No loss of appetite in cats with diarrhea – kittens with diarrhea, loss of appetite

       What is norfloxacin?!! rats!! Serious injury to the gastric mucosa of the cat, when people eat to take capsules.!!!! Go to the drugstore to buy “Smecta” or “Mommy love” three month old cats, take half of the measurement, dissolve it with warm water, and then slowly deliver it into the mouth with a syringe with needle removed. Once or twice a day is good. In terms of diet, don’t eat dry food, soak it in warm water, and take some canned food. If you don’t eat and buy nutrition cream, you must eat some, otherwise your body will lose energy and your temperature will be lower and lower

       If the effect of taking medicine for 3 days has not been obvious, it is suggested to send it to a better pet hospital. Ask about the best way for a good hospital. Otherwise, it is no different from being killed. I wish the cat a speedy recovery~~

       If the spirit and appetite are good, you can use probiotics to regulate the cat’s intestines and stomach, and treat diarrhea. If you continue to have diarrhea and mental appetite is not good, you should pay attention to the virus infection. It is best to check the symptomatic treatment, pay attention to disinfection and sanitation of the home environment, and give the cat less food and more meals, fixed time and quantitative, so as to reduce the burden on the stomach and intestines

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