Little dragon mink Angelu anglu pet mink

       =My uncle’s family specializes in minks..

       The mink shed its hair because it was changing….. Some of the hair changes early or late.. Don’t worry too much… At this time, we should pay attention to add the right amount of trace elements and vitamins to him.

       And, um.. Generally, the price of Oriental pet mink more than 5 months is more than 3000 yuan (the price of less than five months will fluctuate by 400 ~ 600 yuan)..

       You are so cheap, you can’t rule out that the mink peddler bought it in restaurants and other places and gave it to you. If you ask if it’s a wild mink, it’s possible, but it’s more likely to be artificially bred.

       I advise you to vaccinate him and sterilize him. (because I don’t have to tell you what to do ~ roar ~)

       Oh, by the way, as for the problem of pimples on the tail, I don’t know the symptoms, and I don’t know how to answer you, so I’d better go to the hospital.

       Hello, it’s said that Machel is longer than Angelu. The color of Machel is more white, and Angelu’s fur is colorful. It is said that Machel is more gentle in character. However, many minks pretend to be pet minks. In fact, Machel and Angelu are not mink breeds, but two business brands that breed pet mink, just like McDonald’s and KFC. So if you want to buy authentic mink, you’d better go to the regular store to do deodorant gland surgery, sterilization, implantation chip and relevant certificates.

       Because of its independent character, it may take a long time for you to get close to you and jump on you. It is worth noting that there are many small problems and high environmental requirements for chinchilla.. It’s a bit troublesome to raise in the south. The mink is very gentle and lovely. The rabies and small dogs are once a year. It’s not troublesome at all, and it’s also attached. It’s very fat and cute. She also likes to cling to people and is coquettish. She may not be very docile at the beginning. It’s because of the strange environment. As long as the interaction is good, you can get familiar with it immediately, and it’s super docile. Any pet will come back meekly in the new environment. Angolu is made in China, and the price is relatively cheap. At around 2000-5000 yuan, Machel is imported The cost is about 3000 to 6000 yuan.

       I think pet mink is easy to keep. You see, in the United States now, the pet mink has become the third largest pet in addition to cats and dogs, which naturally has a reason. Pet mink can be put out like a dog for free. You don’t have to be caged like a chinchilla. You can also teach the mink some actions. Chinchilla also takes time to play with her every day. Otherwise, she will forget her owner. She also has high requirements on environment and temperature. So think about it. If you have energy, in fact, chinchilla is a good choice. After all, chinchilla is also very cute ¡£

       10 reasons for liking chinchilla: 1. Sentimental and sensitive, like a little girl, very cute.

       2. Not only do you want to be spoiled, but also appreciate it when you show it.

       3. Clean and free of parasites.

       4. The fur is soft and warm, with excellent hand feeling. It can be used as a hand stove to warm hands in winter.

       5. Be quiet and don’t speak in general.

       6. Easy to satisfy, a raisin can make it happy, and would like to open the cage.

       7. Simple life, only 60 yuan per month.

       8. Every day when you come home from work, they are ready to play with you.

       9. Long life and 20 years of good parenting.

       10. Be independent and spend the weekend on your own. You don’t need to think about it

       All three species have been raised. It should be said that the best way to keep the gliders is to feed them. As long as they are fed basic food, they don’t have to worry about them, because they are small in size and easy to take care of. For a pet mink, in addition to food, they should also bathe them regularly, take out their ears, cut their nails and clean up their excrement. For Dragonfly, in addition to feeding them every day, if they are kept in cages, their flying feathers and droppings are more serious, and the cages are better In addition, chinchilla has a high temperature requirement. Basically, it must turn on the air conditioner in summer, which costs a lot.

       If you are close to others, you can play with the gliders. Recently, people should be Angora mink, which is more interactive; if chinchilla is not so interactive, it is more ornamental. Many times, its expression is super cute.

       The IQ of two children.

