Not allergic to cat breeds – what breed of cat does not shed hair

       Devon and cornes are the best choices – they don’t shed their hair easily, and their saliva contains less allergenic components (feld1 protein). Another hybrid cat from Siberia is also the best choice for allergic patients.

       But pet shop should be very rare, and the price is about 100 yuan can’t get at all~~~

       Cats can make people allergic. It’s the flea parasites on cats that cause your allergies. Maybe it’s you who are allergic to animal hair. If it’s the latter, you can’t help it. Every cat has fur. Except Canadian hairless cats, which are specially prepared for allergic people, the price is not within your scope. Moreover, all the cats of about 100 are cats, so you can’t buy pet cats Since you are allergic to cats, you should not raise them. Any cat is the same to you. There is no saying that you are not allergic unless you have a hairless cat

       Text / tease the cat for a while

       Cats are cute because of their high appearance. Not only is their appearance high, but their elegant fur also increases the lovely index. A fluffy little ball is soft and lovely, and has not much words. He has no temper. But this kind of cute, there are some small problems, such as hair loss. It’s too hard to clean it up. It’s time for Jiepi star to crash! There are some more sensitive friends, cat hair allergy is more because the cat aggravates the disease. So we recommend two kinds of kittens. No, it’s for the guys who want to keep cats for a long time but are afraid of losing their hair.

       In fact, we are familiar with and common to the country cat, or a variety of cat species, whether it is long hair cat or short hair cat, they will lose hair. But there are cats that don’t shed their hair. It is also very different from cats in appearance. Here is a brief introduction:

       1¡¢ Hairless cat

       The hairless cat is the same as its name, but it doesn’t have too much hair. This kind of cat is the product of gene mutation, and then through the continuous efforts of human beings to consolidate, to be able to reproduce. It can be said that the cat breed has been consolidated by human efforts. Their biggest feature is that there is no luxuriant hair covering, only a little sparse fetal hair. They are also lovely in shape, with big eyes and small faces. Because there is no cat will not lose hair, very suitable for the bedroom.

       There are also many kinds of hairless cats, such as the Sphinx hairless cat, which is more and more popular in China in recent years. Whether it is the number of people raised or its high price, it has become a soaring trend. In addition to the Sphinx hairless cat, there are Peter’s bald cat and Donskoy’s hairless cat from Russia. However, there is no large-scale breeding in domestic cat houses, so it is difficult to buy them.

       2¡¢ Curly cat

       The principle that a curly cat doesn’t shed hair is equivalent to the bear and Teddy in a dog. Their hair is from the roll, very light, very light curled together, unless the strong pull, or the basic will not drop a hair. Ah, this principle of curly wool does not fall off is common in the animal kingdom. Besides dogs, curly sheep is also a good example.

       When you think the first hairless cat’s shape is unacceptable, curly cat is the best choice. It looks like a normal cat. There are many varieties of this kind of curly cat, such as Devon and KONIS. In recent years, selkeck curly cat also has some domestic cat houses in breeding, but the scale is not very large. The rest of the curly cat breeds, such as labo and Siberian curly cat, are in a small minority and are hard to buy in China.

       Illness and genetic diseases are not what they love. If you love cats, sell = hurt. LZ’s problem should be that he wants to have a cat, but he is afraid that the cat will get sick and trouble and spend money. If there is such an idea, I don’t think you are ready to get along with a fragile little life, which needs your care, can’t communicate with you clearly, and often makes small mistakes. The reason why you are sick is that you haven’t got good care. If you keep a cat, you must do a good job of vaccination and sterilization at the right age. If you are sick, you should see a doctor.

       Copy a paragraph about the common genetic diseases of purebred cats for your reference.

       1. Persian system

       These include Persian cat, heterosexual, Himalaya and chingira

       Polycystic kidney leads to renal failure, as well as the inevitable respiratory problems and lacrimal gland problems caused by the special short nasal tube.

       2. Folding ear cat

       As long as we carry the gene of folding ear, including folding ear and standing ear, whether it is folding ear with folded ear, folding ear with English short, or folding ear with American short, there are skeletal genetic diseases, abnormal cartilage and bone development, which can not be predicted and can not be cured. Once the cat is attacked, the cat will die in pain. In addition, there are heart problems like British short and American short, and sudden death caused by cardiac hypertrophy is more common.

       3. American short and British short

       Cardiovascular problems, but existing medical technologies cannot predict disease. In particular, the American short male cat, may have congenital heart disease and myocarditis, will sudden death, generally onset in 1 to 3 years old.

       4. Maine cat

       Congenital heart disease, tension can lead to death, but also prone to renal failure.

       5. Russian Blue Cat

       Prone to renal failure.

       6. Curly eared cat

       Like a cat with broken ears, it’s an incurable bone disease.

       7. Siam

       It is easy to suffer from renal failure, eye, mucopolysaccharidosis VI, mesenteric tumor, allergic bronchitis (asthma), reproductive difficulties, stillbirth, lymphoma, etc. in addition, modern Siamese bones, especially pelvic and tail, are particularly prone to bone problems.

       Siamese cavity is easy to have problems, but it is generally not serious enough to endanger life. What’s more terrible is that the skeleton is too narrow and long, which leads to the chest cavity is too small and suppresses the organs in the chest, leading to a variety of organ problems, which will become a fatal factor.

       Breast cancer is common in non sterile cats, 80% of which are malignant tumors. It is the third most common tumor in the cat family. Most of the cases of breast cancer are non sterile female cats over the age of 6. Siamese and hawksbill are more likely to get breast cancer. Breast cancer is very rare in sterilized female cats, especially those who are sterilized before the first estrus. Early sterilization can reduce the risk coefficient by 7 times.

       8. Eastern brevity and Abyssinia

       Prone to renal failure.

