Male dog urethral abscess blood ache – how does male dog urethral inflammation deal with?

       The dog may have got inflammation! To clean the dog with normal saline, trim the hair around the dog, and try to keep the skin dry to avoid moist bacteria. Can use skin Kang Ling to treat! When spraying, try to spray it to the inside of the dog. Avoid licking it after applying the medicine, so as not to affect the effect! If the dog’s urinary tract is affected, there is blood in urine or urine does not come out, it is necessary to take the dog to the hospital as soon as possible! You can put on an anti licking ring for your dog to avoid licking!

       1. The manufacture of simple catheter for stone operation in male dogs: take the thin tube near the scalp needle end of disposable infusion tube, determine the length of the thin tube according to the estimated distance between urethral orifice and bladder, cut off the part of the needle end and retain the mouthpiece of mouthpiece. The skin was cut longitudinally about 2cm on the surface of the posterior cartilaginous calculi. The subcutaneous fascia was separated, and the urethral mucosa was cut (the incision size was suitable to extrude the stone), and the stone was removed. The stone is a yellow ball the size of a pea. A small amount of yellow sand can be washed out by washing the bladder from the urethral orifice to the bladder. The 3 / 0 absorbable suture was used to suture the nodules around the urethral mucosa. The skin was sutured with line 4. Fixation of catheter: about 0.5cm away from the opening of the catheter, use No.7 suture to pass through the catheter. Then tie the wool and the catheter together, turn the tip of the hair and tie it with the end of the thread. Finally, thread the tail through the gap between the fur and the catheter, and wind it to the surface of the bound fur, and then tie the knot to fix it

       Remember to adopt it

       It’s better to take it to the hospital to have a look and ask about the cause of the disease. It may be that the dog has been accidentally exposed to the things or environment that cause the disease. If you know the cause of the disease, you will know how to prevent it. If the condition is serious and there is wound damage and infection, you should choose injection therapy. Most veterinarians now use either ivermectin or doramectin, which are of the same kind, but the latter is a new generation. Ivermectin was injected every three days and doramectin was injected once a week. Their side effect is that they have the chance to affect the quality of fertility, and it is better to give birth again every six months after injection. If there is infection, appropriate injection, oral, external application of antibiotics. One thing to be reminded is that many veterinarians still use a drug called lincomycin when they use antibiotics (it’s cheap). Lincomycin is nearly out of date. It’s better to choose a new generation of clindamycin. If the condition is not too serious, please use DMEM emulsion, which was originally developed for pigs and cattle, but can also be used for cats and dogs. This medicine has irritating odor and has certain side effects. If it is not used properly, it may cause poisoning. Also very cheap coal tar – the use of coal tar is a very effective indigenous method, you can buy a coal tar lotion called “zeta” in the major pharmacies, which is originally used to treat seborrheic dermatitis

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