One year old golden hair gets thinner in summer

       Jinmao ate more and more every day, but he became thinner and thinner. It turned out that he secretly hid food for stray dogs!

       Last year, Dad brought back a little golden hair with a little limp in his hind leg. As soon as I asked, I found out that this golden hair was picking up food by the garbage heap. As a result, an old man who came to throw garbage kicked him aside. At that time, I saw the little guy crying out in pain, and there was a snack. I was afraid that the old man would bully it again, so I stopped it!

       Dad is a big warm man, looking at the little guy was kicked limp, soft heart simply take the dog home! After taking it home, after a period of recuperation, the little guy jumped up again and became a member of our family!

       Every morning, my father took the goods out for a walk. That day, I got up early and went with my father. As soon as my father opened the door, the goods ran out quickly. And not far away, a stray dog came up to me. There were two people there who didn’t know what they were talking about! My father said he was used to it. The dog is a good friend of Jinmao’s family. Two dogs will meet at home every day, but the dog is very afraid of people. As soon as I get close to it, I run away, so I haven’t been able to adopt him home together.

       I still think it’s very fresh. Originally, my family Jinmao still has friends outside. I slowly try to get closer. As a result, the stray dog is very alert and runs away. When I come to Jinmao’s side, I can see that the ground is full of dog food! It turns out that every day this product comes out with a large mouthful of dog food to give to stray dog friends! No wonder eating more every day is not fat at all! The original is secretly hide dog food, waiting to come out to give stray dog! Usually I didn’t pay attention to it, so I didn’t know!

       After learning about this, not only did they not feel like blaming them at all, but they found that these little creatures could be so kind. It was estimated that they had been wandering experience, so they would help other stray dogs quietly. .

       What’s the matter with this golden fur? It was very fat when I was a child. How come it has become thinner and thinner in the past three months

       A friend talked to me a few days ago about his golden fur. Now it has been three months. It’s much thinner than when I was a child. When I first took it home, the meat was lovely. Now it’s getting thinner and thinner. It looks like my friend’s dog.

       My friend, this is the first time that I have a dog. I don’t know if there is a problem with my own way of keeping a dog, and what’s going on? Every day Jinmao eat a lot of things, is not fat, is not the dog’s health problems?

       My friend also took a look at other people’s golden hair on the Internet. Their golden hair looks like this for three months. Compared with their own golden hair, they are not of the same grade. How good their golden hair looks, this is the standard golden hair! Take a look at a friend’s house. It’s really skin and bone.

       This is what my friend’s dog looked like when it was just brought home. Is it not the same as the golden fur now? It will look much better than it is now, and the meat is so lovely. Now it is getting worse and worse.

       Maybe it was Jinmao’s breast milk nutrition when she was a child, and her friend raised golden hair for the first time. I don’t know whether it is the problem of Jinmao itself or the feeding mode of friends. Friends are also very anxious now, to let their own golden hair can grow a little fat. I think that golden hair should be no problem, it should be nutrition fundamentally, so that the golden hair becomes thinner.

       But it turns out that my judgment is wrong. There is no problem with the nutrition given to Jinmao by my friends. The real reason why Jinmao is so thin is because there are insects in Jinmao’s stomach. Jinmao needs to take some insect repellents. Pet doctor said that it is best for dogs to take insect repellent once every three months. It is easy for dogs to have worms in their stomachs, so taking them every three times can clean them up, which is also very helpful to the health of dogs. .

       Adult golden hair is too thin how to do

       The reason why golden hair is too thin, what does small golden hair eat to grow fat

       If Jinmao’s body is relatively thin, it may be that the dog food chosen by the pet owner is not nutritious enough. If the pet owner does not get fat after eating the dog food that has been fed for a long time, it may be that the nutrition of the dog food is not enough. The pet owner can replace the dog food with more nutrients for Jinmao. Pet owners can feed golden fleece with low salinity dog food rich in crazy nutrients. Jinmao, who is picky about food and doesn’t like eating, will definitely lose weight. In addition, when Jinmao suffers from some kind of disease, resulting in loss of appetite or sore mouth, their diet will be reduced, and their body will not be able to obtain sufficient nutrients in time, which leads to the situation of being too thin. If the pet owner thinks that the golden fur is not nutritious enough and can not get fat, he should give the golden feather nutritious meal supplementary nutrition. In the case of normal diet and appetite of golden fur, if you are still thin, it is likely to be caused by improper selection of dog food. Therefore, when selecting dog food, it is recommended that owners choose dog food with high protein content and feed according to the formula content on the packaging bag when feeding.