       Angulus mink can be domesticated, and its IQ is higher than that of cats and dogs, and the intelligence level is even equivalent to that of two and a half years old. Usually, it can be taught to do a lot of difficult movements, such as rolling around on the ground. In the United States, Europe and * *, keeping Angelu mink has become a fashion trend. Pet mink has become the third largest pet under dogs and cats.

       Extended data

       Purchase method

       For first-time breeders, adult minks should be chosen instead of young minks as the first pet mink. Feeding young mink is more challenging and more suitable for experienced breeders. In general, a two-year-old mink should be an ideal choice for first-time people.

       If you really want a mink in particular, some psychological preparation is essential. It is not an easy task to train him not to bite, not to grasp things, to use the toilet and so on. Most of the minks on sale in Beijing are young minks of this type. Please make sure your mink is no less than two months old before purchase. Early weaning will cause health and behavioral problems in the future.

       When choosing a pet mink, health should be the first concern (followed by size, gender and color). A healthy mink should have bright eyes of the same size (continuous tears or eye droppings are not good), clean ears (no smell, ear wax or ear mites), clean teeth, and long, bright whiskers It cannot be broken or broken.

       A mink’s nose can be cold, wet or dry and warm. Nose is not a factor in judging whether a mink is healthy or not. Just make sure he doesn’t have shortness of breath. The hair should be smooth and as soft as satin. There should be no parasites, protuberances or boils on the body. The soles of the feet should be ruddy and glossy, and the nails should be trimmed without splitting.

       Check the mink for immune records. Young minks should be vaccinated with three doses of canine distemper vaccine (fervac-d or galaxy-d) at 4 months and rabies vaccine at 6 months. Adult minks should have a record of vaccination against canine distemper and rabies every year.

       With these health tests and immune records, you can tell that you are choosing a healthy mink. Please check with the pet store to verify the correctness of the immune information. This will ensure that your mink is healthy when you have him. Of course, this does not guarantee that he will not get sick in the future.

       matters needing attention:

       1. If your mink is less than one year old and more than four months old, you can dry the food, but don’t feed it into food. They can’t digest it for a while.

       2. If your mink is less than four months old, you can only eat the staple food. Other things can’t be fed, such as nutrition cream, hair removing cream and snacks. Moreover, the staple food can only be softened (it is recommended to grind it into powder and add some water to make it paste, because if you soak the grain directly, it is difficult to soften, and it is easy for nutrition to be fed with water).

       3. Mink can only eat mink food, special snacks, nutrition cream, water, hair cream, special fur care items, probiotics.


       1. Never feed dairy products, no matter what it is. Minks can’t digest it, and they don’t need it. Drink easy vomiting, easy dehydration.

       2. Never feed fruits, vegetables, snacks, etc. they can’t digest sugar and fiber.

       3. We must not feed salty food. Salt will make them collapse easily, so we can’t feed them.

       4. It is determined to eat less meat. In general, the food nutrition of mink is enough, and meat is not needed at all. Moreover, many functions of mink as pets have been degraded.

       Reference Baidu Encyclopedia – Angelu mink

       Pet mink – like a cat, Angelou mink is as clean as a cat. It likes to curl up and sleep. It is smart. At the same time, it is like a dog close to people, like to run around with the master, especially it is full of curiosity about everything, not timid, not depressed, full of exploration spirit, add endless fun to the owner’s life. Like cats and dogs, minks can accompany their owners for more than ten years. In general, minks live between eight and twelve years. The young mink is playful and active. After the age of five, they start to be quiet. But quiet, they still like to play with the host, will ask for more love from the host. They climb up to your knees while you’re watching TV and let you stroke their belly and sleep. Minks were born weighing less than 50 grams. By 5 weeks, the weight increased to about 180 grams. The 6-month-old mink has basically reached the adult shape. Generally speaking, the weight of adult mink is about 1.5 kg, which is slightly different between male and female. They are graceful and slender, with body lengths ranging from 30 cm to 50 cm.

