Principle of pet housekeeper

       In general, as long as something is electrified, there will be induction electricity. If you change other water dispensers, you will have the same problem. It is not only a small Pei, but also because it uses a two hole plug or a U * * connector, which does not lead the induction electricity into the earth for release, so you can replace it with a three hole plug. However, recently, another solo water dispenser in Xiaopei is non inductive design, you can have a look.

       Source new consumption internal reference

       Interview editor Munch

       Guide to new consumption

       In the scattered pet market, pet products show a very typical “category, no brand” state, whether in aesthetic or functional requirements can not meet consumers, and low-end products account for the majority.

       Xiaopei chooses to enter the pet products market from intelligent hardware, and develops products around the whole pet care link. It has launched more than ten products with a sense of science and technology and design aesthetic feeling to meet the rigid needs of consumers. At the end of 2017, it obtained 100 million yuan of round B financing, and completed 100 million yuan of sales in the same year.

       New consumer internal reference interviewed Guo Weixue, founder of Xiaopei. The following contents are arranged according to his oral statement.

       Become a pet robot company

       Hello everyone, I’m Guo Weixue, the founder of Xiaopei. We are brothers. We started a business together with some old colleagues. Before we started our business, we worked in the mobile phone industry for more than ten years, and all of them were from technical background. I worked in a mobile chip company, and Vico worked in a mobile phone brand company. Therefore, our team has a solid technical foundation, and the products of science and technology are basically the expertise of the team. Technology is universal, it depends on which industry.

       At the beginning of starting a business, we carefully analyzed the composition and structure of ordinary families. The consumer market from the elderly, middle-aged and young people to children is either an over competitive market or does not match the genes of the team. For example, the infant market, which does not encourage innovation, may be more popular for a century old formula, which is not suitable for an innovative team like us.

       The consumer market for the elderly is often required to connect with social security. Therefore, it is a market relying on background relationship, not a fully competitive market, and this is not what we are good at.

       Finally, we see a neglected family member, the pet. In China, both products and services in this industry are far behind people’s consumption level, and there are many opportunities for this industry.

       Besides, I’m an extreme fan of biology. As long as I watch TV, almost 100% of my time is watching the animal world. So I like pet related work very much.

       The team also felt that the technology we mastered had a great space to play in the field of pets. As soon as we hit it off, Xiaopei was born.

       Xiaopei was founded at the end of 2013. At that time, the development of the pet market was still in its infancy. It was very cold, not as busy as the mobile phone industry I was in. At that time, the industry was not as concerned by many capitals and entrepreneurs as it is now. It was not until 2016 that the pet track gradually became hot.

       But we judged at that time that the pet industry would usher in a rapid and explosive growth.

       First of all, China’s aging population, the increase in empty nesters, need pets to accompany.

       Secondly, the age of marriage and childbearing of young people is generally delayed. They graduate from University at the age of 22 or so and get married at the age of 30. There are about 8 to 10 years of discretionary time in the middle, which requires pets for recreation and company. This is one of the reasons why the development of the cat market in recent years has been quite good. Because office workers have limited time and energy, and cats don’t need a lot of time to take care of them.

       But the dog market, only as a companion for the elderly, can not make people excited, because the elderly consumption is actually more restrained.

       We are more excited to see the trend of pet dogs spreading rapidly in families with children.

       The first reason for this trend is that many post-80s have become parents. This group of young parents is generally neutral to pets. Many children will be very envious and eager to see other children accompanied by dogs. After that, they will ask their parents to buy dogs, and neutral young parents will generally satisfy their children.

       Therefore, the aging of the population, the increase of young people who marry late and families with children will promote the rapid growth of the pet market. Now the development of the pet market also verified my judgment at that time.

       In addition, at the beginning of the business, Xiaopei’s development goal was actually to become a pet robot company.

       We have two judgments: first, it will be decades before robots enter the family, but it is only in these years that pets, the intelligent life body, enter the family. Second, in the future, more than 10% of the families will have biological pets, and the rest of the families will have a pet robot with some functions such as home care and escort.

       So at that time, our idea was to make auxiliary products for pets, collect enough data, and then use sufficient data to build models for each kind of pets, so as to ensure that the robot pets we designed will have more biological characteristics and spirituality, not just cold iron. Such robot pets will be more competitive in the future.

       To be a just needed product with design beauty

       Based on our original idea, the first product we launched was the pet smart pendant P1. P1 can fully record the pet’s daily behavior data such as movement and sleep, and analyze the pet’s mood, health and other trends based on the data. This is a very technical oriented product. The data collected by this product can be applied in the field of pet robot in the future.

       This product can be understood as the intelligent hardware of pets. In my opinion, pet intelligent hardware is more acceptable than human intelligent hardware.

       First of all, people have information privacy issues. Pets don’t. So the intelligent hardware can do more in-depth analysis of pet information, and get more comprehensive data.

       Secondly, human subjectivity is stronger. People sometimes know more about themselves than smart wearable devices. For example, by recording the number of walking steps and other objective data, it is difficult to judge the physical condition of a person, but people can perceive whether the body is tired or not.

       Third, the pet itself will not express, the pet intelligent hardware information can let the pet owner better understand the pet.

       However, we soon found that the basic demands of eating and drinking in China’s pet market have not been met. The demand of pets to eat and drink is the problem of food and clothing. To make pets feel better and healthier is to run for a well-off life. First of all, we should solve the problem of food and clothing.

