Matters needing attention after sterilization of Siamese cats

       Sterilization has nothing to do with variety. The risk of sterilizing male cats is much less than that of female cats.

       As long as you take good care of it, you won’t.

       A cat is human. You can feel it when you are good to it. Don’t take this as unscientific. It was caused by its owner or other factors. Generally speaking, a cat’s character will be better after sterilization.

       Some male compatriots think that sterilization is harmful to cats, which is a very unscientific idea. After sterilization, the cat’s risk of urinary disease will be greatly reduced, will not cry, and will not run away. After sterilization, as long as you take good care of the cat, the absolute advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

       Fasting 24 hours before sterilization and water tight for 12 hours.

       Looking for a good hospital. There is no more formal hospital, if you have the ability to go to the hospital in the big city. The operating table must be clean. Additional: male feline sterilization generally does not exceed 200. Due to great differences in regions, it is only for reference. Last time I saw a male cat sterilized 600. I’m really blind. Be careful of being trapped.

       In order to prevent the cat from licking the wound, it is recommended to buy the Elizabeth circle of appropriate specifications (available in pet hospital / pet store)

       When sterilizing, the doctor should be told to drop eye drops for cats. The eye drops are usually prepared. It is better not to use human eye drops (different ingredients). Because the cat can’t blink after anesthesia, if it doesn’t drip, beautiful eyes may sag and seriously damage vision. Every ten minutes or so

       After sterilization, check whether the cut is two complete pills. Which doctor hand a draw cut half can cause inflammation..

       After sterilization, you can choose to wake up naturally or take wake-up drugs. There are not many accidents in these two methods. It’s about an hour to wake up naturally. If the time is long, be sure to use wake-up medicine.

       Generally speaking, when a cat wakes up, it will have enuresis. Wipe it off quickly with paper. After all, it stinks. Don’t leave a memorial for the hospital Five or six times after that, there could be a bad smell

       Take a warm, flat box and put the cat in it.

       You may just try to move with the cat. Some cats are indifferent to their owners before sterilization, but they become very sticky to their owners after sterilization. Here you can choose to feed what it likes to eat, one is to encourage, the other is to replenish physical strength.

       The cat may jump up and down after a complete recovery. Be careful not to crack the wound.

       That’s the main part of cat sterilization.


       It’s better to sterilize two cats. It’s for the cat’s good.

       It is said that Siam has a bad temper and can’t tolerate another pet… ¡û goods not studied in Siam

       1. It will get fat. After sterilization, you just need to control the diet and then give him more calcium. It is better for the market to take him in the sun to bask in the sun, so that the cat’s body will not be fat, but will become more and more healthy.

       2. A cat’s childhood is 1-2 months. At that time, it is very active. When it is 3-4 months old, it is lively. When it reaches 8-9 months, it doesn’t care much about people. It’s normal that our cat is not sterilized. It’s just like that when it’s bored, it will come to rub you and ask you to scratch his belly. Therefore, you must care about him to feel it To your love.

       3. Sterilized cats will not be in estrus or the like in the future. The impact of sterilization on cats is not great, and they will not grow old in advance. Generally speaking, sterilization is good for them. After sterilization, cats will become very docile~

       4. After sterilization, you will be asked to take a circle to prevent him from licking his wounds. He must be given more nutrition in those days ~ the sterilization of male cats is relatively simple, and the safety is higher than that of female cats, so you can rest assured.

       1^_ ^Control diet, appropriate calcium. After sterilization, the amount of exercise is reduced, and the change of hormone will make you fat. Need to increase the amount of exercise and diet control, the way you choose.

       2¡£ Some cats are more apathetic after sterilization

       3¡£ There are no reports on aging. It’s not good to be in estrus

       4¡£ It’s best to have both sterilized.

       5¡£ Note that you can first check which hospital is more reliable, and then remember to disinfect your home. Male feline sterilization is relatively simple and safe

       As long as the cat is sterilized, it will get fat

       2. It depends on the cat’s character. If you like playing, it will stick to people. Sterilization will not change a cat’s character too much. At most, it will not be a female cat

       I consulted the veterinarian and he said that there was no other food except eating more and getting fatter.

       If you pay attention to it, you should make a proper supplement. If the cat is in many places, the relationship will be better. Siam in our family hates other cats. It’s best not to let them meet for a while after sterilization…

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