Pay attention to the habit of chinchilla when buying chinchilla

       When buying baby chinchilla, we should not only observe the health signs of chinchilla, but also pay attention to whether the baby has bad habits. Otherwise, in the process of domestication in the future, it will make the owner very hard. First, the age of chinchilla is very important. If you buy a chinchilla that is very old, it can’t be domesticated. Generally speaking, the standard grey can be distinguished from the color and size of the coat, and the back hair of the adult is smaller than that of the young. But for inexperienced breeders, it’s still too difficult. Chinchillas under 8 months old are smaller. In addition, it is not recommended that you buy and raise chinchillas under 2 months old. Although they have been able to live independently, premature separation from the mother will be detrimental to future growth. 2. Appearance and body shape of chinchilla: round face; uniform hair color; no purchase of hair defect; sound limbs; fluffy and even hair on the tail. 3. Teeth: healthy teeth are yellow and flat. If the teeth are found to be misaligned and of different lengths, they cannot be purchased. Excreta: dark brown ellipsoid with high hardness. If the feces are soft or loose (the hair on the anus is contaminated), it can not be purchased. 5. You can’t buy those who are irritable. If you find that chinchilla has the problem of urinating to people, you can’t buy it.

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