Old cats hide and whine – what do cats do when they hide and bark?

       Hello, I also like Bai kitten very much. I used to have a cat before. A cat was very afraid of people. I trapped it with a rope loop. I was afraid that it would run. But later, I held it in my arms every day and touched it. It used to not be afraid of me. Later, I untied the rope and it would not run around. Now I see me, I jump into my arms Very cute

       So you have to get along with it, touch it more, and get used to it

       The cat will hide before it dies, for fear that you will be sad? If you think so, you’ll kill it??

       The old saying of the old

       When the eagle’s lifespan reaches its limit, it will choose to fly high in the sky until there is no oxygen, and even strong convection decomposes its body.

       When the cat’s life expectancy is over, it will go deep into the mountains and eventually find a quiet place to leave. The body will be returned to nature and return to the place where its ancestors lived.

       I’ve heard from my family before,

       Cats leave home when they feel their time is coming,

       Go to the place where the master can’t see and die alone.

       The cat doesn’t want its owner to see its own tragedy,


       Proud cat must go to heaven with dignity.

       At that time, I sighed,

       How sensible and proud a cat is.

       So, a lot of people

       The old cat suddenly left home,

       They don’t even go out and look for them.

       Maybe I want to let it spend the last moment of life in the way it wants.

       But is that really the case?


       Cats are very defensive animals.

       In physical pain,

       Will find a safe place to rest and recuperate, self-treatment.

       They’re probably the most powerful species in the animal kingdom,

       The whole body is soft and liquid,

       The only sharp blade is the little nails on four feet,

       Those who look cold, arrogant and indifferent,

       It’s just a bluff to protect the self abased and weak.

       When they are sick, they don’t ask for love like a coquettish child,

       But just quietly back to the corner, lick their own, hard support.

       Cats are smart,

       They eat grass to cure diseases when their intestines and stomachs are not in good time,

       Some cats think grass is medicine.

       So the cat thinks it’s safe and suitable for the sick,

       It’s usually in the garden outside, or in the hidden corner under the bed.

       If you take a few days off and get well,

       The cat will come out of its hiding place and come back to you.

       If you can’t recover, nature will die quietly,

       Because the location is hidden, you may not be able to find it.

       This is one of the animals.

       When an animal is sick, the body is not competitive,

       In order to prevent themselves from being killed by their own kind, they live in isolation.

       It’s the same with cats and dogs.

       Even the old, weak, sick and disabled lions will leave the lions on their deathbed,

       Run alone to a remote place.

       In the wild, sick animals swagger out,

       That’s the fish on the chopping board.

       So the cat left home before he died,

       It’s not that you don’t want to face life and death,

       It’s not about dying quietly,

       Instead, it wants to survive!

       Want to survive through self-help

       Lulu Dameng:

       When he was seriously ill, he was always restless. He went to the dark place of his home, jumped on the windowsill, and stayed at the door crying all the time. These behaviors were not found in the previous healthy time. I found that it was wrong. I went to the hospital the next day, and it was not surprising.

       Rumors mislead many people. If we can realize that the cat is sick at the first time, how much less tragedy can be saved.

       Of course, not all cats choose to hide.

       Cats have been domesticated for a long time,

       Some cats rely on their owners when they are sick,

       It feels safer and more secure.

       The twisted Yodel:

       When my cat left, I tried my best to climb into my arms and then let out with a cry. My heart was broken at that time. I always think that cats are sensitive and aloof, but actually they are tender and affectionate.

       A 6:

       My cat became very sticky after 10 years old, as if afraid of missing every moment with me. In the end, it died in my arms, stretched out its tongue and licked my hand with all its strength, and then it fell asleep forever.

       When we talk about death, we always feel sad

       What we can do is within the limits of our capabilities,

       Prolong their lives.

       I sincerely suggest that,

       When a cat is over 8 years old, it is necessary to have a regular check-up.

       At the same time, we should be well prepared for its life,

       For example, a guy who’s ready for a high jump,

       In order to avoid high jump fracture.

       When cats get old, we have to watch them more.

       Although it is quite normal for cats to hide,

       For example, change to a strange environment, hear a huge sound.

       But if there are some phenomena before it hides,

       We must pay attention to it.

       For example, a cat’s appetite has declined,

       For example, their toilet habits have changed and their defecation is abnormal,

       Such as vomiting and other abnormal phenomena??

       Or that sentence,

       If we can realize that the cat is sick for the first time,

       How many tragedies can be saved.

       I hope every meow will not want to hide that day??

       Story of meow people returning to meow Planet:


       When my cat was seriously ill, the doctor also said that it could not be cured. I took her out to bask in the sun. She was already motionless, and her breath was very weak. Suddenly, she stood up and stumbled into the grass, fell down and died.

       Rotten wood

       The cat is about to leave. I hold her. He’s short of breath. Suddenly he stands up and grabs me. He grabs me tightly. I’m so sad to hold her. But after a while, he starts to push me.. And jump down and curl up in the corner… I don’t know how to describe… I want to be with him all the time.. But he didn’t want me to hold…

       Mr Zhu Hui

       Forget is the third year or the fourth year, it began to sick, may be something in the body, began to look old, sick. One sunny afternoon, I remember it quietly. I watched it struggling down the stairs, slowly climbing out of the door, silent and not looking back, not far from home, and then stopped forever.


       My old cat is 15 years old. She left just two weeks ago. She estimated that she would be dying at night. Or she would last to see my mother in the morning. When she was ready to go out, she rushed to her feet, hugged her feet and barked several times. Then she slowly closed her eyes.


       My cat is like this. After vomiting for two or three days, it disappeared. I thought it was just eating the wrong food, and it would be OK after vomiting. I would have taken it to see a doctor. I miss it so much~~

       Huajian 1000

       Thinking of my cat’s feet hobbling to support the last strength to hide, tears came out again.

       Do you have a story about meow people returning to meow?

       Do you have anything to say to your meow?

       Say it!

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