       There are a lot of dog nutrition diet recipes on the Internet. Pet owners can make them according to the nutrition recipe.

       The reason why golden hair is too thin, what does small golden hair eat to grow fat

       If it is a month or less, then this age group of dogs had better eat milk cake milk powder and so on, do not drink milk, if the dog does not adapt to the stomach will have diarrhea, now a month’s dog is estimated to have to drink milk is the most nutritious advice, two to three months of the dog’s best use bubble soft must bubble.

       Under normal circumstances, dog food contains the nutrition the dog needs. Proper calcium supplement, vegetables, chicken, bone soup, fruit and purple sweet potato are all very good. It depends on how you match them. You should also exercise appropriately. Yoghurt can also be drunk. When the dog has no appetite to eat dog food, it can be fed directly on the dog food.

       What do you feed? If you feed it well, it doesn’t grow meat. Maybe it’s not well absorbed. No matter what I give it, my treasure is thin. My dog friend gave his dog pet flavor probiotics and said to see if it’s not digested and absorbed well. After eating the dog, it’s obviously better to eat. Later, you can buy it yourself. Now it’s normal, or you can try it.

       First of all, insect repellent. .

       Why is golden hair getting thinner and thinner

       Why is golden hair getting thinner? There are many reasons why golden hair is getting thinner and thinner. If you are picky and don’t like eating, you will definitely become thinner and thinner. If you are suffering from gastrointestinal or other diseases, you will become thinner and thinner. If you usually feed a single dog food, you will also become thinner and thinner. In addition, if you have parasites in your body, you will become thinner and thinner.

       First of all, we need to find out the reason why golden hair is too thin, and then we can take the right medicine. Generally speaking, as long as the reasonable adjustment of their diet is OK. In addition, we can take more golden hair out to exercise, tired and hungry, they will naturally eat.

       Jinmao, who is picky and doesn’t like to eat, will definitely lose weight. In addition, when Jinmao suffers from some kind of disease which leads to anorexia or sore mouth, their diet will be reduced and their body will not be able to get enough nutrients in time, which will lead to the situation of being too thin.

       If Jinmao suffers from gastrointestinal or other diseases, it will lead to their inability to fully digest and absorb the nutrients in food, which is the reason why they are too thin.

       In the case of normal diet and appetite of golden fur, if you are still thin, it is likely to be caused by improper selection of dog food. Therefore, when selecting dog food, it is recommended that owners choose dog food with high protein content and feed according to the formula content on the packaging bag when feeding.

       If Jinmao’s body is relatively thin, it may be that the dog food chosen by the pet owner is not nutritious enough. With the growth of dogs, dog food needs to be replaced, otherwise the nutrition will be insufficient. If the pet owner does not get fat after eating the dog food that has been fed for a long time, it may be that the nutrition of the dog food is not enough. The pet owner can replace the dog food with more nutrients for Jinmao. Pet owners can feed golden fleece with low salinity dog food rich in crazy nutrients.

       If pet owners feel that golden fur is not nutritious enough and there is no way to gain weight, they can give the Golden Fleece nutritious meal additional nutrition. There are a lot of dog nutrition diet recipes on the Internet. Pet owners can make them according to the nutrition recipe.

       In addition, if there are parasites on golden fur’s body, they will also lose weight, because at this time, even if the dog can eat no matter how much, the parasite will also devour a lot of nutrients in their body, resulting in the lack of nutrients in the dog’s body and resulting in emaciation. Therefore, shovel excrement officials should pay attention to the regular to the golden hair in vivo and in vitro deworming can.

