Pregnant cats cling to people

       You are a regular cat house. It is suggested to sterilize the cat as early as possible. The canceration of gynecological diseases after one birth will increase by 5% ~ if you don’t do genetic testing for it, the kittens born will probably have genetic diseases in the future. It’s not good to spend money to prevent them without the rule of law.

       If it’s sticky or uncomfortable, you need to find out for yourself.

       I think it’s uncomfortable. I want to ask you for help. The basic common sense of keeping a cat and a dog is: milk is not allowed to be drunk, because the intestines and stomach of cats and dogs are lactose intolerant. Drinking it will cause diarrhea and dehydration.

       Why didn’t it eat anything before? Did you take it to the hospital? The cat does not eat more than 3 days, 100% is sick, uncomfortable, and pregnancy has nothing to do with, pregnancy should increase nutrition.

       It is suggested that you take the cat to the hospital for examination.

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