Life span of Chinese country cat – how to keep Chinese country cat?

       The normal life span of rural cats is more than 17 years old, but the average life span of domestic cats is generally less than 15 years old.

       Cats, like dogs, can’t eat salt, and their cats can’t absorb and remove salt smoothly, so most of the domestic cats die of renal failure.

       Do not try to feed the cat food, even if not feed cat food, do not let it eat salt, can let the cat live longer, more healthy.

       Extended data:

       Among the domestic animals, cats are the most hygienic. You can see that cats wash their faces with their paws every day. And, every time in the fixed place to defecate, after defecation, should use claw to cover the excrement. The habit that cats like to clean is an important reason why people are willing to keep cats. But is it true that, as people imagine, they pay attention to hygiene and love cleanliness as a hobby?

       In fact, the cat’s grooming is entirely out of physiological needs. If the cat licks the fur with its tongue, it is to stimulate the secretion of sebaceous glands, make the hair bright and smooth, not easy to be wet by water, and can lick a small amount of vitamin D, promote the normal development of bones, but also make the hair fluffy and promote the function of heat dissipation.

       As long as you pay attention to when cats are good at grooming, it is not difficult to understand that cats usually begin to groom and groom their fur after eating and playing, or after chasing prey, exercising violently and waking up in the sun. In the hot season or after strenuous exercise, the body produces a lot of heat. In order to keep the body temperature constant, the excess heat energy must be discharged from the body.

       We can solve this problem by washing or sweating, but the sweat glands of cats are not developed, so they can’t evaporate a lot of water. Therefore, cats use their tongue to smear saliva on their fur. The evaporation of water in saliva can take away heat and play a role in cooling and relieving heat. Regular carding during depilation can promote the growth of new hair. In addition, it can prevent the hair from being infected with parasitic diseases, such as fleas and hair lice, and keep healthy.

       Reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia: China Rural cat

       The normal life span of a cat is more than 17 years old, but the average life span of domestic cat is less than 15 years old. How long you live depends on how you raise it. Cats, like dogs, can’t eat salt, and their cats can’t absorb and remove salt smoothly, so most of the domestic cats die of renal failure. You can’t let it eat what you eat. Try to feed cat food. Even if you don’t feed cat food, don’t let it eat salt. It can make the cat live longer and be healthy. I’m in Italy. There are not many cats here (because cats are very expensive = =, my daughter is a Maine cat. The most common one bought 600 euro, with a discount of more than 5000. All cats are more than 500 Euro = =), but it is normal for cats here to live to be about 20 years old

       Native cats are born with stronger physique than other breeds of cats. They are strong and strong. Because they are hybrid cats, they have a large gene pool and generally have no genetic diseases or genetic defects. Compared with the strains of cats, they have a certain ability to survive in the wild, which can be said to be the cat with the strongest adaptability and physique.

       Generally, native cats are lively, independent, clingy and curious. They like chasing prey and taking risks. Of course, because of the genetic uncertainty, some of them may be quiet. When they are young, they may be a little aggressive. In fact, they regard people as playmates, so they will catch and bite their owners. But listen carefully, they snore, so in fact, they are snoring It’s very happy.

       Like ordinary cats, ordinary cats can’t eat things, such as chocolate, onion, fresh food, salt, sugar, organic phosphorus, etc. they can’t eat it. It can’t be said that the native cat has a good constitution and can be given to it freely. Once it’s OK, it doesn’t mean that it’s OK for the second time. It’s better to cook the raw food before eating it. It’s generally recommended to buy some excellent products according to the owner’s own financial ability The quality of cat food and nutrition is better. There is a strange enzyme in their mouth called “tongue lipolytic enzyme”. When they eat food containing triglycerides, those will turn back to bitter fatty acids. Therefore, they don’t like this kind of food. Of course, overfeeding will cause them to be too fat and unhealthy.

       “Chinese country cat” is a general name for domestic cats in China. Among them, there are cihuamao, orange cat, Sichuan Jianzhou cat, Sanhua cat, white cat, black cat, etc. among them, cihuamao and Huangli are the most common (gray civet cat is rare). Among them, the orange cat is the most likely to get fat, while the Shandong lion cat with pure white fur and heterochromatic eyes is particularly rare and precious.

       The following five kinds of cats are not easy to get sick.

       The first kind of cat: Lion cat

       Generally speaking, cats in our country are not easy to get sick because they are more adapted to our country’s environment. The lion cat is a kind of cat that is not easy to get sick. The most troublesome thing to keep a lion cat is to give it a bath. In addition to the trouble of bathing it, the owner doesn’t need to worry about other aspects. After all, do you think it looks like some famous cat? Yes, it looks like a puppet cat, but its price is much cheaper than that of a puppet cat. If you want to keep a Muppet cat and are not willing to spend money, you can take it home.

       The second kind of cat: cihuamao

       The cat with independent personality and good temper is also a kind of cat that is not easy to get sick. People who have raised cihuamao know that cihuamao doesn’t love food very much. What it likes most is playing. Even if it is not happy, it will become very happy after a while. Moreover, because it often plays, plays and indirectly exercises its own body, so its body is also particularly strong. If it is in good health, the number of sick people will naturally decrease a lot. In addition, it is one of the cats in China. It is very adapted to the environment of our country, and it is impossible to get sick. If you keep it, you can save yourself a lot of heart.

       The third kind of cat: orange cat

       In fact, if you want to make yourself less sick, it is also very important to have a good meal. Orange cat is a kind of cat that can eat and eat very well. The first thing it does every day is to ask for food from its owner. After eating food, it will make plans according to the mood. If it is in a good mood, it will go back to sleep for a while. If it is in a bad mood, it will get up and go out for a walk ¡£ It is because of its simple life, no worries, good mood and can eat, so it almost will not get sick.

       The fourth kind of cat: beautiful short

       This kind of cat’s figure is particularly good, better than the body of the Bravo cat, and its personality is very lively, very active, if we keep it, we will be awakened by its running around every morning. Its physical quality is also very good, as long as the owner reasonably raises it, takes care of it seriously, it will hardly get sick.

       The fifth kind of cat: English short cat

       This kind of cat has been very popular in recent years. Do you know why? There are two reasons, one is because it has a good temper, and the other is because it is easy to feed. British short cat is really a very well fed cat, it is not greedy, and relatives, the most important thing is that it can hardly get sick.

       Although the above five kinds of cats are not easy to get sick, as the owner should do something.

       First, for kittens ready to take home, it is recommended to go to the hospital for physical examination to check whether there are infectious diseases, parasitic diseases, skin diseases, etc., and then within 7-10 days after they are brought home for breeding, it is better not to bathe, expel insects, change food, vaccinate or transport for a long distance.

       Second, regularly and timely vaccinate cats, regularly deworming and cleaning ear canal, regular cleaning and disinfection of environment, and regular physical examination for cats.

       Third, when the cat is four or five months old, it starts to eat chemical wool cream, fish oil or lecithin to supplement nutrition and improve resistance

       The country cats are also easy to get sick, but people don’t pay attention to them. Good family cats can live to be over 12 years old. The life span of country cats wandering is 2-4 years old. Diseases, fights, bad weather and being injured are the causes of their death. However, if they are rescued from childhood, they can live a long time like other cats It is a pure carnivorous animal. If a cat is not kept well, it will be easy to get sick. If it is raised well, it will not have a big problem. This comes from people rather than cats. Any cat species has its own unique genetic diseases, which is inevitable.