       (there is real CP powder in it


       When it comes to high school, there are always people who seem to be in the “ruling class”, such as discipline committee member and student president. Unfortunately, with her excellent professional ability and academic achievements, she is honored to hold two positions at the same time

       Hei Changzhi, small flesh face, top three of the grade, English and Korean bilingual speed, K-pop dance omnipotent, rapper club all members of respect, Jennie can be no one knows in school, even the teachers have a high evaluation of her, but there seems to be some misunderstanding about her

       It’s another freshman. It means that Jennie’s senior students have the chance to boast about the treasures of the school with the newcomers. By the way, they make up their own experience of chatting with Jennie, which leads to admiration and admiration. The vain “seniors” enjoy such a moment

       “Boys, when you’re a newcomer, you need to know who shouldn’t be provoked in the school.” the big boys surrounded the newly enrolled and flustered children, laughing obscenely and merrily. “Jennie, you should have heard about it. You’d better not understand any crooked ideas. You’re all the same as us. You only need to look up, OK?”

       “Yes, yes, the elder said,” in order to avoid being beaten, the newcomers nodded and bowed to show respect and affirmation. Then they bowed and raised their eyes timidly and asked, “which kind of ABO is sister Jennie?”

       Jin Zhenni was very anxious to make complaints about these people. But she hated her o body

       Smelling the pheromone of a, she couldn’t walk, and the damned estrus period made her feel powerless. Because it was more violent than ordinary o, the expenses of special effect inhibition stickers always made her private money less. In summer, she had to wear her hair to avoid others to see it. It was really hard to bear

       People always have to learn to make plans for themselves. Jennie has seriously discussed these problems with her parents, and clearly pointed out that this will affect their study. Therefore, things are solved cleanly. Every month’s * * is guaranteed. Jennie’s identity follows her pheromone and is drowned in the pool of £¢

       From then on, she was able to get rid of the harassment of the suppressive post. In summer, she showed her white back neck and talked with her friends in the street. She had no pheromone smell to leak, and she was not afraid that those malicious a would release pheromones to make her legs weak. She is in a better mood and even studies more quickly. She has developed a lot of interests and hobbies, and none of them is unsuccessful. This also contributes to the perfect super-a goddess image of Jennie

       When a fake A is really thoughtful, there is no need to be ashamed to be confessed by a shy o, because the two o are doomed to be unable to be happy, and those boys will not disturb themselves when they hear the wind. Gossip makes Jennie happy. She thinks it’s more interesting to be a fake a than to be a real O. she just turns a blind eye to the rumors on campus and runs around her posts and books every day. She really doesn’t have any air traffic controllers

       In that case, why don’t you continue to pretend like this?

       Jin Zhixiu, who is hiding in the dark, hears the dialogue between the freshmen and the seniors clearly. If you want to ask what Jin Zhixiu is good at, you must destroy the so-called good girl. From small to large, she is a little overlord, but she is a little overlord with pursuit and dream

       When she was a child, park Caiying, a lovely little girl from her neighbor’s family, looked like a good baby. Jin Zhixiu had a “evil intention” when she looked at her. With her lovely appearance, she took the initiative to approach each other, and then threatened her with her own four dimensional brain waves and cake fork. Finally, she bumped Park Caiying’s ideas into seven meat and eight vegetarians, and finally turned into a silly little fool like a little squirrel and himself Kim Chih Hsiu is very satisfied with his influence on Park Choi Ying

       The next person to influence is Lisa, or, to be precise, they influence each other

       Lalisa, a Thai student transferred from junior high school, can’t speak Korean at all. As a chess piece to prevent Jin Zhixiu from talking with him in class, he is arranged to be his deskmate. Who knows, the two languages are not fluent, but the circuits are connected. After a class, he has a sincere friendship with each other. In a short month, a brotherhood stronger than Angang has been formed

       “I didn’t expect that you were pretty good. When you turned around, you really thought you were a quiet girl.” Jin Zhixiu and Lisa sat on the steps in front of the dormitory building, holding milk tea in their hands, looking up at the stars and chatting with each other

       “Goodbye, I didn’t speak Korean at that time, and I couldn’t make a scene.” Lisa took a sip of milk tea and seriously said, “but jisoo, today we should be divided. People around us are just like these days. What do you think you are?”