       Canadian hairless, also known as the sphinx cat, was bred by cat lovers in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1966 from a litter of almost hairless kittens, which were bred specially for cat lovers who are allergic to cat fur. This cat is a pet cat produced by a natural genetic mutation,

       In addition to the ears, mouth, nose, tail front segment, feet and other parts of the body are hairless, the skin is wrinkled and elastic. Canadian hairless cats are gentle, independent and non aggressive. They can get along with other cats and dogs.

       Extended data:

       Canadian hairless cats are different in many places. They have wedge-shaped heads and large ears. As they get older, they grow bigger. Lacking fur to keep warm, they often look for warmth everywhere. The Canadian hairless cat’s skin is always crumpled, like the Chinese sand dog.

       Another characteristic of the sphinx cat is its ugly appearance. If you are a normal aesthetic person, at the first glance, you will feel that you are ugly. With no hair and wrinkled skin, Canadian hairless cats seem to have no beauty at all. But in fact, sometimes it is not the case. If you get used to it slowly, you may find another unique beauty in its appearance.

       The most special thing about Canadian hairless cats is their strange appearance. However, everything is complementary. Although Canadian hairless cats look impressive, Canadian hairless cats also have their unique wisdom and emotion.

       Source: Baidu Encyclopedia — Canadian hairless cat

       Canadian hairless cat

       If you ask, what kind of cat does not shed hair, then Canadian hairless cats deserve it. Canadian hairless cats are also known as Sphinx cats. Their most distinctive feature is that they are almost hairless. Although they look strange, they are still favored by cat lovers. If you say that I don’t like this kind of cat, besides Canadian hairless cat, what kind of cat doesn’t shed hair? In fact, it should be defined according to your preference. As long as the cats like Bombay and labang are properly groomed, they all have a small amount of hair loss. You can choose according to your own situation.

       1¡¢ The character of the sphinx cat

       The Sphinx hairless cat is gentle, intelligent and lovely, with rich expression, delicate feeling and loyalty to its owner. Sphinx hairless cat has a sweet facial expression, a pair of big eyes with rich expression, sometimes full of surprise and curiosity, and sometimes trapped in people’s meditation, a confused and puzzled look, very cute, so it has been favored by cat lovers since ancient times.

       2¡¢ Standard for Sphinx cats

       Nature: the sphinx cat is not only famous for its curly and furry appearance, but also popular for its docile, intelligent and modest, delicate, smiling face and a pair of big eyes with rich expression.

       Body: strange shape, strong body, muscular, chest deep, back more hunchback, abdomen compact but not up. The limbs are long and thin, and the hind limbs are longer than the forelimbs.

       Head: the head is wide and wedge-shaped, with prominent cheekbones, thin cheeks, and a triangular face. The auricle is large and upright, towering over the top of the head. The tip of the ear is pointed and round, and slightly tilted forward.

       Eyes: Lemon shaped eyes, large and slightly protruding, orange eyes.

       Tail: it’s thin and long like a mouse, and it’s bent up like a whip.

       Coat: no hair on the whole body. The skin feels soft. There’s no fluff.

       Limbs: slender and slender, with slender bones, hind limbs longer than the hair of forelimbs: the kittens born to Sphinx hairless cats have many wrinkles and are covered with soft and fine fetal hair. With the growth of age, the hair only remains in the head, limbs, tail and the end of the body, and other parts of the skin are hairless, but very few.

       Although Canadian hairless cats have almost no need to worry about hair care, Canadian hairless cats are rare and their numbers are diluted, so it is not easy to buy them. In fact, we don’t have to worry about the problem that cats don’t lose their hair. Some short haired cats lose little hair, which is a good choice for us.

       Canadian Hairless

       But long.. Well. It’s a little hard to say.

       Go and see for yourself what it looks like

       It’s better to have a hairy cat, though it’s hard to take care of it. But, feel comfortable. Look cute.

       If you just want to know if there’s one

       The kind of cat that has hair but doesn’t lose it. I’ll tell you: No

       I feel Siamese cats are easy to raise and not easy to get sick.

       Maybe it’s because Siamese cats adapt themselves to the local environment and are very independent¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤

       When the weather is hot in summer, the Siamese cat at home will become whiter and whiter. In winter, when the weather is cold, it will become more and more dark.

       I really admire the wit of Siamese cats. Maybe they are more adaptable to the environment. Our Siamese cats have never been sick.

       Chinese country cat, also known as the domestic cat, has very low requirements for the living environment. What we humans eat, give him a bite, he can survive normally, and then there is no need to vaccinate him. It doesn’t matter if he is not vaccinated. His own immunity is very strong. He can survive in the wild, not to mention we are at home Inside.

       Chinese country cat

       Features: China’s native cats have many colors, many varieties, and are smart. They represent the cats, orange cat and cihuahua cat. Their fur color is clear, and they are easy to approach people, but they are not too sticky. They may say they will go when they are big.

       Feeding difficulty: the native cats are super adaptable.

       Domestic price: no unified pricing, adoptable, adoptable and found.

       Like native dogs, cats also have native cats. Our family also likes to keep cats, which is a kind of common kitten that is more common in rural areas or in cities

       This kind of cat can feed a wide range of things, rice and noodles can be eaten, because they eat too much miscellaneous food, so basically they have not seen them sick, so this kind of cat is relatively easy to raise

       Li Hua cat, although it is a native cat in China, has a strong vitality. Unlike the breed cat, it is fragile, easy to get sick, and has a good adaptability. What’s more, it is more sticky. Unlike other cats, it is particularly loyal to its master. It only knows one person as its master in his life and doesn’t need to eat What kind of precious cat food to eat, just need to eat ordinary food can grow very well, I think it is particularly good to raise.