My cat walking diary (1)

       Walking the cat made me see a more healthy and cheerful sauce, and it also made me have more emotional communication and interaction with the catsup. It’s really gratifying. Therefore, I share my experience and lessons in the process of walking cats, hoping to enlighten like-minded cat friends.

       When a good friend told me that he was going out for a cat walk, I was very surprised – what? How about the cat? He said that cats would be more happy to climb trees and stroll around the community garden. At first, I was very curious. Can cats, who never go out, really feel happy when they go out? So I bought a simple chest and back traction rope from the Internet. I was excited to put on my catsup (my cat’s name). In less than a second, I was taken off After several times, I bought a kind of traction rope which is not easy to take off. After wearing it at home, I left the door with my sauce.

       It was a fine afternoon and there were few people in the garden. I held the sauce on the grass. It looked like a timid gesture, looking for shelter everywhere. It looked only afraid, without any sign of happiness (lower body, tail, ears, looking around carefully). I thought it would be good to go out a few more times, but I insisted on it a few times. It was so scared that I decided to let the cat walk.

       It was not until one day that I saw Dr. Dai Genji’s “walking the cat” that I realized how serious a mistake I had made before. It turns out that I used to walk the cat impulsively just to satisfy my curiosity and did not fully consider the cat’s feelings.

       The really beneficial method of walking the cat must be a long-term process that can make the cat have enough time to adapt. It is not a journey that is inspired by the whim of the cat.

       After realizing this, I felt the needs and emotions of the sauce and guided them step by step. Now, marmalade has been out walking the cat for more than 7 months. As soon as it arrives at night, she asks me to go to the door and get ready. After a happy walk, she will go home consciously. She can not only find the right home, but also understand my instructions such as “go home” and “go” and give me a response. It looks like a dog! This is something I didn’t dare to think about!

       It’s really gratifying to see a more physically and mentally healthy and more cheerful sauce, as well as more emotional communication and interaction between me and marmalade. Therefore, I share my experience and lessons in the process of walking the cat, hoping to enlighten the like-minded cat friends.

       First of all, why walk the cat?

       As an ordinary cat mother, I care about the health and happiness of catsup. If walking a cat can make it healthier and happier, I’m willing to try.

       I often see marmalade standing in the window looking out. The world outside the window is so close and far away to it. Once in a while, a bird flies out of the window, and Mi Chua chirps excitedly; a leaf floats on the ground, but it is far away from its gaze. I feel from the bottom of my heart that this child really wants to go out and have a look – it needs to really touch the earth, feel the light of grass across the body, feel the wind brushing the hair smart, enjoy a moment of freedom – I want to give it freedom by walking the cat, so that its cat has more happy things to happen.

       When I heard about the story of cat friend’s cat running away from home and looking for no fruit, I couldn’t help thinking that if one day the cat also ran away from home, I sincerely hope that it can remember the way home, the hot cat rice cooked by Ma Ma Ma himself, and where the blue star man who is happy for it and worried about being domesticated by him is waiting for him to go home – I want to walk the cat and let it remember The way home.

       This is my original intention of walking a cat as an ordinary cat mother.

       The following is the explanation given by Dr. Dai Genji, an animal behavior expert, in his article “walking the cat” — “a cat is an animal that hunts alone, and its basic behavior is to hunt, swim, and patrol territory However, after being raised at home, it can’t go out and can only sit in front of the window and look at the outside world. It wants to have a look, but it is blocked by doors and windows. If the cat lacks the basic behavioral needs of the cat all his life, it will seek for outlets in other places, which will lead to many abnormal behavior problems, such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, excessive licking, hallucinations, hypersensitivity and so on Question. Many people know that there is a urinary tract disease, feline reproductive tract syndrome (FUS), or feline interstitial cystitis (FIC). These problems are greatly reduced after walking the cat, so do you still want to reject walking the cat? “

       Both my personal experience and the professional opinions of animal behavior experts have confirmed that walking cats can bring more health and happiness to cats. If you want to make the cat’s life more quality, you might as well try walking the cat. If the method is right, I believe you can have more interaction and communication with the cat, so that the cat is more healthy and happy.

       Before you decide to walk your cat, it’s best to consider the following questions for your cat:

       1. Is there a suitable environment near my home to walk the cat?

       I think that walking cats needs a relatively closed, safe and clean environment. The best place for cat walking should be arranged in a relatively closed community, surrounded by walls, far away from the city’s main roads or roads. If it is a building near the road, there is no separation belt or fence, there are few green belts, there are many shops, there are many pedestrians and vehicles This kind of environment may easily make the cat scared or encounter danger, and then it is difficult to adapt to walking the cat.

       I often walk the cat in the green belt between the buildings in the community. There are very few pedestrians and no vehicles. The vehicles parked beside the green belt and the small bushes can make the environment more closed and safe. Every time you go out, you will feel very safe when you come to this place where you can block your tracks. You will obviously show a calm and comfortable mood (the posture and rhythm of walking and squatting as normal as at home, the tail will swing or stand up naturally, the tip of the tail will be crooked and the ears will be erect).

       In addition to places, it’s better to walk cats when there are fewer people and fewer cars.

       At first, I would go out at noon or in the afternoon during the day, but later I would go out at night or late at night. No matter what the time period is, as long as the “convenience” and “less people and less cars” can be considered. Less people and less cars means that it’s best to avoid stress without any other person’s environment except yourself.

       2. Do I have enough patience and perseverance to walk the cat?

       Going out for a cat walk is not only a challenge for cats, but also for people. From adapting to the rope, to adapting to the external environment, and then to going home on time, the whole process needs a long time to guide slowly. During this period, you must be patient enough to feel the cat’s feelings, respond to the needs of the cat, and adjust the rhythm and method of your training.

