People are willing to pay for their pets – do you usually give up paying for pets?

       Now it costs more to treat dogs than people.

       My dog was sick before. I took him to the hospital. It was only a small cold, but it cost hundreds of yuan. At first, I thought I was trapped, but after my friend explained that it was normal price, because the cost of opening a shop was very high. First of all, it needs money to open a shop. If the store is in the center, then the rent will be very expensive.

       In addition, pet hospitals must have nurses, pet doctors and even hairdressers for pets. And some pet doctors in regular hospitals must have a certificate, which is very difficult to test, so the natural salary is also high. After the wages of all staff in the store are raised, it will naturally become more expensive to see a doctor for pets. You should find that China’s pet shops are not developed in foreign countries after all, so most of the pet shops use imported drugs, which are much more expensive than domestic ones.

       In fact, we can see from the above that some of our common vaccines, if they are made in China, will cost hundreds of yuan for high-quality vaccines, and only tens of yuan for ordinary vaccines. But if it is imported, the price of several hundred is only the starting price, and some even need to reach thousands. In addition, some hospitals also have various equipment, such as color Doppler ultrasound and X-ray for pets when they are sick. The equipment costs money, and the owner has to pay for them. The cost is so high that it is so expensive to see a doctor for a pet.

       Of course, there are also some shops that ask exorbitant prices in our life, but these shops often close after a short period of time. After all, consumers are not idiots.

       In fact, it’s a little reluctant. More than 100 cat litter can be used for one or two months, and less than 300 yuan of internal drive medicine 40 + and external drive 30 + can be used in one month or two. Because one does not go out, once every three months is enough. The stray cat can get the body double stick. Once a year, it is vaccinated once a year. If you haven’t seen a disease, you don’t need to take a bath, you don’t need to buy clothes. The cost of a month is less than 400 yuan.

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