       “I have to be a, and you must be too. I have to ask for such stupid words. Gee, Lisa,” Jin Zhixiu said to Lisa with a look of disdain and resentment

       Jin Zhixiu is not bad at all. She is really a “a”. She can’t be purer. Even the pheromone is a fresh tree smell. It’s like the breeze blowing from the mountains after rain, bringing some tree fragrance of ancient and simple jungle. Jin Zhixiu is very fond of it. She doesn’t want to live up to the good smell of information element. It must be a gift from Dashu

       To carry forward the flavor! Spread wherever you go!

       Back to the opening ceremony, the students stood on the playground in order to listen to the people on the stage. The green silk was scattered, like the black silk, shining in the sun, which attracted people’s impulse to touch. However, the beautiful people focused on the business in hand with such a serious expression, and made people want to stay away from it involuntarily. She was a kind of disturbance An unforgivable sin

       I don’t really understand why I am so attached to the girl I saw at first sight. Maybe it is the school’s echoing that affected her? Or is it that the girl in front of her is really too beautiful to protect her? She didn’t know, but Jin Zhixiu felt that he needed to go to the bathroom for a little quiet. After greeting the head teacher, he went to the bathroom to wash his face with cold water. Maybe this is a special medicine to calm people down

       When Jin Zhixiu put water into the sink, he heard applause outside. He guessed that it was the end of the speech by the girl named Jennie. So he picked up the water and washed his face. Ice water really helped. At least Jin Zhixiu felt that he could leave the bathroom and return to the class level team

       It happened that Jin Jennie was sitting on the iron stool for rest in the administrative building. Her face was pale. She was obviously in a dilemma. Jin Zhixiu could not bear to stand idly by on such a thing. She anxiously went over and took Jennie’s hand to observe her temperature. Her other hand gently patted her back to make her feel better. Jin Zhixiu asked gently: “Sister Jennie, you don’t look very well. Do you want me to help you to the infirmary?”

       Once trapped in emotional excitement, the release of pheromone will be more intense than before, and Jin Zhixiu’s tree fragrance will spread outward, which is a complete mental and physical double torture for jinzhixiu. The taste of Jin Zhixiu is fresh and natural like that of jinjennie, which can be regarded as her orientation sniping

       If Jennie didn’t forget to use * * before going out today, she would probably enjoy the taste with all her heart

       Jennie was too weak to spit out a word. She waved her hand to mean that Jin Zhixiu should not be disorderly. She hoped that she could stabilize her mood and make those things like the aphrodisiac spread in the damned air be restrained. However, she still got into her nose one by one, agitating Jennie’s body and mind and making her jump with joy

       “Sister, you really look bad. Let’s go to the clinic.”

       “I’m fine. You go.”

       The sweet smell suddenly mixed into the air, and jisoo asked vaguely. It was like entering a bakery with a warm atmosphere under the orange light. Doughnuts and cakes danced together. Bread and biscuits ran side by side. Saliva exploded in the mouth, as if they were participating in this delightful party

       It’s this sweet taste, which belongs to Jennie’s unique pheromone flavor. This overturned jisoo’s imagination. She thought that the cat like girl in front of her should have a strong aroma like whisky or vodka. So she stood still. Her hand, which was supposed to hold Jennie’s shoulder, was hanging in the air awkwardly. Looking at the girl whose face was scarlet because of her pheromone release, jisoo said in a daze

       “You You are o? ??

       “It’s none of your business

       The girl in front of her is really interested in herself, and beautiful to make her heart beat. So in order to maintain her image and not lose her temper, she put down a strong word and ran away. She didn’t dare to look back at jisoo who was still in place behind her


       Jin Zhixiu thinks that he also likes Jennie a little

       True, beautiful, excellent and independent girl who doesn’t love it

       So in order to get Jennie’s attention, she took advantage of the advantage of the last row to open the back door and sneak out of the classroom every day when the Chinese teacher wrote the frightening paragraph analysis notes on the blackboard. She clearly recorded a figure in the surveillance camera and rushed to the classroom of senior two. She squatted in the corridor and was staring at Jennie, who was listening to the class carefully and taking notes, as if You can hear the rustling sound of her pen tip on the book. Jisoo thinks that if you can sit beside her and just watch her write, he will be moved

