Muppets don’t stick to people – what are the characteristics of Muppets?

       Text / tease the cat for a while

       Many people know that dogs are sticky, while cats are cold. As a matter of fact, only senior excrement removal officials know that soft cute cats look like queens and look down upon the common people. In fact, their hearts are very simple. The so-called “high cold” is only shown to strangers by his majesty meow. He treats familiar people or their beloved excrement shoveling officers. They are also very sticky. Although cats are very sticky, but these cats are definitely “fighting cats” in the sticky spirit.

       Number one: gentle puppet cat

       Puppet cat is not only the beauty, but also the gentlest of all cats. It can’t be separated from human’s cute for a moment. They like to quietly accompany the host, friendly looking at you, blue clear eyes, innocent and silly. It is said that puppets are bred according to people’s own will, so they are born with kinship attributes, just like gentle partners. If you prefer sticky cats, you can raise a small puppet, which is your best “little cotton padded jacket”.

       Second place: miner Siamese cat

       Siamese cats are very distinctive in appearance and are often ridiculed as coal diggers. However, in fact, they have a long history and are legendary. It is said that the emissary who can communicate with the gods has been the famous product Mao since ancient times. In Thailand, they are usually kept in temples and palaces. They belong to the worshipped national cats. They are naturally gentle and friendly to people. However, this “God emissary” is a chatterbox. He likes to communicate with people very much. He is a “gossip expert” among cats. If you don’t hate that cats often talk in your ears in cat language, choose Siamese cats.

       Third place: quiet exotic short haired cat (Garfield)

       Garfield, with a big face, is quiet in sex, not as lively as Siamese cats. It is a quiet guardian, and will sit quietly by your side and watch you quietly. If you prefer a quiet cat, Garfield is the best choice. Garfield’s clingy, is that kind of very quiet sticky people, they will not over compete for favors, but always like to stay around people. Do not disturb, is Garfield cat to shovel excrement officer’s gentleness.

       No. 4: British short haired cat

       English short variety, different appearance, usually big head round face, looks silly, very pleasing. It belongs to the type of looking very proud and charming, but actually very “sultry”. Obviously, she likes to be touched, but she always pretends not to care. If you want this kind of stupid and cute “fool”, you should choose English short. Although British short does not seem to be the kind of cat that will have relatives, but in fact, they are very eager to play with people, not to be blinded by their seemingly cold appearance. Of course, no matter what kind of cat wants them to stick, you have to get the approval of the cat and let it accept yours.

       The cat, also known as the cat, has a long, round head and long tail.

       Muppets are gentle and quiet. They are very friendly and patient. They are often mistaken for lack of pain. Because they can tolerate children’s scratching, Muppets are most suitable for families with children.

       Historical origin: the exact origin of the puppet cat can be traced back to the 1960s, Ann Baker, a woman living in California, began to breed Muppet cats. Her first breeding cat, named ephine Josephine, was an all white hybrid long haired cat. Originally, the cat was a wild cat, always running around ambeck’s house. Once she was hit by a car, she happened to be seen by Mrs. ambeck’s neighbors, so they rescued her and took good care of her. Gradually, Joe’s body recovered. During this period, Joe was kept indoors. Although she was originally a wild cat, she had a good temper when she was with people. Just as she was having another batch of kittens, amber noticed Joe’s kittens. Joe’s kittens used to be wild. But after being hit by a car this time, I don’t know what’s going on. Joe’s kittens have a very good personality. Maybe it’s that after being hit by a car, Joe’s genes have changed. Or maybe it’s because he used to run around in the open air. Since the car accident, during the period of settling down in a good family, he has not only recovered, but also cultivated himself a lot?! Anyhow, amber thinks these kittens have special personality, so she wants to experiment and breed them. Amber was originally a Persian cat breeder. Before she started breeding Muppets, most of her cats were black. She asked for Joe from her neighbor. After returning home, she went out to look for the kittens that had been born to Joe and different male cats before. Ann found two of them and caught them back. And the male, Warbucks, whom amby found, had a white nose and a white tail. Abe let him and other female cats, the results of the kittens, all like Siam’s key colors. Later, Ann helped them to make ragdoll cats and publicized the release in the media, which began to attract the attention of people in the cat industry. This lady ambeck passed away in 1997. She left this puppet cat blood line in the history of the cat industry and gradually spread.

