Oestrus around kittens – how often does a female have oestrus


       The cold winter finally passed, ushered in the spring, spring is also the cat’s oestrus period, the cat’s biggest performance in oestrus is non-stop barking, not only disturb the master’s rest, but also cause some trouble to the neighbors. So, what should be done when the cat is in estrus?

       1¡¢ The performance of a cat in estrus

       Male cat:

       The most common behavior of male cats is the so-called “enuresis” behavior; this behavior is essentially not related to excretion, not to empty the bladder urine, but a behavior of dividing the field.

       During estrus, the male cat will take a standing position, hold his tail high, and spray urine on vertical objects (such as schoolbags). When spraying urine, the tail will shake. During estrus, the reproductive system of male cats is in a state of hyperemia;

       Female cat:

       The most common phenomenon of oestrus in female cats is that they become restless and often howl loudly, which is quite different from normal (like the cry of a baby). ***It also bears the state of “hyperemia”. PS: not only male cats, but also a few female cats also have the habit of urinating during estrus. The owners also need to pay attention to it.

       When you stroke the back of a female cat or a part close to it (such as tail bagen), she will raise her buttocks, swing her tail to one side, lie down on the ground, and keep stepping on her hind feet. This is the position that the female cat is ready to accept.

       The situation of a female cat kept indoors will be particularly obvious. If there is no chance to have sex, the situation will be more and more serious The oestrus may last for about 20 days. PS: after giving birth, the female cat will oestrus again one month after delivery. Careful owners should grasp the time.

       2¡¢ Understanding the estrus of cats

       The pain of cats and cats in estrus is unimaginable. They are just the needs of reproduction under the action of hormones. Estrous cats, because of the influence of hormones, tend to be nervous, temperament become cloudy and sunny, behavior irritable; if there are other cats at home, there will be fighting phenomenon. After several repetitions, not only does the cat lose weight rapidly, but also the body’s resistance. It is easy to cause other diseases, so here are some suggestions for owners who have not “witnessed” the estrus of their cats.


       Every owner should pay attention to the physical maturity of the cat, which usually takes 6-12 months to reach maturity, and a few months at night. In fact, there is no definite time point because it is affected by nutrition, breed, growth environment, individual physiology and psychology of the cat And so on.

       The sexual maturity of female cats can be as early as 4 or 5 months, or as late as 1.5 years old (it is rare for females to arrive at this time later); the sexual maturity of male cats is slightly later than that of female cats.

       When the discovery is about to mature, the owners will start to pay attention to it. If you don’t know what you don’t understand, you can take it to the regular pet hospital and let the veterinarian close it! Hold the estrus time Carry out the sterilization program!

       3¡¢ Cotton swab method

       Props: cotton swabs, non irritant oil or lubricant substitutes. Characters: people with steady hands and careful hearts: estrous kittens principle: female cats are stimulating ovulation. To put it bluntly, it is the estrus of a female cat. Only after ovulation, can the oestrus end, and only through the stimulation of * * can the female cat ovulate. Therefore, according to this principle, artificial stimulation can be adopted to stimulate female cats to ovulate, so as to achieve the goal of ending oestrus. Implementation: fix the cat, caress the cat, make it lie on the stomach, fix the cat, the action is not too big, the downward force is not too heavy, so that the cat can keep still posture. If the cat cooperates, parents can do without assistance. Stick the cotton swab with oil, and do not drop oil. Touch the cat’s private part and hold for four to five seconds. If the cat does not show the rejection reaction, continue to operate once or twice after an interval of half an hour.

       If this method works, the estrus will be over after 24 hours. If continuous operation for 3 days, still no effect. Please give up. Note: 1. The cotton swab must be tightly wrapped with the cotton swab head, and the silk cannot be pulled out. 2. The lubricating oil must not be irritating. 3. During the implementation, the action should be gentle and the hands should be stable to avoid hurting the cat. 4. Not for all cats.

       4¡¢ Sterilizing a cat

       If they don’t want to reproduce, then don’t worry about their lack of love. They don’t need the love people imagine, but they need a good master – sterilize them!

       Scientific figures show that if a pair of healthy and fertile cats are allowed to breed uncontrolled, they and their offspring will produce about 300000 cats in seven years

       The cats who have been sterilized are gentle, affectionate, and more loyal to their owners, which will make them return to their normal life before estrus. Completely correct the phenomenon that cats urinate and cry loudly, and reduce the probability of losing cats. Other studies have shown that pets without sterilization are generally 40 times more incidence rate than pets who have been sterilized, especially ovarian, * * *, endocrine, * *, scrotum and so on.

