Mother cat teaches kittens to use litter – is cat born with litter and how to teach cat litter quickly

       In fact, in most cases, the female cat will teach her kittens to use the litter basin. But the stray cats that have just been adopted home may not.

       1¡¢ Correct selection of litter Basin

       1. Choose a large litter basin

       The common reason why cats don’t use litter pots is that they are too small for cats. This is especially important if your cat is still growing. If your cat is in its infancy or old age, remember to replace the litter basin with a low threshold type that is easy to access.

       3. Choose to place an extra litter basin

       If the room is large enough, you can choose to place an extra litter basin at home to help the cat get used to it. If there are two or more cats in the house, it is suggested that the number of litter basins should be added to the original number of cats.

       2¡¢ Teach cats how to use litter pots

       1. Know the toilet time of cats

       In general, cats need to go to the toilet after rest, running or after eating. Learning a cat’s schedule can help you determine when it’s time to go to the toilet. When you think it’s about to release itself, take it directly to the litter basin instead of the sofa.

       2. Play with the cat near the litter Basin

       Since many cats excrete after playing and running, you can promote excretion by accompanying your cat near the litter basin. When it has signs of defecation, guide it into the litter basin to complete.

       3. Teach the cat how to use it

       If your cat has never been taught to use a litter pan by his mother, you may need to tell him how to do it, but don’t mean to let you stink in the litter, but you have to take it to the litter pan and teach him how to dig holes in the litter.

       First, you scrape some litter aside with your fingers until the cat learns to sand. If your cat poops in a litter pan, but hasn’t learned to bury it, use your hand to pull some litter on its excrement. It will take time, but eventually the owner will understand that you want him to learn these behaviors.

       If the cat owner is in other places, remember to put the poop in the litter pan in front of him and teach him to cover it. Other urination and defecation place remember to use special cleaning agent to clean.

       If the cat owner is fixed in a certain place to excrete, you can choose to put the litter basin on the top of that place, which will make it easier for him to learn to use the litter basin.

       Finally, you need to remember that you must be patient with the cat owner, and don’t yell at him. This is not helpful for his learning.

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       The litter should be bigger, not too high, and not too little sand. How much do you feel about it. The poop pulled by the cat should be put in the litter and tied there until it is pulled. If it is pulled outside, hit it and teach it to pull inside. If you pull it once or twice, you will pull it inside, but you have to clean it regularly. If it is too dirty, it will not pull inside

       First of all, observe your kitten, after eating about how long after defecation, drink water after urination. In front of it, put the litter in the litter basin and let it watch and bury it.

       Record the fixed defecation time and put it in the litter basin after eating to defecation time.

       You can learn it by repeating it a few times

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