Performance of feline fever – what is cat fever like? Can you open your mouth?

       Cats don’t open their mouths or stick out their tongues when they’re reheated. People who have had cats must know that~

       Cat’s heat dissipation is through the skin. There are few secretory glands in the cat. However, it can radiate heat from the surface of the body as a means of releasing heat instead of sweating (as far as the body is concerned, the heat dissipation area of cats is much larger than that of animals such as humans). Sometimes, the cat’s abdomen will fluctuate rapidly, which is a manifestation of heat dissipation

       Yeah, the cat’s tongue doesn’t stick out of the mouth easily. When they are hot, they don’t stick out their tongues like dogs, and cats are very vivid!

       They just open their mouths, or find a cool place to lie still for a while.

       The tongue of exotic short haired cats sometimes sticks out because of the short mouth. When the tongue of other breeds of cats protrudes, they should consider stomatitis, gingivitis, oral ulcer or oral foreign body, tumor and other diseases.

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