Precautions for Norwegian Forest cat feeding

       Norwegian Forest cat is lively and active, suitable for raising in a spacious family. This cat’s stunt is climbing trees, so it is known as an able hunter. Raising Norwegian Forest cat doesn’t have to worry about it getting along with other animals in the family. It’s docile, let alone animals. Even children get along very well.

       First, Norwegian forest cats should be provided with special utensils and food, and can not be changed at will. Because cats are very sensitive to the change of food and utensils, they even refuse to eat because of the change of utensils and food. Of course, after every meal, the owner should clean the utensils in time and disinfect them regularly. In addition, especially in the hot summer, it is best to eat the cat’s leftover food, easily rotten food out. If it is not bad food, in order to avoid waste, you can keep the food well and feed it to the cat next time when it is mixed with fresh food.

       Secondly, the daily diet time of Norwegian forest cats should be fixed and should not be changed at will. At the same time, cats don’t like to eat in noisy, bright environment. The host should choose a fresh and quiet place, so that it can eat normally and will not be affected by external factors.

       Third, in the process of raising Norwegian lynx cats, if they find bad habits such as urinating everywhere, picking up food with claws or taking food out of the food plate, the owners should stop it in time, and immediately train them to correct this wrong behavior.

       Fourth, we should pay attention to keeping Norwegian Forest cat. It likes warm food, so we should keep the temperature of food at 30-40 ¡æ. Do not feed cold food or cold food to the cat, which is easy to lead to digestive dysfunction of the cat, suffering from gastrointestinal diseases, no significance to health.

       Norway Forest Cat body has thick hair, so in the hot summer, the owner should do a good job in cooling and heatstroke prevention work, to avoid cat heatstroke. Although Norwegian Forest cat has many requirements for life, as long as the owner is careful and spends more time and effort on the cat, I believe it can grow happily and healthily without adding other troubles and troubles to its owner.

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