Measures to solve the problem of cat hair loss in spring

       The cat has been depilated in spring, and the cat itself will feel very worried, so as the owner can not ignore, some simple methods can let the cat happy through this embarrassing season, make the cat more comfortable life.

       1¡¢ Always bathe and groom cats

       Sometimes it’s not just when the season gets warmer or colder. If you give them a bath with the wrong shampoo, it will also produce hair removal phenomenon, even more serious than natural shedding. Therefore, if you don’t want your cat to lose hair due to skin disease, you must use a special pet bath to bathe them. Buy a special brush for cats and use a special comb for pets. Some cats and dogs with long hair need to brush their hair once a day, while those with short hair can comb once a week. Let the natural hair fall off in the brush, one-time processing, rather than let their hair tangled after running around the room, so that the hair will not be scattered in the furniture cracks and air.

       2¡¢ Pay attention to the cat’s diet

       Do not give them salty food, control salt intake, too much salt intake, will lead to pet hair loss.

       3¡¢ Pay attention to the cat’s mood

       Don’t let the cat in the mood of excitement, tension or fear, which can reduce the possibility of their hair loss. Moreover, it is the owner’s responsibility to provide a quiet environment for small animals.

       4¡¢ Keep cat skin healthy

       Often take cats out in the sun, and let them run, so that the cat’s health. Healthy cats rarely lose their hair in general. Choose the right lotion. A good bath fluid may protect your pet’s fur, reduce the amount of hair loss, and prevent skin diseases. Because of skin disease or parasitic large number of dog lice and fleas caused by depilation, it is best to find out the cause first, consult the relevant pet doctor or experienced person to suit the medicine to the case.

       Cat’s health lies in the owner’s experience of care, especially in the cat’s special period, at this time for the cat’s hair, can enhance the feelings with the cat oh.

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