       When the cat gradually adapt to walking the cat, you need to take time out (preferably every day) to go out for a walk with it, and always take care of it to avoid stress or danger. After the cat is used to walking the cat, if the owner can’t find time to go out with it and keep the cat at home for a long time, it is more likely to make it anxious and depressed. So make sure you have enough patience and time to devote your time and energy to the health and happiness of your cat, and then consider trying to walk the cat.

       After solving the above external and internal causes, we can prepare for walking the cat.

       What preparations do you need to do to walk the cat?

       1. In vivo and in vitro deworming and immune work.

       Cats can easily come into contact with parasites when they go out. Doing a good job in vivo and in vitro deworming and flea immunity in advance can help cats resist the invasion of external environment and ensure healthy state. When using insect repellent and flea removing drugs, it is necessary to carefully read the drug instructions, select the appropriate medicine according to the cat’s age and weight, and determine the feeding dose and feeding cycle (generally speaking, the internal anthelmintic is fed once every three months, and the external insect repellent drop is used once a month).

       Immunization refers to the need for regular vaccination. One dose of cat triple vaccine can prevent cat plague, feline viral rhinotracheitis and feline calicivirus. The first inoculation was conducted at 8 weeks old, the second at 11-12 weeks, the third at 15-16 weeks, and the fourth at 1-year-old, and then every three years. Some hospitals can carry out antibody testing, and if there are antibodies, there is no need for vaccination. Although the probability of rabies virus infection in cats is very small, once the rabies virus is transmitted to human beings, there will be a fatal risk. Therefore, it is necessary to vaccinate for the first time at the age of 15-16 weeks, the second time at the age of one year, and then once every three years.

       2. Purchase safe and fit cat walking equipment.

       Different from dogs, cats have a strong bone shrinking power to help, ordinary dogs with the chest strap I am afraid it is difficult to make them obedient. After buying cat walking equipment, be sure to wear training at home first. It’s a good way to test whether the strap is easy to break free: after wearing it neatly, stand face to face with the cat, and pull the strap in your direction. The common position for cats to take off the pectoral strap is to draw back the forelimb close to the body, and shrink the head and brain at the same time. The unfit chest strap can be easily freed at this time.

       Animal behavior expert Dr. Dai Genji recommended wearing a chest strap (cat walking clothing) like clothes in his article “walking cats” to prevent cats from breaking free. I have always used and recommended walking cat clothing, because the contact area between the clothing and the cat’s body is relatively large, and the pressure on the cat’s body is relatively small (under the condition of equal force, the greater the contact area, the smaller the pressure), which is more comfortable and safe. In particular, it is necessary to prohibit directly hanging a rope on the collar to go out, which will not only easily hurt the cat, but also can not guarantee that the cat will not break free.

       It is recommended to avoid fixed length ropes (mostly 1. 2¡«1¡£ The fixed length rope is not conducive to the cat’s free movement, and it may be released by mistake, resulting in the cat running away. The range of activity less than 2 meters is very limited for people and cats. It is recommended that cat friends use automatic telescopic tractor. When the cat is used to walking the cat, it is excited to run to the green belt when going out, and you have to chase after you to keep up with it; occasionally it chases insects or shuttles through the grass, and the fixed length of the traction rope is obviously inadequate and useless. The common traction ropes on the market are 3 meters, 5 meters and more than 5 meters. Personal suggestion: at least 3M, 5m is better. I believe that every cat father and mother who is willing to walk the cat is to make the cat more healthy and happy, and maximize the freedom, comfort and experience of the cat in the selection of walking equipment.

       3. Choose a suitable cat snack.

       The guide of walking the cat needs continuous reward. The quickest and simplest reward is snacks. The choice of snacks can be fresh meat such as chicken and beef cooked by oneself, or it can be a small snack for cats on the market. No matter what kind of snacks, it is best to meet the following three conditions:

       Cats love to eat. There are four stages in the guidance of walking the cat, i.e. letting the cat accept the walking clothes, letting the cat accept being led around the house, making the cat willing to go out and letting the cat like to go home. The attraction of snacks to cats must be very great. Otherwise, if the cat is not willing to accept your guidance for the sake of snacks, the training of walking may become more difficult.

       (2) the particles are very small. Each step needs to be repeated many times, and each step needs many days. Snacks are just for reward, not to feed the cat. If a cat eats 15-30kcal of food per meal, it can be full. If a few snacks make the cat full, can we expect the high cold and arrogant cat people to take care of you in the following training? In addition, the cat’s mouth and esophagus are smaller, and the teeth are more used to tear than chew, so small particles of snacks can also avoid blocking or damaging the cat’s digestive tract. The best snack can let the cat eat, and a cat food about the size of it.

       3. Snacks should be moderate. In order to ensure that the cat can still eat enough nutrition during the training period, the proportion of snacks should not be too high. I suggest that the calories of snacks should not exceed 20% of the cat’s daily metabolizable energy, and that the cat’s comprehensive nutrients should be supplemented at the same time. If cooked fresh meat is used as a reward snack, for example, for a healthy adult cat weighing 4kg, the feeding amount of pork loin / pig lean meat is no more than 30g / D, that of lean beef is not more than 40g / D, that of chicken breast is not more than 40g / D, that of duck breast is not more than 50g / D, and that of fish and shrimp is not more than 40g / D, and it is supplemented with cat’s comprehensive nutrients Full nutrition.

       After doing all the above preparations, we can start the cat walking training.

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