Nursing methods of Persian cat hair

       Persian cat has a beautiful, elegant, gorgeous hair. In the process of raising pet Persian cat, hair care has become a daily task for owners. There are many ways to care for Persian cat’s hair, such as combing hair, bathing and so on.

       In order to make Persian cat’s hair more healthy and beautiful, breeders should comb the cat’s hair at least once a day, about 20 minutes each time. Breeders can use a neutral, soft bristle brush to comb the hair of Persian cats, which are easy to shed and have a longer texture. Therefore, when carding, the breeder’s movement should be as gentle and slow as possible. While combing the hair, clean the hair that has fallen off at the same time, and clean the dirt on the hair at the same time.

       In the process of hair care, in order to make the Persian cat’s hair more smooth and beautiful, the breeder can also use shampoo to wash regularly. When the Persian cat is dirty, it should be washed in warm water with neutral soap, and then cleaned and dried immediately. Because of the special structure of Persian cat’s face, Persian cat often likes to shed tears. In order to ensure the health and hygiene of cat’s face, the breeder should timely clean the cat’s eye hygiene, and drop chloramphenicol eye drops to prevent inflammation of Persian cat’s eyes.

       Care of Persian cat’s hair is something that needs to be done persistently. From the time of Persian cat’s childhood, let the cat gradually adapt to combing hair, bathing and other work. And for Persian cat hair care some shampoo and other supplies, breeders must also buy pet cat shampoo and other supplies, can not be replaced by people or other pets, because the body structure of different organisms are different, as long as the Persian cat choose the most appropriate care supplies, in order to ensure that its hair can get healthy care, become more beautiful and beautiful ¡£

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