Not suitable for domestic pets

       First of all, let’s talk about what conditions a dog needs to be a police dog?

       1¡¢ You can’t be too smart.

       Yes, you’re right. The prerequisite for becoming a police dog is not to be too smart. Although a smart dog has better learning ability, its perception ability will also be relatively enhanced. They will be more aware of danger than the average dog, but also more able to avoid danger.

       But the police dog is just like a soldier. No matter what the front is, as long as the order is given, it must rush forward. Too smart dogs know how to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, which is a bad characteristic for police dogs.

       Of course, the saying that police dogs can’t be too smart doesn’t mean that police dogs are a group of stupid guys. It just means that the intelligence quotient of police dogs has a strict limit.

       2¡¢ It needs to have a certain fighting ability.

       This is understandable to all. There are two main aspects of combat capability, one is the size of the dog, the other is the dog’s personality.

       The limitation of body size determines that police dogs can’t be small dogs, and the size of medium-sized dogs is common. Medium sized police dogs are more lethal than small dogs and more flexible than large dogs.

       The limitation of personality requires that police dogs must have certain aggressive psychology. If erha had been a police dog, he would have been playing with the enemy. (ha ha, here’s just an example. Actually, erha is reliable.)

       Chinchilla doesn’t stink, but it’s hard to raise. It’s clean, and because of its dense fur, the parasites can’t survive.

       1. Ensure that the living environment of chinchilla is between 15 and 23 degrees. It should not be lower than 5 degrees below 0 for a long time, and it must not be higher than 28 degrees.

       2. Chinchilla is naturally timid. Cat friends can first let the cat smell it through the cage, please them with snacks, and then let the owner take out the cage and slowly hand it to himself. Chinchilla nibbles at its fingers, which is a probe into nature. Cat friends must not panic and frighten cats. Hehe, don’t scare it

       3. When taking chinchilla home, use a stable container. Do not let the Totoro roll in the fixed round container. The container should be the size of two chinchillas with enough air holes around it. The container must be filled with sawdust (to keep warm) and edible grass (to prevent cats from biting the container at leisure).

       I have three hamsters in my family. As long as I change the sawdust and put toilet paper or napkin at the same time, because the hamster is afraid of cold, you put the paper in, put it well, and don’t care about it. As for what he eats, go to the grain store to buy: corn flakes and oatmeal. As long as you feed hamster before going to bed, feed some cabbage Grope for it, support you!)

       If it’s just boring at home, forget it. All living pets have to eat and drink

       Those who fly in the sky, those who run on the ground, swim in the water and are not close to each other

       If you can do the work of parents, it’s better to have a little dog, and you can’t lose hair. For example, Teddy and so on. But in the early stage, we have to teach him to go to the toilet

       So, in the end, I think I’d better forget it. It’s too boring to go out and play with friends~

       rabbit. It’s almost tasteless, but it’s troublesome. Generally only raise, or droop the ear on the line. I recommend that panda rabbit and meat rabbit are slightly higher. Before raising them, let’s see how the rabbits are. Otherwise, he will not live long. There are rabbits, drinking water, rabbit food, grass. Vegetables can be eaten as snacks. Water needs water you can drink. Diarrhea, eat some mommy love, one half of the big rabbit, one fourth of the little rabbit. Others, baidu rabbit on it, see the top post.

       Chinchilla, cricket, Bomi, Xishi, little Xiang pig, goldfish, tortoise, woodchuck, Teddy, deme, bixiong.

       How to raise a dog?

       1. They were fed four times a day with more than ten soft puppies each time. Add some dog milk powder if possible~

       2. On time immunization, 20-45 days to hit dog triple, 45 days after the dog can be hit six, after 20 days, every 20 days to give a shot, three injections of six injections of rabies. Take your temperature when you vaccinate. Don’t take it in sub-health condition.

       3. Try not to take a bath. If you have to wash it, dry it as soon as possible, and then blow dry the hair thoroughly with a hair dryer. Don’t sleep directly on the floor. Keep warm.

       4. The dog’s digestion is not good, do not feed people. Do not give milk to drink, can not digest, easy to have diarrhea, to drink clean cold boiled water.

       Dogs and cats are more suitable for keeping at home.

       First of all, we should choose the right dog according to the actual situation. For example, if it is the first time to raise a pet dog, then of course, we should choose some dogs with gentle personality, cheerful, low requirements for environmental life, and vigorous vitality. In addition, if you live in an urban community, the whole living environment is relatively dense, then this situation is more suitable for small dogs, but not for larger dogs.

       Secondly, before raising a pet dog, you must understand the dog’s personality and living habits. Generally speaking, as a family pet dog, those who are gentle and cheerful are obviously more suitable. But those inborn character is more ferocious, biting ability is very strong fighting dog, fierce dog, obviously is not suitable for family pet.

       Generally speaking, there are a lot of pet dogs suitable for domestic use, such as pomegranate, schnauzer, poodle, Yorkshire, butterfly, golden retriever, Labrador, joy happy, Scotch shepherd, Shih Tzu, cockey, butterfly, dachshund and so on. In addition, if you are a senior dog owner, and other conditions (economic ability, living environment, etc., dog related knowledge) are also satisfied, such as German shepherd, husky, Samoye, etc., these dogs can also become domestic pet dogs.

