Progeny of Garfield – is this Garfield or Persia

       The short one you said may be off-line, Garfield. If it is really sharp mouthed, it may be another father’s! A cat can have more than one father! But if it’s off-line, it’s very normal. In fact, it’s not the original breed. People who like flat face can’t stand the long hair of Persian cats. So they chose Persians and short haired cats and bred them to keep the high-quality offspring with flat face features! Only now has the unusual short one said! So the short gene is very unstable. It’s very common to drop the line! Even if two lines are different short, it is possible to produce a drop line!

       The other two long hairs are indeed atavistic. Now, in order to make the amount of hetero short hair more lovely, breeders will use the long hair Persian cat to breed with different short hair. Long hair is a recessive gene, and short hair is a dominant gene. Pure long hair and pure short hair will only produce short hair offspring, but the hair density will be very high, and some of them will be medium long hair! There are progenies carrying the long hair gene, if you meet the same carrier to do breeding! The probability of hairy offspring is also great! It shows that Xiaoli has inherited the long hair gene carried by both parents! But usually, the density of long hair cat is not particularly high. For example, jinjila, which has been artificially cultivated in recent years, is another direction of artificial cultivation. It retains the characteristics of long hair, cuts off the eye nose line, so that the cat’s nose is more healthy, but in terms of the amount of hair, it will be much thinner than Persian Cats! But after continuous selection and cultivation, good jinjila can also be a large amount of wool!

       Whether the offspring is like their parents depends on whether their parents’ genes are stable. Many genes of the variety are not stable. In addition, private inbreeding, long and short hairs breed with each other, or there is no survival of the fittest! Appear to drop a line slanting nose long hair and so on, is very common!

       Garfield the long hair is allogamy, not Persian. Don’t be misunderstood! Garfield is a foreign short haired cat, short for short, Persia is Persia, with foreign long hair cat is different!! First of all, Persian is an ancient original breed. Garfield is made and purified by professional breeders using Persian and many other cats. But Garfield is not the original breed after all, so the gene is not so stable, so there will be long hair in breeding, that is, foreign long hair cats, which are similar to Persia, but different long bloodlines are the same as different short ones, not original ones, Heterolength has short hair gene. In other words, Garfield with two short hairs may produce abnormal length of long hair, and abnormal length may produce short hair Garfield, but Persia can’t produce abnormal length or Garfield. These three kinds of cats can be matched with each other. When professional breeders breed Garfield (hetero short), every three generations, they will intervene in a heterosexual or Persian mating to stabilize the gene. If it is always a short and hetero short match, it is easy to have problems with the number of kittens and cats and nose dropping. Intervening in Persia and heterosexual length can stabilize Garfield’s sweet appearance. In fact, there are some differences in appearance. There are too many. If you are interested, please ask me to answer it. I hope you can adopt it

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