       As the first grade of senior high school, Jin Zhixiu’s learning ability is very strong, and her family background and appearance are even better than her. Her off-line purse is full of sky and logic flows naturally when solving problems. It seems that her brain is born with two different operation areas

       Usually, when she has nothing to do, Jin Zhixiu will walk around the courseware to see Jennie, and listen to the voice of the people in her “country”. Most of the girls are saying that today she has come to perform her usual “duties”. As soon as she stepped on the stairs, she heard several girls talking and laughing in the corner. She caught Jennie’s words with sharp ears, so she found a corner to hide Stealth eavesdropping

       “Well, do you think Jennie and jisoo are compatible?”

       “Yes, yes, Gao Leng Xuejie ¡Á cute Xuemei. If this pair can interact with each other in high profile at school, I will explode in situ.”

       “What? I think it’s Aojiao Xuejie ¡Á infatuated Xuemei. You don’t know that Jin Zhixiu secretly went out to see Jennie in class yesterday. Although she did this, she did not know what was going on yesterday. She made a lot of noise yesterday. Originally, she made trouble to the school. She took the lead in disturbing the discipline of the grade and said that she was going to be expelled. Jennie stopped her

       “This is the first time I’ve heard of Jennie’s protection. It seems that beautiful girls are destined to be beautiful girls. You can see that Zhixiu has covered the iceberg.”

       “But why didn’t I hear about it?”

       “You run faster than a rabbit after school. How do you know? Yesterday, I was watching a play at the entrance of the student union with some of Jennie’s loyal senior students. You don’t know how Jennie’s voice is like a cat whose tail has been trampled on. Old Ben dares to say that jisoo is not allowed.”

       “Oh, my God, I can do it again.”

       The girls’ chattering discussion gradually became smaller and disappeared on the other side of the corridor. Jin Zhixiu stood in the corner and listened with great interest. A trace of honey came to her heart. Jennie actually protected herself, which made her incredible. The impulse of her youth made her want to find the client to confirm. So she did what she thought was the most daring thing in her heart

       Standing at the door of Jennie’s class, she said shyly to the students closest to the door: “Hello, senior. Is sister Jennie there? I want to find her. “

       Everyone around Jennie turned their heads and looked at her with a look of “mama, baby, Jennie is finally growing up.” there seemed to be a suspicious blush on her face

       Abusing power to chase girls was originally the behavior that Jennie despised most. But Zhenxiang, Jennie felt that it was very convenient to use her power to investigate Jin Zhixiu

       A’s pheromone has a fatal attraction to O. Ginnie has always hated those arrogant a who reveal her pheromone. Their taste is not only strong to pungent, but also such behavior makes Jane feel that they lack human intelligence

       But when she first smelled Jin Zhixiu’s pheromone, she didn’t feel ostracized. Like many soap operas, love at first sight happened to Jennie. At the same time, she also enjoyed the feeling of soaking in it with her full nature. It was a very good thing that she had been in love for the first time

       “Ah, who is this girl?” Jennie holds a surveillance screenshot asking the security uncle to come. She pulls over her best friend, ah Yu, and points to the girl standing next to her on the screen

       Thanks to the school’s facilities, the photos are clear enough to recognize people. “This is a new student this year, named Jin Zhixiu, who is very famous at the senior level,” the girl looked at Jennie with a smile. “Why, the president is so excited? It seems that he is ready to take it for himself? Grade one looks good-looking and has a good family background. Just like you, suitors can line up for several times on the playground, which is a little more cute than you. You don’t know that she inquired about you with her friends every day and found me here. You two in their grade were so popular that they could sell very well There is even an official CP wall

       Knowing that she had such a lovely ambivalence, he put the papers on the table and said, “yes, yes, my kitten president.”