       It is worth noting that as a family pet dog, those fierce fighting dogs and fierce dogs are not suitable for domestic keeping. For example, Tibetan mastiff, bitdog, tuzodou, Argentina Dogo, Brazil mastiff, CASRO, newbolyton, Canary, etc., these fierce dogs are not suitable for domestic breeding.

       Hamster is the general name of Cricetinae. There are 7 genera and 18 species, which are mainly distributed in Asia and a few in Europe. There are 3 genera and 8 species in China. Except for the small hamsters distributed in Central Asia, the cheek pouches of other species of hamsters extend from the molar side to the shoulder. It can be used for temporary storage or transportation of food back to the hole for storage, so it is named hamster, also known as parotid mouse and carrying hamster. Although hamster often cleans its hair, it is still difficult to eliminate a kind of peculiar smell on its body. Therefore, if people keep it, they must use rat sand to dispel the smell every day.

       Teacup dog, also known as teacup poodle, is a senior pet dog. Small teacup poodle is smaller, commonly known as “Petite” poodle or “pocket” poodle. The standard is less than 7 inches and weighs less than 3 pounds.

       Guinea pigs are also known as Dutch rats, Dutch pigs, guinea pigs and guinea pigs. With the progress of society, guinea pigs are no longer just sacrifice or food. More and more people regard this kind of cute little animals as pets.

       There are some advantages and disadvantages in breeding hybrid hare. Through years of breeding practice in our base, we have summed up several points: rabbits are as tame as rabbits and cats, which can not only maintain the meat quality and flavor of rabbits, but also adapt to the domestic environment. Compared with the wild condition, the weight gain is faster, the rough growth is easy to raise, the disease resistance and natural climate resistance are stronger, and the technical difficulty is similar to that of rabbits. However, compared with rabbits, rabbits have the advantages of low consumption, fast growth, good meat quality, high meat yield, short cycle and strong adaptability. Hybrid hare is a kind of special wild economic animal with skin, hair and meat. It mainly feeds on various weeds, vegetables and leaves. The domesticated rabbits changed their timidity, fear of fright and some bad habits of rabbits. At the same time, they kept the original game, but the average meat production rate doubled. With the increasingly hot market of hare supply and demand, its huge market potential has become a new hot spot for many investors, and a number of early adopters have achieved great success. We provide free study, free board and lodging, which can be checked by train and bus across the country. The first investment is not too much. The rabbit breeding speed is relatively large. First buy it back, breed it well, and then expand the scale. After that, you can come and have a look at it when you are free. You can also learn technology and take the breeding dolphin and rabbit home.

       Keeping pets in our spare time can enrich our spare time life, but also can adjust our intense study and work rhythm. However, if not handled properly, domestic pets will also add a lot of troubles to us, and even cause harm to others. How to avoid such adverse effects?

       There are many kinds of pets that can be raised in the family, such as crickets, ornamental fish, birds, cats, dogs, etc. Generally, crickets and ornamental fish have little influence on human beings, while birds, cats and dogs have more effects on human beings. How to prevent livestock and pets from affecting others?

       1¡¢ Construction of qualified housing

       According to the principles of adjusting measures to local conditions, using local materials, proper location, and being firm and durable, pet houses are built. Generally, it is required to meet the living habits and sanitary conditions of pets. It is better to have rainproof, moisture-proof, windproof, cold proof and heatstroke prevention equipment. The kennel can be made of brick, cement, wood and iron frame.

       For domestic dogs, mobile kennels can be used. Puppies can use a kennel as a kennel. Cat house can be simple, but also need to have a fixed place. In addition, dogs and cats should develop the habit of sleeping in the house when they are young. Don’t let them sleep everywhere, and never let pets sleep in the master’s bed. For medium-sized birds (such as domestic pigeons), fixed aviaries should be built with proper location. For small ornamental birds, the cage should be hung in a suitable place, which can not affect the health and rest of others.

       2¡¢ Keep the environment clean

       Keeping the environment clean is a special problem in keeping pets. It is required that the air in the kennel should be fresh, clean up every day, clean up the excrement at any time, clean it once a month and disinfect it, disinfect it in spring and autumn every year, and defecate outdoors for small ornamental dogs. The feces should be stacked in the designated place, sealed with soil, and sprayed with lime or carbonated water in summer. Cat houses should also be cleaned and disinfected regularly, and defecation should be carried out in outdoor places (a special device can be set up to spread some dry soil or coal ash); bird cages should also be cleaned and cleaned regularly. In addition, the pet itself also need to do a good job in cleaning, reduce the smell of Sao, stink. For dogs, to prevent rabies, dogs should be vaccinated regularly every year, and other pets should also consider the problem of preventing infectious diseases.

       3¡¢ Safety measures

       There is also a personal safety problem in raising animals, especially for large and fierce dogs. When taking the dog out, the owner should hold the leash in his hand; at home, he should tie the dog.

       In addition, when feeding, we must determine the food utensils (not allowed to share with animals) and place, so that pets develop a good habit.

       For domestic pets, we also need to carry out necessary behavior training, such as not greedy, do not drag things, so as not to hinder others, to let them follow the guidance of their owners.

       In short, when raising pets, think about whether it affects others and try to avoid it.

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