       For the issue of cat estrus, if it is not breeding, it is best to sterilize the cat, which will not only reduce a lot of troubles, but also have certain benefits for the cat’s body. I hope all owners can take the issue of cat estrus seriously.

       The first estrus of a female cat can not be matched with a cat, because the body is not mature, and then the survival rate of kittens is not high

       If it’s an ordinary cat, it’s better to match a cat when it’s one year old

       If it’s a slow growing Persian or Garfield, it’s not until one year old

       Oestrus is a nuisance to people, but it will be fine in a week. Don’t worry

       The estrus cycle of cats is seasonal, usually starting from September and peaking in March to April, June and September. Generally speaking, between October and December. Female cats don’t oestrus, but there are exceptions. This seems to have something to do with the intensity of the light. Therefore, domestic cats fed indoors are less likely to have no estrus. In any stage, two or three two-week cycles can occur, each lasting 2-4 days.

       For cats that have already been in estrus, the hormone levels in the body need a period of time to completely subside, so they will still have the behavior of making trouble with cats within 2 or 3 months after sterilization. As hormone levels decrease, this phenomenon will gradually disappear.

       According to relevant literature, the female cat will estrus once every 21 days. In fact, it may not be so frequent, probably once more than a month. Of course, some breeds of cats have very shallow estrus signs, and they may not even have the expression of oestrus. During the estrus, the female cat will cry innocently, lose appetite, lose hair, etc. if there is no plan, it is better to sterilize them immediately.

       Just kept a few months of small milk cat, growing up day by day, shovel excrement officer deeply pleased, but one day suddenly began to appear abnormal behavior.

       The kitten will roll and howl. The little male cat will do indescribable actions to toys and urinate.

       When a lot of excrement shoveling officers still think their cats are babies, these little guys are maturing at a speed that can’t be heard.

       1¡¢ How old is a cat in estrus?

       Cat estrus and age has the most direct relationship, the most recognized saying is that the cat in 5-6 months, is the high incidence of estrus. Some cats, such as Siamese, will be in estrus when they are 4 months old, and some cats may be in estrus at 10 or 12 months.

       Authentic cat film

       If the cat is alone, the oestrus period will be later. If the cat has a life with other cats of the opposite sex, the estrus period will generally be earlier.

       The estrus of short hair domestic cat is earlier than that of long hair cat. Generally, the short hair cat will enter the estrus period at 5-6 months, but the long hair cat may enter the estrus period after 10 months.

       2¡¢ What is the estrus cycle in cats?

       Grapefruit once mentioned that a cat’s oestrus lasts about 7-14 days, and it repeats every 14-21 days. We can clearly see the track of the cat’s oestrus through the following figure

       The female cat has multiple courtship periods and is in estrus throughout the year. This is very different from Wang Xingren. The dog has only two estrus periods a year.

       In general, the breeding season of cats is in spring and early autumn, so as to avoid the low survival rate of kittens born in winter. Because domestic cats are affected by human lighting, the seasonality is not obvious.

       3¡¢ Characteristics of estrus in cats

       1. Listen to her voice

       At this time, the cat will often walk around the room, and make a wail, as if crying. This kind of call is usually loud and continuous, so you can’t sleep at night.

       Note: if your cat is more likely to bark, it does not mean that she is in estrus.

       2. To see if she behaves restlessly

       Constant walking, difficult to sit down or lie down, is an important feature of cat estrus. Usually accompanied by a call.

       3. There’s a lot of freaky little movements

       When a female cat is in estrus, it is usually sticky and affectionate. If your cat is usually cold and cold, she may become a little girl during estrus. Keep rubbing your ankles to keep you from walking

       Rub your cheek against the furniture, the corner of the table

       Pee everywhere, leaving their own smell

       Male cats may***

       4. The cat’s tail will lean to one side

       A typical feature of a cat’s oestrus is that its tail will lean to one side. When you touch her back close to her caudal vertebrae, her tail leans to one side. This is to facilitate the male cat to enter her hole.

       5. Pout your ass

       The cat will put its front paws out, its head against the ground, and its buttocks pout high.

       6. Can you roll

       Some cats roll on the ground when they are in heat, and they howl at the same time. This situation, generally not because your cat is sick, so don’t worry.

       7. Will you lick the shy part

       When a cat is in estrus, her hole is usually swollen and the cat is not comfortable, so she will lick it. This kind of swelling is slight, you can’t see it under normal circumstances.

