Siamese cat’s hair has gone – Siamese cat’s color has faded, its tail has turned white!

       If it’s hairy, it’s called Balinese cat. In fact, it’s also a kind of Siam!

       You can see its tail. Siam’s tail is thin and long, while the Balinese cat’s tail is long and thin. There are many beautiful long hairs on the tail, and even grow to droop

       If the tail is long hair, Congratulations, Balinese cat’s character, call are more gentle than Siam!

       Balinese cat’s fur is medium long, silk, delicate!

       Siamese cats are short haired cats, and their fetal hair is not very long. At most, there are some longer decorative hairs on the back, but the overall appearance is still short hair!

       Balinese cat was also produced because of gene mutation of Siamese cat. In fact, it is a long haired Siamese cat, but now it has been recognized as an independent cat species.

       You can compare the head and limbs. If you have the characteristics of Siamese cat, it is a Balinese cat!

       But if it doesn’t look like Siam, especially if it doesn’t have big ears and a straight nose, it’s probably a cross breed cat!

       Why does Siam change color?

       Those who have raised Siamese cats should have had this kind of experience! Sometimes the owner of the cat is black

       What’s wrong with cat food? Still sick? Try shaving! As a result, “paste”, want to cry without tears! If you choose your own master, you have to wait on him when you cry. As a result, in the summer, the cat owner himself turned white

       Cat owners have a stain gene, which controls the amount of melanin.

       There are five genotypes (C, CB, CS, CA, c). Except for the C gene, the rest can reduce the amount of melanin. Among them, CB and CS are the most magical. They are very sensitive to temperature. When the temperature is high, their activity is high, and the reduction of melanin is more obvious.

       Siamese cat is a typical CS gene.

       The body temperature of the cat owner’s tail, extremities, face, nose and ear tip is lower, while the body temperature and lower abdomen temperature are higher. Therefore, Siamese cats have this special body color. When the temperature is low in winter, the Siamese cat owner will take off the white hair and turn it into a small coal ball. When summer comes, it will gradually turn white. The black color of tail and ear tip with lower temperature will also become lighter, but it will not disappear completely.

       [refuting rumors]

       Previously, some people said that it was because of the activity of tyrosinase, and the temperature was more than 33 ¡ã unstable, and it was unable to get melanin. Therefore, the cat owner turned white!

       However, tyrosinase is also found in human body. If it is beyond 33 ¡ã and melanin cannot be detected, the skin of human body will be sunburned by external lines in summer. No melanin, no UV absorption.

       Here’s how melanin forms in the body.

       Therefore, cat owners will turn white when the temperature is high, because the gene CS can reduce the amount of melanin melanin.

       But let’s not be paranoid, so far, the human body has not found the existence of this gene! So, be honest and do a good job in sunscreen!

       Cats are so beautiful. In fact, there are no cats. Even Siamese cats with short hair will lose their hair. Then if the hair loss is severe, the following provides some reasons for cat hair loss and solutions. There are no cats that don’t shed their hair. Cats lose their hair seasonally and non seasonally. 1¡¢ Seasonal hair loss: cats in the season, in order to adapt to the changes in the weather, and seasonal hair loss. Or some young cats in the process of growth will appear slowly drop lanugo phenomenon.

       2¡¢ Non seasonal hair loss: if the cat is malnourished, the nutrition of the skin will not be replenished, it is very easy to have non seasonal hair loss. At this time, eating meow lecithin can promote hair growth and prevent non seasonal hair loss. For the long haired cat, the excrement removal officer needs to comb its hair regularly every day to prevent hair loss.

       In fact, there are no cats that don’t shed their hair. Even Siamese cats with short hair can shed their hair. Then if the hair loss is severe, the following provides some reasons for cat hair loss and solutions. There are no cats that don’t shed their hair. Cats lose their hair seasonally and non seasonally. 1¡¢ Seasonal hair loss: cats in the season, in order to adapt to the changes in the weather, and seasonal hair loss. Or some young cats in the process of growth will appear slowly drop lanugo phenomenon.

How to train short and naughty?

       When it comes to beauty short, many people are familiar with it. It is the abbreviation of American short hairy cat (detailed introduction). Many people are attracted by its round body and cute appearance. Especially some children and girls like it very much. When they are small, they have shown all their lovely advantages and can sprout me We have a bloody face. Even when we grow up, we are very cute, but the mischievous beauty is amazing. Many officials feel big because they are too naughty. They don’t know how to train them. So this article will give you some advice on how to train them.

       1. Keep in the cage properly

       Because Mei short is very naughty, so they often run around the house. They not only sometimes damage our things, but also make the owners feel upset, and often disturb the owners to do their things. How can we train them if they are too naughty? At this time, we can keep them in the cage for a period of time every day. When we put them in the cage, we must not keep them in the cage all day long. We only need to keep them in the cage for one to two hours every day, because cats can’t be caged for too long.

       2. Appropriate punishment and reward

       How to train short and naughty? Those who are too naughty often do some wrong things in our life. For example, they are too naughty and damage the things in our family. At this time, we should exercise our right to be masters and give them some criticism and punishment in time to let them know that it is not right to do so, but we can’t beat them too angrily. We’d better treat them Oral criticism is OK. Of course, if they are good, then we can also give them some snacks as a reward, and praise them with a spoiled tone, and the praised cats will be very happy.

       Before reading this article, maybe you still don’t know how to train the naughty girl. I believe that after reading the above content, you all know how to treat the naughty little American short of your own family correctly?

