One of the dog’s hind legs has been shaking – one of my dog’s legs has been shaking. Please help

       1. When a dog is weak, he is afraid of the cold. If the temperature is low, the dog will shake.

       2. Canine distemper will shiver in the later stage. It shows that canine distemper has been hit to a certain extent. If there is no treatment before, the treatment is just started at this stage. I hope it will not be too big.

       3. If the dog has had canine distemper before, shivering will become a sequela, often will appear such a problem, but the health is not affected.

       4. Typical symptoms of food poisoning are foaming, convulsions or shaking. Then the body becomes rigid and gradually turns to death. Treatment of food poisoning recommended to the hospital treatment, such a situation is race against the clock. One minute earlier treatment may be helpful, but one minute later may not be enough. Medication, to see what is caused, the most common is organophosphorus poisoning, can be used atropine and other drugs to alleviate. Vomiting and infusion may also be used in treatment, which can not be implemented at home.

       5. The dog shivering may also be due to epilepsy, symptoms and food poisoning will be very similar, intermittent attack, for a good while bad.

       6. If the non-stop convulsion, may be caused by calcium deficiency, the amplitude will be larger, generally more calcium deficiency after childbirth. In this case, it is suggested that the infusion of calcium, if there is no infusion conditions, liquid calcium can also be used.

       Calcium deficiency, many dogs in the growing period will be calcium deficiency, performance for the legs for the O-type, especially “knee” and “elbow” joints where the most prominent.

       Need to add calcium, calcium tablets, bone, eggs, milk.

       If your legs are shaking, you should add vegetables. But remember, dogs can’t eat onions. Onions are poisonous to dogs, which can lead to poisoning and even death.

       According to the description, the “O” leg is shaking. Most of this kind of condition is lack of calcium. As a excrement remover, he must supplement the dog with calcium.

       What kind of calcium supplement products need to be selected? There are three must see elements, calcium source: the best choice whey calcium, because whey calcium attraction rate can reach 70% and above.

       Second, it can repair cartilage, treat arthritis, and finally solve the symptoms of dog’s O-leg shaking.

       In fact, your requirements are very easy. Many dogs will be quiet at your feet, not as naughty as cats. You can choose a lot of dogs. Here are some small and medium-sized dogs that I recommend to you. They are very considerate to their owners, easy to train and have certain rules of life

       Golden Retriever; intelligent, active and trained. Cling to the master. It’s safe to go out. Like other people and dogs. But not at home

       Wax sausage dog, very clever, considerate master, disadvantage is easy to attack others and dogs. You can watch the house. gluttonous.

       Bagido dog: very smart, but not easy to train, general obedience! Safe to go out, like others and dogs. Very greedy. You can’t watch the house.

       Bloodhound; smart enough to be trained. General obedience! Go out safely. Like others and dogs, can’t watch home

       Beijing dog; stupid, can’t train. Obedience is OK. It is safe to go out. You can watch the house.

       Toy poodle; very smart, basic training, good obedience. Go out safely. I can’t watch my house. Very attached to the host.

       Chihuahua: stupid, training impossible! Obedience is zero. I can watch my house.

       Deer dog: basically the same as Chihuahua

       Bomi: basically the same as Chihuahua

       Scottish shepherd dog; mostly gentle and trainable. Listen to the host very much. Take out not to cause trouble, two years ago by the dog market blindly fried high prices. Now that it’s down, it’s time to buy. The disadvantage is that they can’t watch the house.

       He is a collie and a Scotch shepherd; he is timid and intelligent and can be trained. I don’t like people other than the host. I can watch my house. Like to shout.

       Labrador: lively and lovely, obedient and intelligent

       You can choose one of the above kinds of dogs. I think you are more suitable for Beijing dog, poodle, and joy and Labrador. These dogs are gentle and easy to train to go to the toilet and will not disturb your life too much

       Attached is a picture of hi Le Ti for your reference

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