       Food habits

       The structure of mink’s digestive system is completely different from that of cats and dogs. Their digestive tract is very short. For this reason, owners should never let them eat cat food or dog food for a long time. Mink is a pure carnivore, in its staple food, the proportion of meat should account for more than 90%, and must be fresh, no corruption. Due to people’s love for minks, their special mink food has been developed very early, which can not only ensure the nutrition they need for their physical development, but also be deeply loved by them, which is very much their appetite. In addition, to provide them with clean drinking water at any time is also a key point, which can not be ignored.


       Mink has been domesticated by human for a long time, so it has no ability to survive in the wild. As the responsible owner, it should be kept indoors and be prepared to make the hole drillable. Because this little guy is an expert at drilling holes. When he sees the long narrow passage, he is eager to try. However, sometimes we can’t determine whether the other end of the passage is dangerous or not, and whether it leads to the outdoor. Therefore, for the sake of safety, we still seal the hole and give it some tubular toys, and it will be equally happy.

       Temperature and humidity: mink’s ancestors used to live in underground caves in cool climates, so they couldn’t adapt to high temperature and humidity. To this day, they are still very sensitive to heat. Generally speaking, 25 degrees centigrade is the temperature they feel comfortable with, and the maximum temperature cannot exceed 30 degrees Celsius. High temperature can cause heat stroke, heat exhaustion and even death. Owners should pay attention to avoid placing the mink’s cage or nest in the air outlet or the place where the sunlight can be direct, or near the air conditioner or heater. For minks, the appropriate humidity should be kept between 50% and 70%. In most areas of China, the humidity is within this range, so it is not a problem for mink babies with strong vitality

       1. According to the national expert research report, the intelligence quotient of domestic pet ferret is 30 times that of dog, it can be domesticated very well. Ferrets are very clean. They will choose a fixed place to excrete. Its claws are very sharp, but it is very gentle, does not bite or scratch people. White ferrets are more expensive. Mink is a new type of pet. Although there are not many people raising it now, I believe that in the near future, this intelligent animal will become a good friend of mankind.

       2. They are graceful and slender, generally between 30 and 50 cm in length, and breed viviparous. The weight of adult mink is about 1.5 kg, which is slightly different between male and female.

       Angelu mink, also known as Angelu pet mink, belongs to one of the more common pet ferrets. However, it is actually of the Mustela genus, so it has a strong odor. All angulus minks produced by regular manufacturers have undergone deodorization surgery. The life span of the Angora mink ranges from 8 to 12 years. The young mink is playful and active. Angulus mink can be domesticated, and its IQ is higher than that of cats and dogs, and the intelligence level is even equivalent to that of two and a half years old. Usually, it can be taught to do a lot of difficult movements, such as rolling around on the ground. In the United States, Europe and * *, keeping Angelu mink has become a fashion trend. Pet mink has become the third largest pet under dogs and cats.

       Angelus is a pet mink, but it has not been domesticated for as long as Marcel. However, his reputation of biting people was wronged. It was the same as when dogs and cats played with people when they were children, only because animals were playing with each other. Angolu became more and more stable after more than four months. It’s really miserable to bleed every day. I haven’t seen blood on more than 20 of them in my shop for more than a month. However, when they pulled out their hands, they were scratched by their claws, and they were just red marks.

       You can say that Angora is not as good or dull as marcel, but it can’t be said to be fur mink. It’s totally different from each other in terms of physique, appearance and personality.

       As for body odor, it is the smell of small animals, and there is no special smell. You can take a dog, you can take a mink, and it may even smell a little bit smaller than a golden or a cocker dog.

       It has a little flavor, because it has short intestines. It is pulled once every two hours. It has a lot of defecation at the end of the day. Most of the flavor is on the stool. The speed of clearing can’t catch up with the speed of platoon. It’s not fur mink. If you want to raise one, you’d better think about it first. Angelu is very lively. If you don’t spend two months with each other, it’s easy to bite. I’m bloodletting every day, and it’s quite smart If you’re afraid, it’s even worse. It’s hard to manage

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