregnancy could not be seen until about 20 days later. Early performance: the color of * * gradually turned pink, * * * increased, food intake increased gradually, like to be quiet rather than move, act cautiously, and do not want to play with people. ***It has enlarged, turned red in color, urinated frequently, and was no longer in estrus

       If the cat is pregnant, the cat’s milk will rise. It’s easy to see.

       My stomach will be much bigger than usual~~

       A little longer time can also touch a pimple, is a little cat~

       O(¡É_ ¡É) O ~ ha ha

       Now the stray cats are generally very docile, because they are fed every day, and they are half domesticated.

       However, you should remember to wash your hands after touching stray cats, because stray cats may eat raw food outside and have the following bacteria on their bodies. People are not afraid of it, but your cat may be infected. So just touch and wash your hands~

       Once the female cat is pregnant, the amount of food will gradually increase, some of the usual movements will appear very cautious. When I’m free, I always like to lie in a quiet, warm and bright place. From the point of view of sleeping time, it increases obviously. Most of the sleeping posture is lying with the body stretched out. At the same time, in terms of physical performance, generally speaking, about 20 days after pregnancy, the color of * * gradually becomes pink and * * begins to increase. By the time of a month, the abdominal circumference will begin to thicken.

       In the first ten days after a successful pregnancy, the cat does not like to eat in the morning. This situation usually lasts only 48 hours. During this period, the pregnant cat may slightly vomit several times. Once the female cat is pregnant, her food intake will gradually increase, and some of her usual actions will be very cautious.

       When I’m free, I always like to lie in a quiet, warm and bright place. From the point of view of sleeping time, it increases obviously. Most of the sleeping posture is lying with the body stretched out. At the same time, in terms of physical performance, generally speaking, about 20 days after pregnancy, the color of * * gradually becomes pink and * * begins to increase.

       The character of a pregnant cat may become gentle or rough. By the time of a month, the abdominal circumference will begin to thicken. By the time of 50 days, the fetus should almost be developed. At this time, the presence of the fetus will be obviously felt by touching with hands, but in the process of touching, care should be taken not to press hard, so as not to cause embryo death or abortion

       The symptoms of pregnancy are as follows:

       1. The estrus characteristics of female cats gradually disappear about 3 days after the event.

       2. Around the 20th day of pregnancy, the color of * * will gradually turn pink, and * * will increase, and the amount of food will increase.

       3. After pregnancy, the female cat does not like sports, acts cautiously, sleeps more time, and likes to sleep straight.

       4. The female cat’s penis will become enlarged and red, and urination becomes frequent due to the oppression of the bladder.

       5. The female cat is pregnant about a month, the abdomen begins to enlarge, at this time touch the cat’s abdomen, should be able to feel the fetal activity.

       6. When the female cat is pregnant for 50 days, the fetus has developed and formed. When touching, the fetus can obviously feel the fetus, especially the skeleton part of the fetus is hard, which is easier to feel.

       In addition, we also need to distinguish the performance of the female cat’s false pregnancy. Some female cats can squeeze out milk, but the duration of false pregnancy is shorter than that of normal pregnancy. Generally, about 30 to 40 days, the abdomen will gradually decrease and return to normal.

       False pregnancy is caused by endocrine dysfunction of female cats. Under normal circumstances, if the female cat is not pregnant, the corpus luteum formed in the ovary will disappear. However, for some reason, although the female cat is not pregnant, the corpus luteum does not disappear, so the phenomenon of false pregnancy appears.

       After pregnancy, the female cat becomes cautious and cautious. She likes to rest in a quiet, warm and bright place instead of active.

       Once a cat is pregnant, the earliest change is the change of the cat’s gender. From the third week of pregnancy, the color of the cat’s * * gradually turns pink and increases. After the normal sleep, the cat likes to sleep straight.

       After pregnancy, the cat’s part became fat, red, frequent urination and no longer oestrus. The non pregnant female cat may have had the second estrus performance at this time. About one month after pregnancy, the cat began to gain more dogs in its abdomen. At this time, the left hand gently grasps the cat’s neck skin, and the right hand extends from front to back under the female cat’s abdomen. Starting from the front edge of the pubis, with the thumb, index finger and middle finger, gently and carefully touch the two sides of the abdominal white line to the deep part of the abdominal cavity from the back to the front. You can touch the spherical embryo with a diameter of 2-3 cm and a certain elasticity.

       This kind of marbles like embryos have one row on the left and one on the right, and each row has 1-4 embryos. About 50 days of gestation, the fetus has developed and formed. When touching, you can obviously feel the fetus, especially the hard bone part of the fetus, which is easier to feel.

       It should be pointed out that the abdominal wall palpation for pregnancy diagnosis, must be careful, avoid rude action and by pressing or squeezing hard to count, so as to avoid embryo death and abortion.

