Not all cats are suitable for going out


       Many cat owners will feel envious when they see others playing with their cats outside, so they will try to take their cats out for fun. However, Xiaobian has to remind us that we should be careful when walking cats. Not all cats can take them out. Maybe in the end, we will lose the cats instead of walking them. Today, Xiaobian will take a look at the cats with you What should we pay attention to!

       What kind of cat is suitable for walking

       Gentle character of the cat, Xiaobian thinks that first of all, the cat should be gentle enough to not take the initiative to attack people. Otherwise, even if you want to take the cat out of the door, maybe the cat will hurt you all over because of fear

       Some cats are not afraid to see strangers. Some cats are calm and have no fear when they see strangers. Such cats will be more calm when they go out. If your cat is out of sight of strangers coming home, be careful. Here, Xiaobian tells me a real case of my own. My cat is relatively gentle at home, but it will hide when someone comes! That time I tried to take the cat out of the door, and the result was dramatic. As soon as I got to the gate, the cat broke free of the rope and ran away. Fortunately, it was near home, and soon came back by itself! In addition, don’t think it’s safe to wear a collar and a rope. Don’t underestimate the cat’s bone shrinking skill!

       Healthy cats, cats at home for a long time under the care of their owners, if they go out in bad health, it is easy to infect bacteria outside, leading to cat illness.

       Second, we must take good traction rope

       The cat’s explosive power is very strong. It can jump and jump. There are many cars coming and going in the residential area. Therefore, when walking the cat, you must be able to control him and prevent him from running around. Otherwise, it is difficult for the owner to catch him and traffic accidents may occur. In order to prevent the cat from running away in the process of “walking around the corner”, the cat should be put on a shoulder strap.

       The cat is not used to bondage at first, so she lies on the ground and tries to get rid of it. So don’t rush to “cover” him. The owner first drags the shoulder strap around the house to attract the cat’s attention and let him chase him. When he becomes familiar with the device, separate the shoulder strap from the traction belt and only put it on (be sure to be in the room, not outdoors) to familiarize him with the feeling of wearing the shoulder strap first. Slowly, if he doesn’t resist the harness, the owner can try to hang the traction rope on the shoulder sleeve, take him around the room and teach him to get used to the restraint. When you take the cat out for the first time, you should go downstairs or in a safe place outside the house. Don’t go too far. Let the cat get used to the sound and scenery around. Pay attention to the cat’s reaction. If the cat is very scared, I advise you to give up the idea of taking the cat for a walk instead of forcing it. Over forcing the cat will only make the cat feel afraid, may hurt the owner in panic, and may have a bad impact on the cat’s character. This is not what the owner and the cat want. How your cat behaves depends on the cat’s personality, so before using the leash to walk the cat, you should know your cat and let the cat start walking by itself instead of being dragged by its owner. If your cat is afraid to go out and doesn’t have absolute trust with its owner, it will try to escape the leash. If so, don’t take it out again.

       3. Pay attention to contact with dogs

       If the cat has been used to wearing shoulder strap in the outdoor walk, but also pay attention to the dog in the community! Most dogs are afraid of cats. However, close contact between cats and strange dogs can also lead to some parasitic infections (such as fleas) and other cat and dog diseases. In addition, it must be noted that some dogs are aggressive and may cause harm to cats. In addition, we should also pay attention to control the cat not to be too close to the dog. The cat’s reaction speed is faster than the dog’s, and the sudden claw may hurt the eyes of those short legged dogs with bulging eyes.

       In addition, if your cat shows reluctance to go out, please don’t force them! There is absolutely no benefit in this way!

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