       8. The cat wants to go out

       If there is no heterosexual cat during estrus, she may want to go out and find one for herself.

       4¡¢ What should we pay attention to in estrus

       1. In the cat’s estrus period, you need to pay attention to is, remember to seal the door and window, do not let the cat have the opportunity to go out. Windows can not leave a gap, when you go out, remember to take care of the door. The cat in estrus period has a strong impulse to go out to seek a mate, so you should pay attention to it!!

       2. During estrus, roll the cat more, which helps to relieve the cat’s anxious mood and stabilize the cat’s mood.

       3. Don’t buy anything disorderly. It’s deceptive to publicize drugs that can inhibit cat’s oestrus, cat food and so on. These things are deceptive. I think there are many such things in the market, so I specially write them out to remind those white cat friends.

       4. Of course, you must be patient and endure the howling of cats from time to time for 7 to 10 days. So it’s a great thing for you and your cat to be sterilized before the cat’s estrus.

       Throughout the year, it is the season of the cat’s oestrus, and the female cat is no exception, but the frequency is more frequent in spring.

       Generally speaking, each estrus lasts for 4-6 days, and the estrus will continue at intervals of about a week. In winter, the frequency is slightly less frequent.

       Female cats are sexually mature after 6 months, and generally more than 5 months will have oestrus.

       Generally speaking, male cats are in estrus once a week, lasting seven to ten days each time. During estrus, male cats may roll or wriggle all over the ground, some will howl loudly, or leave urine in the corner of the room to attract female cats. At the same time, when the cat’s tail is high on the wall, it will shake up quickly. Oestrus is the pregnancy period of a female cat. Generally, the female cat has oestrus once every two to three months. Of course, the number of oestrus of female cats varies with breed, environment, constitution and age. The female cat’s call will be lower, the number of calls will increase, will become very friendly to people, will also use the body to rub people or objects, or roll on the ground. Some female cats urinate when they are in estrus, but this kind of situation is relatively rare. In addition, the female cat will be in estrus every 2-3 weeks until the success of the event. The expression of oestrus is rolling and howling. Tap the base of the cat’s tail with her hand, and she’ll curl her hips up. Strictly speaking, we don’t recommend that cats be allowed to reproduce during their first estrus. Because many cats are sexually mature at the time of their first estrus. The normal behavior of a cat can be performed during the second estrus.

       1. Cat development:

       The arrival of puberty in cats is extremely sudden and rapid. Cats develop very early. When they are still kittens, as long as they pose casually, they can get estrus, which makes people gape. Female cats usually have their first hair 7-8 months after birth, at the latest when they are 1 year old. According to the cat’s breed and living environment, it will be different. In general, Horo cats develop in 7-8 months after birth, while Persian cats develop in 10-18 months. Recently, perhaps because of its good nutrition, some cats have been sparing up to three months after five months of age. They have been in estrus at about one year old and can have sex until they are about 10 years old.

       Through observing the behavior, we can find out whether it is in the estrus period. Although the female cat in estrus is not bleeding like the dog, it is obviously different from the usual, so the owner can easily find out. First, fidgety, no appetite. He rubbed at the feet of the master and made a disturbing call to the male cat. He urinated a little in the room. While walking, he rubbed his buttocks on the floor. He squatted and sat with his tail up. He bowed his waist and made a low voice. He put on a posture of being a man. Male cats, on the other hand, are oestrus by the smell and call of the oestrus female. The urine stinks more than usual, barks restlessly, and rushes out. In the cat world, it must be the female cat who chooses the male cat. If the male cat that he doesn’t like comes up, the female cat will make an angry cry and lie down on the ground to make it unable to succeed. Immature male cats will not pay attention to them even if they are close to them.

       If you don’t want to make the cat pregnant, sterilize it as soon as possible. The period from winter to early summer is the estrus period of the cat. 5-10 days each time. If not, oestrus again after 2 or 3 weeks. If it is not allowed for a long time, hormonal imbalance will shorten the interval between estrus, and it will continue to oestrus. So if you don’t want to breed a cat, you should sterilize it as soon as possible.

       2. The first time

       Discuss with experts on the selection of mating cats. If you want purebred cats to breed, you should first choose a son-in-law. First go to the cat club and pet store to consult and tell them what they think. Experienced experts will help you with the mating procedures. For the first time, females should choose experienced males. Lead the unskilled female cats to success in a short time. In addition, the following conditions shall be met:

       1. Whether they are over 2 years old, healthy and fertile.

       2. Whether it is authentic and pure breed.

       3. Whether the owner has many other cats, and whether it has an elegant environment.

       4. Whether they are closely related to each other. After determining the object, negotiate the conditions. ***How much is the fee and whether to “return the child”, that is, to send a kitten to the other party after birth, should be negotiated in detail to avoid disputes. Female cats who go to someone else’s house for sex education are very tired both physically and mentally. They should be checked for health before they are killed. If they have been vaccinated, if they have skin diseases, fleas and ear lice, they should be examined for parasites.