       When a female cat is pregnant, she will grow larger, have a better appetite and become anxious.

       Cats are seasonal oestrus animals. Generally, estrus lasts for about a week. During the whole oestrus season, the estrus cycle will be repeated. Some young cats will be in estrus at the age of 4 months. However, it is better to let the cat give birth after half a year old, because the kittens can only complete muscle growth and individual development after 10 months. The best age for a cat is after 1.5 years old and before 7 years old.

       When the female cat and the male cat enter the bridal chamber, the excrement removal officers will start to observe the female cat. In the first two weeks of pregnancy, the change of the female cat is not obvious, only a small increase in weight will occur. Therefore, some excrement removal officers will ignore it and think that the cat in the family is getting fat.

       When reaching the third week of pregnancy, the female cat’s * * will begin to change, and the color will change from white to pink, accompanied by weight gain. When the pregnancy reaches 3-4 weeks, the female cat will have vomiting, poor appetite, drowsiness, etc.

       When the pregnancy reaches 4-5 weeks, the cat’s abdomen will have obvious swelling, * * will change from light pink to bright pink or even red. They will often lick * *, which will cause hair loss on the skin around the cat. As the gestation time goes on, the mood of the female cat will become more irritable. The discomfort and oppression of * * expansion will increase the frequency of their howling.

       The symptoms of a female cat’s pregnancy are as follows: her body is fat, her hair is falling off beside her, and she likes to sleep with her body stretched out.

       Average gestational period: once the female cat enters the estrus period, the best time and frequency of sexual intercourse are: three days each time, 3-4 times a day in the three days.

       We can calculate the expected date of birth of this female cat according to the date of the first day. Most female cats have a gestational period of 61-67 days, with an average of 65 days. If the pregnancy is confirmed to be successful, the natural delivery cycle is within 58-67 days. In addition to this time cycle, the survival rate of kittens born prematurely is not high. Some cats are born after 72 days. In addition, if you know whether you are pregnant or not, you will have hair in about 20 days after mating. There is about a circle of hair loss and small milk bubbles around.

       Pre birth symptoms: female cats generally look for nests everywhere, hide, fidgety, yelling, etc., all of which are pre birth symptoms. Before giving birth, the female cat’s mouth will flow yellow secretions, and it will give birth within 1-2 hours. The owner can touch the cat’s stomach and help him produce quietly and peacefully.

       It is recommended to use paper box, which has better air permeability. There are cat diapers, which can suck amniotic fluid and blood fluid produced by female cats and excreta of kittens.

       1 to see if you are fat

       Many people don’t know whether their cats are obese or pregnant, especially the stray cats. You don’t know where they went during the day and whether they have been mastered by the male cats nearby. If the cat suddenly becomes fat after estrus, it may be pregnant.

       2 to see if the cat’s food intake increases:

       If the cat is pregnant, there is a clear sign that it is eating more. And the cat became lazy and did not like to move. Like to sleep, especially lazy. They are still very vigilant and have a strong sense of territory.

       3. Look at the sleeping position of the cat

       The cat became very sleepy when she was pregnant. Then, as the kittens grew up, the sleeping posture of the female cat began to change. Instead of “cat ball” sleeping method, she stretched out her body. Sleep on your side in your nest.

       Small reminder: the cat pregnant can not live in a small nest, not good for the cat’s health.

       4 the cat’s penis will bulge:

       When a cat is pregnant to a certain extent, the cat’s sex will change. Turn your cat over and observe the shape of the cat. If you see that the cat is bigger and darker. It means that your cat must be pregnant, and the pregnancy days are more than 20 days.

       5. Touch the cat’s belly with your hands

       After a month’s pregnancy, the cat can be clearly felt by touching with hands. Experienced cat owners can sense the presence of several kittens. However, it is not advisable to touch a female cat’s belly directly with her hand. On the one hand, it may be scratched by the female cat; on the other hand, it may affect the fetal position.

       It should be the stage of lactation. In such a fast time, a cat will not have sex in a short time. Her ability to eat and drink should also be related to her lactation period. Has her stool been normal recently? Exclude the possibility of constipation. If she is pregnant, the color of * * will become darker. It is the nature of predators to covet birds. It may be that after giving birth, the burden on all aspects of the body is less, So you have to be vaccinated. It’s not only for the sake of the cat, but also for your health. After all, the risk of external infection is higher, so we must not lose heart to those who are closest to cats. I can’t say anything else. Don’t worry too much. Besides, although the kitten died, Lactation still has to go through, don’t let the cat eat too much, and if the milk secretion is sufficient and there is no kitten sucking, I don’t quite understand whether there will be any caking and other problems. You should consult the doctor nearby to see if there is no need for special attention

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