       An ideal Muppet cat is big, bulky, long, broad chest and muscular. The head is moderate in size, with a slightly rounded V-shaped face and a flat top between the ears. The coat is long and thick, and feels soft like silk. Instead of clinging to its body, its body hair stands upright. With a medium length of fur and blue eyes, the puppet cat has a strong and solid body, plus a feathery tail. Rag in English means cloth piece, doll means doll. This kind of cat is named ragdoll, which means that they completely trust in the gentle personality of trusteeship. As the name implies, puppet cat is like a child’s toy. When you hold a doll cat, he will relax in the owner’s arms.

       Character: the character of puppet cat is similar to Siamese cat. It is gentle and quiet, and has great tolerance for pain. Therefore, the injury may be ignored. This kind of cat is not suitable for them to play outside. They should be kept indoors. Puppet cats, just like their names, can be hugged at will. He loves to approach people very much. Even if a stranger changes his room, he will not hide like other cats, but will greet him like a dog. They are friendly, can get along with the dog peacefully, will make the children’s growth partner, the old people’s old age friend. It is very clever, and good at flattering the host, always around the host. This kind of cat is very quiet, but also likes to play with toys and enjoy participating in the daily life of the family. Puppet cat is extremely gentle and lacks protection. Therefore, it must be kept in boudoir as a pet and not allowed to go out.

       Reproduction: viviparous body shape: belongs to the large cat, the chest is broad and the buttocks are fat. After ligation, the male cat can weigh about 11 kg, while the female cat is smaller, with the maximum weight of about 6 kg. Generally speaking, Muppets are about three times the size of ordinary cats. Puppet cats have a long growth period. It takes about two years for the fur color of the whole body to grow. However, the size and weight of puppet cats don’t stop growing until they are four years old. Their feet and tail colors are longer in proportion.

       The head is equilateral triangle and flat between the ears. The cheek is wedge-shaped along the surface line. The ears are medium-sized and slightly open. The bottom is wide. The ears are round and lean forward. The eyes are large, bright, blue and oval. The distance between the eyes is wide and slightly upward. The nose is of medium length. The chin should be well developed and strong, and be in line with the upper lip and nose The hind limbs are longer than the forelimbs, and the hair of the forelimbs is also shorter than that of the hind limbs. The feet and palms are large and round in proportion, with spikes in clusters. The tail is long and feathery and covered with fluffy hair.

       Coat: it belongs to medium long type, not tangled together, with smooth texture like rabbit hair. It has a fluffy tail, usually with a “Bib” on its neck and a long body hair on its buttocks. Combing your hair regularly will make the puppet cat feel very comfortable.

       Coat color: all puppet cats are key colors. The so-called key color means that the color of their faces, ears, legs and tails must be darker than the color of their bodies. Newborn kittens are usually white. When they grow to about 10 days, the color and pattern of the cat will begin to show. The color contrast of puppet cats is obvious when they are young. With the growth of time, the color of the original body will become deeper.

       Puppet cat is very courageous, it likes to stay quiet, and has a strong patience, even if injured will not show, they will only endure silently. Compared with other cats, Muppets are more sticky to their owners and like to stay with their owners. They are born with a lack of security. If they are not around for a long time, puppets are likely to suffer from depression. Therefore, the excrement removing officers who keep puppets should have sufficient time to reserve.