       “And” the little circle hidden behind her black straight hair seemed to give off heat. She then wryly said, “you can watch Jin Zhixiu for me. Don’t let her fall in love with her. No matter how many boys chase her, she’s the first. You can’t disturb the atmosphere.” the voice is getting smaller and smaller, and almost can’t be heard

       “You! You hate it to death! ” Jennie was shyly burying her head in her arm

       This matter, a he said to everyone in the class. Fortunately, these students also had the consciousness of being the school’s star students. They kept a secret and didn’t let it out. However, he was increasingly curious about jisoo himself

       One day, ah Yu suddenly walked up to Jennie and sat down on the bench next to her. He took her hand and seriously asked, “Annie, are you a?”

       Jennie was shocked, but she still kept calm. She was crazy and calm. She said, “yes, what’s the matter?”

       “Can you tell me what the little sister jisoo tastes like?” ah is a beta. She can’t smell the charming smell, but she is very curious about this kind of thing

       A question brings Jennie back to their first meeting, which makes her excited. Jin Zhixiu is an incoherent A. However, her pheromone is gentle and elegant, which makes her lose her mind. Therefore, in order to revenge for her childishness, Jennie said:


       She clenched her fist and waved, her eyes twinkled with excitement, “then you can quickly release pheromones to tempt her. It’s not like that. You can turn to bed directly while she is in estrus! Why don’t you tell me, Ginny! You are so anxious to death that those boys have begun to express themselves recently. Please look at you again

       Finally, another hero came to find his daughter-in-law, but the whole class was strangely quiet. All the people just swam wildly between them with their eyes

       Because of her kindness and respect, Jennie has been joked about their relationship. Everyone is asking when to lead her girlfriend into the “home”

       She quickly cleared up her expression and manner to make sure that she still had the momentum of being a student sister, and then walked out of the classroom. Because of the use of “Li”, she was more relaxed than the last time. She was very charming and deeply attracted Jin Zhixiu’s eyes

       The child’s eyes were straight, and Jennie thought it was funny, so she couldn’t help teasing her and saying, “what can I do for jisoo?”

       The name was softly called out by the girl she liked. While surprised that Jennie knew her name, Jin Zhixiu felt the dizziness and unreal feeling of happiness. She summoned up the courage and looked into Jennie’s eyes seriously. “I heard that my sister helped me, so I want to come over and thank you in person.”

       Because of her shyness and excitement, she opened her eyes like a cute little rabbit. Jennie thought, she looked at her with a smile unconsciously and said gently, “it’s OK. I think you study very hard. If you can’t bear to see you get a demerit, I can help you. But I like you very much. I hope we can work together in the student union.”

       Suddenly, there was a clatter of desks and chairs in the classroom. A figure was sticking on the glass and staring at Jennie maliciously, pointing at jisoo and Jennie. Then she shook her head and sighed at Jennie. At last, she seemed to find her own language ability under the attack of fire. The cry was transmitted to two girls in the corridor through the glass In his ears, it was ah Yu’s roar that he was about to suffocate

       “Ginny, you’re Farting!! Give it to me

       Instead, Jennie looks at her out of control expression management and jisoo’s puzzled eyes


       Sometimes, if you don’t force yourself, you don’t know how much you can do

       Jin Zhixiu is a very stubborn child. As long as it is said by a girl she likes, even if it is star picking and moon picking, she will agree to it. What’s more, a little girl who enters the student union, so she plunges into the application of the student union. It has to be said that as long as Jin Zhixiu gets serious, everything will succeed

       So she succeeded. At the beginning, she applied for the position of assistant secretary beside the student president with impure motives. Unexpectedly, when the predecessors of the original position heard that she was the candidate, she immediately resigned and ran faster than the rabbit. At the moment of doubt, the duty transfer of the student union came

       “You Don’t you like that schoolgirl that day? ” Jisoo shivered at the beautiful face of the girl who was almost obscene with a smile. It was just that day that he saw Ah Yu outside the classroom and put it on the glass regardless of the image. “I didn’t expect it was a student. Ha ha ha, it’s really too clever.” there was nothing to say. Jisoo felt that his smile was forced and rigid

       “Ouch, jisoo, I didn’t expect it was you. I didn’t think it was so clever. Why do you think it’s so clever? Maybe life is like this. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.” unlike jisoo, ah Xiao is sincere and happy, as if it was a great joy in life. She patted jisoo on the shoulder again and again. “In that case, Jennie will please you. I have to recogn

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