Leopard cat and ordinary cat – can leopard cat keep it? What’s the difference between leopard cat and general cat

       Bangladesh can be raised directly.

       Leopard cat (civet) needs to meet the following requirements: (1) approval from the Provincial Forestry Administration (Department of agriculture and Forestry); 2) prior approval of “wild animal domestication and breeding license”. Only when the conditions are satisfied can they be raised.

       In fact, the Bengal leopard cat is a cross between a domestic cat and a leopard cat (mountain beaver). Because the mountain cat belongs to a small beast, it is more fierce and not suitable for being a pet.

       Leopard cat is a kind of feline with beautiful fur. It has brown spots on the back of its tail, and its tail is black or dark brown. They are slightly larger than domestic cats, about 45-95cm in size, with longer legs and about half the length of their tails.

       With the distribution of different areas, their hair has a variety of background colors, including light brown, yellow, gray brown or reddish brown. In the north, it is often grayish brown. They are dotted with large or small dark brown or black spots. They often have four dark longitudinal stripes from the forehead to the neck. They also have stripes around their limbs and tail. In addition, they often have a stripe on their back that runs through the whole body. Their abdomen and chest are white.

       Their hair is different in length. If in the north, the hair appears long and dense. In the south, it becomes a short haired cat with a small head and a narrow snout. Their chin is white, with white markings on the inside of the eye socket and on both cheeks. Leopard cat’s ear is longer, the tip is round, black ear back is also printed with white spots.

       Gala cat

       Bengal leopard cat is a very unique cat species. Its ancestor is a hybrid of the Asian Leopard Cat and the Egyptian domestic cat. This cat species was recognized by TICA International Cat Association in 1984. But it must be four generations after the Asian leopard cat can be considered a real Bengal leopard cat.

       In the generation of Bengal leopard cats (the fourth generation of leopard cats), only 1 / 8 of the Asian Leopard Cat’s lineage is left on the body of the cats. They are divorced from the wild nature of the Asian leopard cats, and their temperament begins to be as gentle as other domestic cats. When the cat breed to the fourth generation, wild left 1 / 8 in the body, Bengal leopard cat this breed produced! However, many people like abbreviations, but when it comes to pets, these two names refer to one species, which refers to the Bengal leopard cat.

       Cats have been domesticated by humans for 3500 years (but completely domesticated like dogs), and now cats are the most widely used pets in families around the world. Studies have shown that if cats don’t eat mice, their night vision ability will be reduced and their ability of night activities will be lost for a long time. According to a study by Heidelberg University in Germany, there is a kind of taurine in mice, which can enhance the night vision ability of creatures, but cats can’t do it by themselves and can only be supplemented by eating mice. Civet cat is also called leopard cat, bobcat and wild cat. It belongs to Mammalia, Carnivora and Felidae. It is good at running, can sneak attack, can climb up trees, often in the forest area, also seen in the Bush, bold, ferocious, night out activities. The leopard cat is a carnivorous animal. It mainly feeds on birds. It often hunts other animals by ambush. It also eats rats, snakes, frogs and fruits. Leopard cat is a national second class protected animal. I hope it can help you

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