       Text / tease the cat for a while

       As a spade officer with two puppets in his family, he is still a little proud. Both of them are angels’ faces, with fluffy and soft bodies. No matter what kind of bad mood, once you see them, they will disappear. They are one and a half years old and one is a year old. One is from the north and the other is from other countries. Although there are many differences, there are also similarities. The most similar thing between them is that they look good and obedient, but behind their backs

       1. Puppet cat can be called the king of vinegar

       It’s a cat made of vinegar. Muppets in multi cat families are super sensitive. Have you ever tried to hold other kittens in front of Muppets? Once there is such a situation, puppets will run to flatter, bad temper will also start to other kittens. If you teach it a lesson because of jealousy, it will ignore you, and even worse, it will continue to “do bad” at home.

       This jealous kitten always wants to completely occupy the owner, possessive. Therefore, if you want to raise this kind of good-looking puppet cat, you’d better keep only one. Human beings are possessive. If you don’t get enough attention, everyone will be unhappy. Especially the good-looking kitten, it is so beautiful, can’t it deserve the wholehearted love?

       2 puppet cat’s heart and eyes are super small

       This is derived from the up regulation, regardless of their appearance gentle and harmless, high cold and indifferent, not cannibalism. In fact, the heart is small, you don’t believe it doesn’t matter, if you accidentally offend them, you will know. The pronoun of this product is “revenge”, because once Xiaobai did something wrong and was severely admonished by me. After that, I harvested a large pool of urine on the bed sheet plate. As long as you provoke it, it can see you turn around and leave. It is also common for months to ignore you.

       3. The puppet is the representative of the withered cat

       What do you like about puppets? It is mainly the appearance, followed by the appearance of good looking relatives. But in fact, puppet cats have a high IQ and can look at people. They are cute and obedient in front of their owners. In fact, there is an unknown “other side”. Mischievous and domineering, will shirk responsibility, but there is no way, who let them smart.

       Summing up the advantages of puppet cats is obvious, the disadvantages are often invisible, which is one of their advantages. In fact, they are similar to other cats. They are not as clever as they seem in character. Give us some psychological precautions. Don’t really raise puppets until you find that they are not what you think they are.

       1¡¢ Puppet cat is gentle and friendly to people. Unlike other cats, Muppets are extremely sticky. They like to stay with their owners and please their owners like dogs. They don’t have enough sense of security. They always stay by their owners when they need to. If you are absent for a long time, Muppets will be depressed and sick. Therefore, office workers who do not have time to accompany cats are advised not to choose a mate cat.

       2¡¢ Puppet cats are timid, quiet and patient. Even if the injury does not show, they will only bear it in silence. If put outside to fight with other animals or accidental injury, the general owner will not notice. Friends who like to raise outdoors suggest not to choose Muppets.

       3¡¢ Muppets are not healthy and sensitive to stomach and intestines. The kittens are very picky about food and water. If you don’t pay attention to diet, do you have any plans to wipe your ass for Muppets? If you are afraid of trouble, I suggest not to choose Muppets. Add a little, the best choice of water is pure water.

       4¡¢ The breed of puppet cat appeared in the 1960s, and all of them were close relatives at the beginning of reproduction. So there are two fatal genetic diseases: one is hypertrophic heart disease, most of which occur between 4 and 8 years old. Severe cases can lead to hind limb paralysis, dyspnea or sudden death. The other is polycystic. Most of the cases are between 3 and 10 years old. Some puppet kittens may be diagnosed in about 6 months. Because of the increased pressure on the digestive organs in the abdominal cavity, the cat will lose appetite and lose weight.

       The subject’s question is interesting.

       Muppet’s genes determine its personality, from kitten to adult. It has the highest tolerance to pain and humans.

       It is not as unique as the British short and the American short. It always thinks that it is a part of the family, so it must be very sticky. At the same time, will be very active in any family events and activities.

       If, really feel too sticky person’s bad, that can only change other breed.

       The biggest selling point of puppet cat is that it is sticky and does not bark.