How to train cats to use litter? This method is very effective

       Cats are well-known for their hygiene. They should lick up any dirt on their bodies. When you have time or no time, you will comb your hair with your hands or wash your face. Love clean cats, and people like them. Cat defecation also love clean, always go to inconspicuous places, quietly looking for sand, or dust to defecate. Now in the city, high upstairs no sand, where to defecate? Cat litter is a good thing. How to train cats to use litter? This method is very effective. 1. Prepare litter and a box

       At home, it is necessary to defecate cats and prepare litter. This makes the home environment cleaner. Also need to prepare a small box, the box does not need to be too big, can accommodate the cat’s small body. This box is for cat litter. 2. When kittens start to be convenient, they will not be convenient in the small box filled with litter in most cases. They will smell everywhere, looking for a suitable place to be convenient. At this time, the tail will also have beautiful movements. When the owner saw it, he understood that the kitten should be convenient, so he took the kitten to the litter to prevent the cat from running out. It is convenient to hold the cat in the litter for several times, and the kitten will understand the meaning of its owner. It should be noted that cats and cats like to urinate in places with their own smell. At the beginning of training, the cat’s urine can be poured into the litter and stirred. Cats smell their own smell, will go to the litter to pee. 3. Choose dust-free litter. Some cats’ respiratory tract is not very good, too much dust will stimulate it. If the litter is too dusty, the cat will avoid it if it doesn’t like it. Therefore, the owner should choose dust-free litter when choosing litter. After choosing the litter, it’s better not to change it at will. Replace the litter frequently, and the cat will have to adapt again.

       How to train cats to use litter? If you have a cat in your family and you don’t have a fixed place to urinate, prepare litter for your cat. It’s clean and hygienic. Also remember to buy a shovel, in the cat defecate, convenient to deal with the poop.

Does a cat with blue eyes fade – will the color of a cat’s eyes change?

       1. Oriental short hair cat: Oriental short hair cat is lively and active, curious, like to climb long jump and play with people, loyal to its master. Brave, less sensitive and afraid of noise or other surrounding sounds. He likes to be coquettish, and his personality is different from his ancestor Siamese cat, and tends to be stable basically.

       2. Siamese cat: Siam (Xi ¨¡ n) is a world-famous short haired cat and a representative breed of short haired cat. The race originated from Siam (now Thailand), so it is named Siamese cat. More than 200 years ago, this precious cat was raised only in Thailand’s imperial palaces and monasteries. It was a noble who stayed at home.

       3. Long haired Siamese cat: the long haired Siamese cat is also known as the Balinese cat or the Java cat. It was produced in the United States and developed into a more stable variety in the 1940s. The head and tail of the cat are of the same color, and the head and tail of the cat are of the same color. Like short haired Siamese cat, she is naughty and capricious, likes to play with others, is coquettish, easy to accept movement training, and easy to be obedient.

       4. Snowshoe cat: snowshoe cat is a short haired species derived from the cross between American short haired cat and Siamese cat. It not only has the slender and soft body of Siam cat, but also has the strong physique of American short hair cat. Some male cats even exceed 5 kg. The new born snowshoe cat is white all over and has to wait for two years before the appearance of class pattern. Originally, Siamese cats were the main fur color, but now a variety of cat breeds have been developed.

       5. Balinese cat: Balinese cat is a long hairy variant of the Havana cat population, which evolved from naturally occurring individuals with longer hair from Siamese kittens born in the United States. Balinese cat has smooth and beautiful back hair and elegant posture. Animal experts named it because of its beautiful body and graceful movements, which are associated with the posture of indigenous dancers in Bali, Indonesia. In fact, it has no regional relationship with Bali.

       Extended information: 1. Cats, belonging to the cat family, belong to the cat family. Cats and wild cats are widely used in families all over the world. The ancestors of domestic cats are supposed to be desert cats originated in ancient Egypt, Persian cats in Persia, which have been domesticated by humans for 3500 years (but not completely domesticated like dogs). 2. General cat: head round, face short, forelimb five fingers, hind limbs four toes, toe tip with sharp and curved claws, claws can stretch. Nocturnal sex. 3. Cats hunt other animals in ambush, and most of them climb trees. There are fat pads on the bottom of the cat’s toes to avoid making noises when walking and not to scare rats away when hunting. The claws are retracted to prevent the claws from being blunt and protruding during rat hunting and rock climbing.

       Reference: cat — Baidu Encyclopedia

       The color of cat’s eye is mainly related to the color of fur, followed by varieties. Blue eyed cats are mostly white. All white cats are not necessarily purebred. To be sure, purebred cats account for only a small proportion of domestic cats. In addition to all white cats, blue eyed purebred cats include: some white Persians, white Oriental short haired cats, white Oriental long haired cats, white and key color KONIS curly fur, Siamese cats of all colors, all snowshoe cats, partially white Turkish Angora cats, all Berman cats, all Bali cats, all Himalayan cats, all Muppets, and so on. In my opinion, blue eyed cats are the most common. Generally speaking, you can’t buy a purebred cat without spending a little money

       The pupil of the eye changes in a day and night with periodic changes in the intensity of external light. At noon in the day, the light is strong, and the pupil shrinks, showing a vertical line; at night, when the light is weak, the pupil is fully enlarged to be round, and other moments are oval in varying degrees.

       Why does the pupil of cat’s eyes change so significantly? Originally, the cat eye pupil is very big, is responsible for the pupil contraction muscle is very developed, the contraction is particularly strong. The cat’s function of changing three times a day is accomplished by the powerful dilation and contraction of the pupil. It can adjust the intensity of the light entering the eyes and keep it at a level sufficient to excite the nerves, so that the cat can clearly see all kinds of objects outside in the day and night, which is of great significance to the cat’s activities and foraging at night.

       The answer upstairs is totally wrong

       The color of a cat’s eyes when it is small usually changes color when it grows up. But if the color changes, it depends on the cat’s breed. The owner needs to explain his cat’s breed before he can basically tell whether the cat’s eyes will turn yellow when he grows up.