Long haired yellow white cat with folded ears – what kind of cat is long hair

       The long hairy fold ear is generally called the highland fold ear cat. The data all say that the gene bank was narrow and mixed with the atavistic long hair after the Persian

       The blue color is reliable. Most of the domestic mixed jinjila products with silver layer are basically the same as short hair requirements, such as face shape, eye shape and body shape. Of course, the most important thing is to be healthy, and the tail is soft and healthy

       Mixed Jinja’s hair is longer, thicker and more white. The most important thing is that the eyes are very heavy. If you mix Jinja, your eyes will be great. If you mix the domestic Jinja, it will be difficult to distinguish the nose and eye from abroad.

       Do you like high fold ears?

       If you want to breed, you can buy a better pure breed cat. The market is controlled in part of the circle

       In general people’s impression, folding eared cats are short haired cats, in fact, there are long hair folding ear cats. Some people may think that the cat is a cross between the cat and other breeds of long hair, but this view is wrong. Although this method can be used to breed feline with long hair, the real cat with long hair is produced by mutation of cat with short hair and has nothing to do with other cats with long hair.

       In the United States, the Scotch fold eared cat and the Persian cat crossbreed to produce a new long cat species, called plateau fold ear cat or long hair Scottish Fold ear cat. TICA has recognized the variety.