       Therefore, after finding that the food and clothing problem of pets is a more urgent demand, the product strategy after Xiaopei has also changed: we began to focus on the development of automatic food, drinking water and cleaning products. These products are rigid demands, but products that are purely technical and focus on spiritual care are not rigid needs. Therefore, we will appropriately reduce the technological attributes of products and enhance their practicability.

       Whether it’s science and technology products or just in demand products that meet basic needs, we will upgrade in raw materials, design and appearance.

       I once joked inside the company that pet products in the domestic market were still at the level of the late Qing Dynasty. Most of the products on the market are of poor quality, no design, no aesthetic feeling, and basically unchanged for many years, which is extremely incompatible with the requirements of the current consumer.

       Therefore, in addition to the technical requirements, all our products must have a sense of design and aesthetic feeling. We will continue to focus on the rigid demand for pet products, and expect to have more than 20 products this year. With more and more products, our products will form linkage through our app, and the overall experience will be further improved.

       Product innovation and quality is the core of the brand

       In the aspect of brand building, the first thing we should do is to strengthen the technical reserve, so as to strengthen the competitiveness of the brand. This is the experience that I learned when I was working. Especially in the international innovation direction of the company, without patent protection, it is easy to be attacked and interfered by others.

       Xiaopei has made great efforts in patent reserve, including some international patents. So far, Xiaopei has obtained 120 patents and certificates. Our products and technologies, the outside world only see a small part, there are a large number of backup products and the accumulation of patent technology.

       There are many companies in the brand, will be fascinated by a thing, called market operation. In fact, most excellent brands, especially durable product brand companies, do not rely on market operation to shape product brands, such as apple. It is not to say how strong its market operation is, but its products, which really shock you. This is the source of its brand success.

       Brand marketing can find service companies to help out planning, advertising, budget line, this more mature play and routine. But in essence, it is the innovation and quality of the product itself and the core competitiveness of the brand to keep the brand vitality for a long time.

       So far, Xiao Pei has not spent much energy on brand marketing.

       First of all, it has something to do with the team’s biased technology and product genes. Of course, in the process of the company’s development, you will find the team’s weaknesses, so we should introduce talents from all aspects to complement the team.

       Secondly, Xiao Pei needs a process of accumulation and accumulation. In the early stage of entrepreneurship, when your product is not mature enough, you do too much marketing promotion, in fact, is magnifying the company’s mistakes.

       Marketing and R & D are very expensive. In the case of limited resources, you should concentrate your resources on the core areas. If you burn money in bulls at the same time, the company can be very dangerous.

       We spend a lot of money on product research and development because we have invested a lot of forward-looking research and development, but we have the ability to turn our products into profits at any time. In this case, it’s OK to burn money. If I need the company to make a quick profit, I just need to tighten the R & D investment a little, and I can achieve the overall profit. So, although we burn money, we are in a controllable situation. We are now investing more in R & D, and we are also building competition barriers in the future.

       Rooted in the field of pet products

       ***In terms of chain, it is easier for Xiaopei. When the team members used to make the mobile phone chain, they were all at the management level of tens of millions of shipments. They were familiar with the management of tens of millions of mobile phone chains.

       In terms of sales channels, we have both online and offline channels. In the early stage of starting a business, we didn’t know much about the pet industry, so we didn’t refuse to sell the products. After getting more familiar with it, we’ll do the screening.

       At present, the main online channels are * * and * *, and Xiaopei’s own app will also be sold. Offline channel we through agents distribution, about 3000 stores. We plan to open 50 direct chain stores this year.

       For some new retail channels, the sales team is also following up.

       At present, there are about 150 people in the team, and more than half of them are technicians. In 2017, the sales volume was about 100 million yuan. Since last year, it has entered the foreign market, but the foreign market is still in its infancy. There may be some single products competing with our products, but we have not seen a company with the ability to compete with Xiaopei in an all-round way.

       In my opinion, both capital and entrepreneurs can enjoy the dividend brought by the expanding market when they enter the pet market at this time point.

       I don’t worry about competitors. In fact, I hope more colleagues will join in. The pet market is very broad. We don’t need to kill anyone as we used to do in the mobile phone market. We don’t need to compete with each other. If there are more competitors, the products can attract more people’s attention. Let’s make the cake bigger.

       As for Xiao Pei’s original dream of becoming a pet robot company, it has been diluted. Because as a commercial company, its development should not only match its own strength, but also match the market macro environment.

       Although the team has the strength to turn Xiaopei into a powerful robot company, the home robot market is still at a very early stage, and many robot start-ups are dead. Therefore, even if there are good products, but the market opportunity is not mature, the company still can not go down.

       In addition, the pet market is large and complex enough. In a few years, Xiaopei may not be the best in this field. Therefore, Lipei is still rooted in this field, trying to make products and experience to the extreme.

       Induction electricity is a kind of electricity on the outside of conductive equipment. General studies have shown that the human body is more sensitive to the electrostatic induced current under the high-voltage electric field. When the induced current of 0.1 ~ 0.2 mA passes through the human body, even if the induced object is not touched, people will have obvious acupuncture sensation. The test report of Xiaopei drinking water dispenser shows that the current of plastic shell is 0.0132ma, 0.0586ma and other positions, which does not exceed 0.1mA, and does not exceed the national standard of 0.35ma, so it is speculated that there will be no harm to the cat. The reason why the pen test will emit light is because of the presence of induction. If you want to eliminate the induction, you can install a three hole power adapter.

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