       Please don’t miss the chance of conception. As soon as the estrus comes, the female cat owner should contact the male cat owner immediately. It takes one night for a young blind date, and it takes 2-3 days for a female cat to get familiar with each other’s family, so take her to her husband’s house earlier. The third and fourth days of estrus are the most fertile. Tell the husband’s family in detail about the food and the type of sand used in the toilet. ***Meet with the cat first to see if you can get along with each other. After the end of the event, take the cat home and give it something to eat. When you go home, ask the female cat owner for the certificate. Because you may have sex with other male cats, it’s better not to take them out.

       3. Take care of pregnant female cats

       ***Three weeks later, the pregnant cat had a 90% chance of pregnancy. The gestational period is 63 days, but it is generally considered to be 56-65 days. ***Three weeks later, the cat’s penis swelled and turned pink. This is the first sign of pregnancy. Cats rarely “vomit”. However, they will have mild vomiting 4-17 days after the event, and their preference for food will also change. Originally, it will last for 2-3 days. ***After 4-5 weeks, the stomach bulged slightly. The size of the stomach varies from fetus to fetus. During this period, cats are prone to miscarriage, so don’t touch their bellies. Short hair varieties, due to the role of hormones, hair color is very shiny. After 7 weeks, the stomach was more obvious and the mammary glands were opened. The body weight increased by 1-1.5 kg, and the movement was also slightly slow.

       Pregnant cats, which are rich in protein and calcium, have increased appetite at 4 weeks of fetal development. For the cat with appetite, you can double the amount of food, but you can’t give too much at a time. You should give it 3-4 times. Food should be rich in protein and calcium necessary for fetal growth, such as liver, lean meat, eggs, milk, cheese, dried fish, etc. should be fresh and easy to digest. Severe diarrhea during pregnancy can lead to miscarriage, so pay attention not to have a full meal or indigestion.

       Consult the veterinarian about the diseases and abnormal conditions during pregnancy. If you get sick after pregnancy, you can’t take medicine for the cat without authorization. You should consult the veterinarian. At this time, the most important thing is to tell the veterinarian the exact time. In addition, it is necessary to observe it frequently and ask a veterinarian to check if there is any blood. If the cat can be treated quietly, even if some of the fetus died, the rest can still be saved. When pregnant, moderate exercise is also necessary, but jumping from a high place or being with a male cat may lead to miscarriage, so take care of it carefully.

       When does the cat begin to heat?

       Females usually go through their first estrus cycle very early, usually about six months, but in some cases, it can happen as early as four to five months. Almost all non sterilized female cats go through their first estrus on their first birthday, unless there is a medical problem preventing this.

       Is there a breeding season for cats?

       There is no real breeding season for cats because of their strong fecundity and the possibility of oestrus every month. This is especially true for our pet cats, as their lifestyle, continuous resource access, and constant warm temperatures throughout the year offset the effects of seasonal reproductive cycles. Some animals have a distinct seasonal breeding cycle, which helps to ensure that their offspring have the best chance of survival.

       Breeding season usually results in problematic animals having fever at any time between the beginning of spring and mid autumn, which means that their young people will be born in the milder months of the year. Better weather and more readily available resources, such as food that can be found in nature during the mild months of the year, can help provide the best starting point for animal offspring and ensure that their mothers are warm enough, have enough food to support care, and wean at the right time.

       Are cats more likely to be in heat at some time of the year?

       As we mentioned, unpaid cats often get hot and are less affected by seasonal changes and weather. Unlike many animals, cats do not stop giving birth or are prone to thermal cycling during the colder months of the year. But they are more likely to get hot in spring and summer and accept it.

       This is because cats are still sensitive to seasonal changes in nature, which have a direct impact on their hormone levels and fertility, and you may find that female cats who don’t pay in winter are less likely to frequent oestrus or even stop going through the heat cycle until early spring, unless they are triggered by the presence of men. However, for unpaid females, there is no safe time, and you can be absolutely certain that they will not get hot and therefore be able to reproduce. So if you have an unpaid female cat, you’ll have to manage them very carefully to prevent them from contacting the whole male and breeding when you don’t want them.

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